Zhan Yue

Chapter 3: Failed

Chapter 3: Failed


I was stunned.


I had just recognized him as my big brother! I did not even talk to him at length and get carried by him, yet he was actually stepped into a pile of broken bones?


I walked out of the cave and raised my head. I noticed that the onewho had stepped on my big brother was an Undead Giant. He was ten meters tall and held a giant red battleaxe. He walked forward,not caring about the fact that he had just killed someone. It was as if, in his eyes, we, small Skeletons, wereants.


I looked at the bones on the ground and said, “Big brother, rest in peace…”

Next, I looked around carefully. Outside the cave was a vast land infected with death energy. One could not see any living being at all, and at the same time,one could only see undead all about. Some were Skeletons, some were from other undead races. There were decomposing Nether Wolves, Undead Iron Black Bears, Undead Giants, et cetera.

In the distance, a giant furnace was burning, which gave off a sizzling sound. One could even hear the tragic howls spreading out from it.


Suddenly, I felt like the surrounding air was being sealed up and I could not move at all. Shortly after, an extremely beautiful being shot through the sky. It was a girl in a red dress with her hair tied in a bun. She had just chargedat me, her lips like flames as her eyes looked me up and down. She bent down and sniffed me, showing a look of disbelief.

“No, I smelled some kind of pure aura; was it not you?”

“You… Who are you?”

My eyes opened wide in shock. For a girl to observe me at such proximity, my heart could not help but thump. She just smiled. “Since it’s not you, forget it.”

The moment she said that, she turned around and left. She turned into an afterimages, which disappeared in the wind. She came and left without a sign at all. Moreover, throughout the entire process, I could not see her name, level, and stats at all, though her background had to be really amazing.

At that moment, an Undead Soldier, riding an Undead Bone Horse and holding a halberd, walked over. He told me, “Dumb bug, what are you doing there? The Reincarnation Valley doesn’t raise slackers. Go report to the Soul Furnace and start working. If you don’t, I’ll slice off your head!”

I was stunned.Why was this fellow so fierce?

I raised my head and was indeed able to see some stats of this NPC—

Flame Soul Zombie General (Rare Boss)

Level: ???

Introduction: Black Castle Reincarnation Valley’s Basic-grade War General has strong flame control. Young adventurer, this Flame Soul Zombie General often bullies the weak but is afraid of the strong; if you think that you can beat him, then just try.


Anyway, I would be unable to beat this person. After all, his level was red, while I… Currently, the stats said that I did not have a level. Who knew what was going on, but at least I definitely was not his match. Since that was the case, I had no choice but to lower my head!


Flame Soul Zombie General looked at the bones of my just-deceased old brother and spatviciously, “Pui! Dumb chicken finally died! Brat, what are you waiting for? Go!”

Thus, I was chased by him towardthe giant furnace. I instantly felt like I was in a furnace as the surroundings became too hot. I saw a bunch of skeletons,who all looked shocked as if they did not know what to do.

At that moment, the sky was covered by dark clouds. A lightning sliced the clouds apart, and several huge bones rained down as if the world above was tossing their trash. Some stones, which sealedsouls, rained down as well, piling into a huge heap!

“It is finally starting.”

A solemn voice sounded from the distance. A black wind consolidated into the body of a middle-aged man. Dressed in a black robe, he looked different from all the monsters present. He carried a sharp sword on his back as he looked at the rip in the sky.

He said, “People from the other world have entered the Illusionary Moon Continent and the war has begun. Based on the agreement we have with the Dimension Legion, we will be in charge of soul transferring. Undead of Reincarnation Valley, let’s start our work around the soul furnace!”

“Yes, sir!”

The NPCs nodded.

Amongthe sparks flying, I saw the middle-aged man’s name—

Reincarnation Valley Manager Zhuang Huai Shui (Precious Boss)

Level: ???

Introduction: Black Castle Reincarnation Valley Managerhas huge strength, so do not offend him easily.


I frowned. This was a Precious-grade Boss and was definitely not something a player could touch at this level. In Illusionary Moon, Boss levels were split into: Elite, Rare, Precious, Unique, Legendary, Chaotic, End of the Universe. The servers had just opened, so most players had not even seen Elite-level Bosses, much less one at Precious grade.

Thus, I followed the skeletons in walking forward to shift these fallen corpses. I tossed them into the giant furnace called the Soul Refining Furnace.

I did work while summoning my elf secretary.


She spun around me and landed on my shoulder. Crossing her long white legs, my elf secretary lazily yawned. “Master, Little Shu is here; what problem do you need me to solve?”

I nodded. “I activated a hidden race and hidden occupation.Tell me about this place; I currently have no idea at all.”

“Yes, master.”

She smiled innocently and said, “This is Black Castle, a neutral region. Black Castle was built by a few undead experts who used to be humans. Unwilling to fight humans, they didn’t join the Dimension Legion. Unfortunately, they are unable to resist the legion’s strength, so they can only give in. Reincarnation Valley is such a place. They receivethe souls of monsters that the players killand refine them in the furnace to create new monsters, which will then be sent to the various maps. This is basically a monster creation workshop. Master’s quest is to help in the job here.”


I sucked in a deep breath. “Then how do I level up? How do I grow… I can’t just be stuck here carrying corpses, can I?”

“Of course not.”

