Zhan Yue

Chapter 2: Lin Buyi

Chapter 2: Lin Buyi

At 3pm, the exciting moment had finally arrived!


My body was enveloped by a pure light, which brought me into a hall. This was a majestic place surrounded by nature. Many circling dragon pillars surged toward the sky, holding up the weight of the entire hall. Behind me were the statues of many ancient heroes. A silver moon still hung up in the sky.

In the wind, the body of a person formed and turned into an Elf Angel with transparent wings. Only the size of a palm, it flapped its wings to fly over to my face. “Master from another world, welcome to Illusionary Moon Continent. I am your system elf and will guide you to complete your account creation. Is that okay?”


I nodded my head and smiled at her. “Elf, you really are beautiful…”

Her cheeks turned red. “Master, thank you for your praise. First, please give me a name. I shall accompany you throughout your time in Illusionary Moon and will always be by your side.”


I looked at her, and an ‘Equipment Change’ interface suddenly appeared in my mind. I could actually change the Elf’s dress and the choices were archer, heavy-armored warrior, god race, et cetera. Thus, I chose a work attire where she held a file in her hand. She looked similar to a front-desk clerk. Thus, I confirmed it and typed in the words: ‘Little Secretary’.

“Naming complete.”

Her face flushed red and said, “From now onward, my name will be Little Secretary; thank you, master!”

My face turned red and I said, “So I can call you Little Shu from now on?


She nodded her head. “Little Shu will listen to your orders. Master, please start your character creation; do you need to adjust your looks?”


I shook my head. With regard to looks, I was quite self-confident. Although I was not so handsome, I definitely was not ugly, either. In the next second, the system sweep was completed. A figure of me wearing pants appeared right before me, my features looking exactly the same as in real life.

Little Secretary smiled. “Character creation complete; next, please name yourself, master.”

“July Wildfire.”

I did not even need to think and typed in the name I had always used. People actually did not steal it so my application was a success.

“Account creation successful!”

Little Secretary had a sweet smile on her face. “Master, please select a beginner village and enter the game after confirming.”


Instantly, a dense list of beginner villages appeared in front of me. They were the names of the villages in game. Thus, I said to the outside world, “Ah Fei, after you create your character, don’t rush to enter the game. Let’s choose the same village. We shall rush to level 10 and then go for our job advancement.”

“What job advancement?”

“Select a job! Didn’t you see the strategy manual, jerk!”

“I forgot! Don’t we have you?Hahaha~”

I glanced at the list. Players from Suzhou and the entire Jiangsu Region could select from a total of three hundred over beginner villages. Thus, I chose one with a relatively nicer name—Autumn Moon Village. ‘Time passes, from the spring flowers to the autumn moon’, such a poetic name. This would be where we started off from. Thus, I said loudly, “Autumn Moon Village.Select Autumn Moon Village, then we can enter the game.”

“Okay. Autumn Moon Village, right?”


“Confirm. Let’s go; let’s go!”


In the next second, I too confirmed Autumn Moon Village and entered the game.



A portrait-like scene appeared in my eyes. Shortly after, many characters dressed in boxers appeared in a village which had flowers blooming all around. Flashes of light appeared in the surroundings as numerous players descended in this village!

“Ah Li!”

In the distance, a guy dressed in boxers waved at me. It was Ah Fei!

I laughed and walked over. “Ah Fei, you really look like a bumpkin…”

He scratched his nose. “You make it sound as if you don’t look like one.

Now, what?Should we buy equipment and potions before heading out to train?”

“Buy what?Do you have money?”

“5 copper—d*mn! I can’t buy anything at all…”


I opened my bag and took a look at it. I noticed that, apart from a beginner cloth shirt, there were actually three items. A pitch-black bracelet, a piece of red paper, and a shining gold book. What were all these?!

I looked at the items one by one with the ancient-looking bracelet being the first. When I looked at it, its stats jumped out—

Ancient Bracelet (Unknown)

Property: Not yet bound.

I did not know what that was. I then looked at the red paper, and it too gave off a sense of mystery.

Shura Secret Codex (End of the Universe-grade Treasure)

Use: After use, obtain hidden race Shura as well as relevant hidden jobs.


My mind exploded.This was a great treasure!

No, I needed to calm down. I looked at the third item, which was that golden book. It seemed really noble and pure.

Achievement Manual (End of the Universe-grade Treasure)

Introduction: After use, obtain the achievement system.


My mind went black once more, and this time, it seemed that something big had happened?


“Ah Fei?” My heart sank.

“En? What is it?”

“What’s inside your bag when you descended?”

“A newbie cloth dress,5 copper, and nothing else.Why?”

“Just those?”

“Right, what happened?”

I was instantly filled with joy. Did that only happen to me? For three more treasures to appear in my bag, was I the main protagonist?

I was so happy that my breathing was about to stop. “Ah Fei, I think I activated a hidden job. Why don’t you head out to train and grind to level 10? Choose Mage. You will be able to train on your own. I will settle my own hidden job first and then train with you.”


He was shocked, “T-Then… what are you hesitating for? Go deal with your hidden job! Hahaha!Our riches in the future will all depend on you!”



I tried my best to calm down as I took out the Shura Secret Codex from my bag. After confirming that I would use it, a blood red light rose from the ground. It wrapped me up, then I disappeared from everyone’s eyes. They did not even see my name when I disappeared.

In the next second, my body felt heavy as if I was being squashed by something. It made even breathing difficult.


[System notification: Congratulations!You have obtained the hidden race—Shura!]


[System notification: Please note, you are awakening the Shura Bloodline.Along with your cultivation, your soul will continue to strengthen!]

“Wu wu…”

I obviously did not care much. I waved my arms to climb upward, breaking free from the things pressing down on me. Finally, with a pata, I was out of the dirt and appeared in a really dark cave.


The environment around me was really weird. Many slivers of flames floated around, and right beside me was a tomb. As for myself, I had climbed out from a tomb of my own. I lowered my head and realized that both my hands were gone. What replaced them were a pair of white bones. My clothing was tattered and my pants were torn, revealing my very sexy hips.


I was stunned.What was going on?Didthey not say that they were giving me the Shura Bloodline? Why was the initial stage of Shura Bloodline just a Skeleton? The difference was too big. Was the Shura not something close to a god? Why was it like this?

At the same time, the profile interface appeared at the bottom right hand corner. I opened it, and the interface appeared before my eyes—

July Wildfire (Undead Servant)

Level: Not yet unlocked.

Attack: 5-10

Defense: 6

Health: 100

Critical Strike: 0

Comprehension: 94

Charm: 0

Soul Star: 0

Contribution point: 0

Combat strength: 23


Numbers that were terrible to look at. Apart from the Comprehension column, the rest did not even need to be looked at, but this Comprehension… How was it deduced? Did they test the player’s intelligence, or was it something from the hidden bloodline?

Thus, I asked the outside world. “Ah Fei, what is your Comprehension stat?”

“25, why?”

“Nothing.Just go and level up.”


Pitiful Ah Fei, he had started working hard ignorantly within the beginner village.

I took a deep breath and looked at everything in the cave. This was a resting place, and many of the tombs were loose. Many Undead Spirits were about to break out. An intense bloody stench wafted into my nose, which I found unbearable, but I was a part of the undead, so there was nothing I could say. I could not look down on people of my kind.

Next, I had to understand how to develop in such a place. This was the most important thing.

Right at that moment, someone standing in front of me turned around. His empty eyes stared at me. The gaze was something really hard to describe.

He was also a Skeleton, but he was different. He was wearing a robe and a silver hairpin was clipped to his hair. He stood with his hands behind his back and gave off a celestial-like aura. He just looked at me calmly and said, “Kid, you have finally woken up. This domainfilled with death and loneliness has finally welcomed someone new.”

“You are…”

“You don’t need to care about who I am.”

His ‘gaze’ remained on me as heasked, “Do you know where you are?”

“I don’t…” I shook my head.

“This is Black Castle, the intersection between death and rebirth. It is where the ants of the world struggle with their final breaths. We are all a bunch of dead people, but we have tossed aside our destinies and seen past life and death. For you to descend here meant that life has chosen you. Whether or not you can break free from the confines of destiny and exceed your purpose will depend on your choices.”

My expression turned solemn, and I could not help but say, “Then.. I should call you senior. I came here and don’t know much, so please guide me, senior.”

He smiled and picked up a broken bone sword by his side. “No need. Boy, the gate to the foreign world has been opened, and numerous warriors are entering this land. Illusionary Moon Continent will be chaotic, but precisely this type of chaos will give birth to opportunity. You have a special bloodline, and as long as you proceed bravely, there will be a place for you in this world. You can achieve great things!”

The more he spoke, the more majestic I felt he was. I followed him to the entrance and said, “Senior, what is your name?”

“I told you; you don’t have to call me senior.”

He looked at me and said, “If we are fated, you can call me old brother.”

“Okay, old brother!”

I nodded my head. “Old brother, what is your name?”

“My name is Lin Buyi!”

After saying that, he walked out of the cave.



There was a sudden development. A giant shadow descended from above. It was a giant foot, which gave off death energy. It just stepped onto the person I just recognized as my old brother before heading off.

On the ground, there was only a bunch of smashed up bone fragments. Old brother was gone just like that!

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