She shook her head and smiled. “Black Castle has its own system. Master is currently in Reincarnation Valley; it is one of the five parts here. There are four other places, namely Wind Cloud Platform, Precious Treasure Pavilion, Heaven and Earth Pavilion, and Ancient Battlefield. Master can earn 1 Black Castle contribution point for every hour you work here. You can exchange for skill books, equipment, tools, etc. in Precious Treasure Pavilion and Heaven and Earth Pavilion. Anyway, your treatment in Black Castle is something that other players can’t wish for.”

“So that’s the case…”

I nodded.

Little Shu smiled. “Right, since master has joined Black Castle and become a member of the undead, confirm your growth direction and choose a job!”

In the next second, an interface jumped in front of me. I could actually choose a job in advance.

Illusionary Moon had nine jobs, and all of which appeared before my eyes: Warrior, Paladin, Archer, Assassin, Elemental Mage, Priest, Enchanter, Fighter, and Musician. The front few were attack jobs while Enchanter was half combat and half support. Musician was one that was full support. As for my choice, there was nothing to think about. I still chose the one I was familiar with.

“Confirm, Assassin!”


In the next second, my job was confirmed as Assassin, but I was an Undead Assassin. Maybe in the future, I would grow into a Shura Assassin? That would be something to look forward to. If I was just a Skeleton Assassin, then wouldI not be useless?

After I confirmed my job, I did not have any place to learn skills, so I just continued my work in the furnace.


I buried my head and grinded for an hour.


[System notification: Congratulations!Due to your hard work, you have earned 1 contribution point!]

Unfortunately, just contribution points alone was useless; I needed levels!

At that moment, there was a notification at the bottom right—

[Wind Cloud Platform battle countdown: 2:59:59]


“Wind Cloud Platform?”

I was, once more, totally confused.

Little Secretary blinked her eyes and explained patiently, “Wind Cloud Platform is a duel arena. Only the strongest undead in the younger generation of Black Castle can stand out. Master, once you become the final victor in Wind Cloud Platform, you will have the right to descend as a Boss into public maps. After killing players, you will be able to earn contribution points.”

My body shook. “I am so poor now; do you think I can win on Wind Cloud Platform?”

She burst into laughter and gave me a finger heart. “In Little Shu’s heart, my master is the best!”

I laughed.This was such a thoughtful secretary!

However, with this countdown timer, didthat not mean that the first Boss in the beginner village would appear in three hours? That was possible.

Fate was such a funny thing.This time.. I seemed to have joined the NPC camp. Since that was the case… I shall blend in!


Not long later.

Dong dong~

In the outside world, Ah Fei knocked onto my helmet. “I am going to pee; are you going?”

“No, what level are you at?”

“Level 4.”

“Level 4 and you want to pee?”

“Ahaha! I drank too much water in the afternoon! What level are you?”

“Level 0!”

“Wow… It seems like we are about to fail on the first day!”

“No no, calm down.”

“Right, what are we eating tonight?”

“We didn’t even earn any money; let’s just eat cup noodles.”


Since I was heading to Wind Cloud Platform, I had to prepare. Apart from the Shura Secret Codex, I had two advantages, which were the two other items in my bag.

I took out the black bracelet, and the moment I confirmed that I would wear it, a bell rang in my ears—


[System notification: Once this item is bound, it will be unable to drop and it will be unable to be taken out. Are you sure to use it?]

Unable to take off?

I was stunned.That was tough. What if this ended up being trash. If I was unable to take it off in the future, then would my account not have fewer stats than others? I would be naturally weaker!

Still, if I did not wear it, I would be unable to accept it. After all, the server had just opened and the forums were all people cursing at the poor drop rate. Even white-colored armor was not dropping, much less anything else. To have such a bracelet now would mean that I was in the lead. Moreover, with my rich gaming experience, items that could not be dropped and were boundhad to be great.

Take a gamble!

Confirm, wear it!

The moment I put it on, there was a ringing sound. A blue light released from the bracelet. The old surface started to change, and some small patterns appeared, giving off an old copper glow. Moreover, the stats actually appeared!


Defense: +15

Strength: +9

Property: Can evolve.

Special effect: Has recognized its master.



My mind went blank once more. I was rich; this was actually an Excellent-grade item. The name was in dark green, which was such a win!

Illusionary Moon’s equipment wascategorized:Gray and whitewere the lousiest;green ranged from Strong to Excellent;blue was split between Rare and Super Rare;purple was either Precious or Treasure grade; and lastly, orange was equipment at Unique and Legendary grade. Every Illusionary Moonequipment was based on color. At the current state, with almost all players still in beginner villages, dark blue equipment was no different from godly weapons. Meanwhile, my bracelet could be evolved, so it was definitely a treasure!

All of a sudden, I could not help but kiss it. I felt great.

I then took out my third lucky charm, the Achievement Manual. I touched and activated it right away. A bell rang in my ears—


[System notification: Attention, do not reach requirements!]

However, it did not show what those were. I had no choice and could only continue shifting bricks in Reincarnation Valley.


Thus, after two more hours, I finally gained 3 points.

After eating cup noodles, I continued online. Not long later, a bell rang in my ears once more—

[System notification: Please pay attention; Wind Cloud Platform will be activated.Will you join in?]

Confirm, join!

I had the Ancient Bracelet protecting me, so I had nothing to fear!

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