Zhan Yue

Chapter 5: First time appearing

Chapter 5: First time appearing

“Kid, it’s your turn!”

The Purgatory Lion reached out and pointed at meas he laughed coldly. “It seems like the winner of Wind Cloud Platform is fated to be me!”

A streak of light carried me up. Instantly, my stats increased by tenfold—

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 1


Defense: 210

Health: 5500

Critical Strike: 0

Comprehension: 94

Charm: 0

Soul Star: 0

Contributionpoint: 0

Combat strength: 230


This Combat strength, it seemed quite optimistic!


The Purgatory Lion looked at me in disdain and smiled. “You look so weak. You probably can’t even handle one of my claws. I will let you attack first; I don’t want to bully the weak.”

“Two Balls, why are you so arrogant?” I smiled.

“En, what did you call me?!” he shouted in rage.

“You lower your head and lookunder your pants; don’t you know still?”


He was furious from embarrassment. “This is the sign of male strength in Purgatory Lions. You actually dared to call me… You sissy, I will smack you to death!”

While speaking, my body sank down and entered Stealth. I disappeared from his view. The two of us were both level 1, so he should be unable to see me.

“Come out!” shouted the Purgatory Lion in rage, its sharp claws sweeping about as I tried to dodge. The Wind Cloud Platform was not too huge, so this could not work; sooner or later, I would lose out.

I waved the bone dagger in my hand. This dagger was only decorative and had no offensive strength at all. Actually, wielding it was no different from me being empty-handed, but it was better than nothing. Right as the Purgatory Lion flashed past me,with his back facing me, was my time!


The dagger pierced through the sky, turning into a cold light, which landed onto the lion’s back. This was the Assassin’s trump card skill, Backstab!


A strike whittled out a third of the Purgatory Lion’s healthbar. For me to do so much with my 100 Attack meant that his defense was pretty much nothing! At the same time, I broke out ofStealth. Right as Purgatory Lion charged at me, I used Gouge on his face!



My attack was far from this!

I headed left and came behind the Purgatory Lion. I watched my energy bar slowly increase. The moment the 1.5-second cooldown of Gouge ended, I used an auto-attack to stab him.

Two loud blows and the Purgatory Lion was only left with a tiny bit of health.

“Jerk, I want you to die!” he shouted in rage. Death energy surged around his body and his sharp claws swung cold wind about. Peng peng!Two swipes landed on my chest, causing my ribcage to shatter. This guy’s attack was just too high!



Unfortunately, I was a super tank with 5500 Health, so how wouldit be easy for him to kill me?! I slashed him with my dagger headon and took away the last bit of the Purgatory Lion’s health.

“Goodbye, Two Balls!” I smiled.

The Purgatory Lion was swept away by the wind with unwillingness on his face. “Jerk! If I don’t take revenge, I swear that I am no human!”

“But you aren’t human.”


In the blink of an eye, Two Balls was completely swept away. I stood above the Wind Cloud Platform and became the last survivor.

Weng weng~

Dense clouds wrapped around the sky and formed that face. He looked at me dotingly and smiled. “Little fellow, congratulations on getting first this time. You will obtain the injection of luck from the Wind Cloud Platform and descend as a strong Assassin. Go. I wish you good luck; kill many of them!”


A red light pelted onto my body, then it started to change. My bones began swelling and the clothes on my body were covered in copper. A green dagger with red aura appeared in my hand. A tattered cape appeared on my back too.


[System notification: Congratulations! You have transformed into a Copper Ghost General (Elite Boss).Please select the beginner village that you would like to descend on!]


Instantly, a dense number of beginner villages appeared in front of me. I did not hesitate and chose Autumn Moon Village; after all, my good brother Ah Fei was there. I wanted to go and meet him.Hahaha…

A storm blew, then I was wrapped inlightning and turned into a streak, which flew into the sky toward a beginner village in the distance. I was really fast, so everything on the ground flashed in a blur, and in the blink of an eye, I landed outside the village with a thud. I was now in a dense area roughly ten minutes from the village!


[System notification: Players please pay attention; a Copper Ghost General (Elite Boss) has landed in Autumn Moon Village’s Rabbit Forest map with huge treasures. Courageous Warriors head over to kill him and wipe out the demon for the human race!]



I was stunned; I actually caused a system notification! At the same time, a bell sounded in my ear—


[System notification: Wind Cloud Platform trial has officially begun! You can gain Black Castle contribution points from killing players. If you are not killed in 120 minutes, the trial will end and you will be teleported back to Black Castle. That will be a perfect completion and the reward will increase by 50%!]


There was such a thing?

I could not help but laugh. I activated Stealth and disappeared in the forest. I had to survive first, for only by living could I have the right to speak!

At the same time, I realized that my bag was filled. I opened it and was stunned. There were actually a bunch of treasures. They were basically green Strong-grade as well as dark green Excellent-grade equipment. There were a total of ten, and apart from that were a bunch of basic skill books like Magician’s Fireball, Wind Blade, Archer’s Explosive Flame Arrow, Priest’s Heal, et cetera. As expected, I was a Boss carrying heaps of treasures!

If I got killed, these treasures would drop. I did not expect that in this Illusionary Moon journey, I would actually be on the opposing side of players. Exciting!

I could not die; I must bring these treasures back to Black Castle. I needed the feeling of glory and honor.Hahaha~


Ten minutes later.

Sha sha…

Footsteps sounded from deep in the forest. Shortly after, three players entered my field of sight, and they were all at level 8 or 9. As these players did not have jobs yet, they could only use their bare hands. Illusionary Moon was tough to level up and for one to reach level 9 now meant that they were decent experts.

“I heard that the Boss is a level-10 Elite. D*mn… It’s good if we can kill him.” A person fought mobs while saying this.

“Wistful thinking.”

A thin guy waved his wooden sword and smiled. “With the three of us? We aren’t enough at all. That level 10 Elite Boss is enough to destroy a bunch of us.”

The fatty laughed. “If we don’t try, how will we know? Plus, a level 10 Elite Boss will drop level 10 Elite gear. Do you know how expensive equipment is now? By direct transactions, one piece of level 8 Strong-grade equipment can be sold for 300. A piece at level 10 is at least 3000!”

“Wow, this bunch of players are really blinded by money…”

“It isn’t that they’re blinded by money;players just need high-level equipment to kill Boss and get the first kill to earn Honor and Charm. You don’t know about such things…”

“D*mn!Focus on killing mobs; this isn’t what we should be thinking about.”


I listened from the side and understood the current game situation. En, these few players were not useful anymore, so let us turn them into contribution points!


I attacked right away and the leaves shook. I used my copper dagger to execute Backstab, which landed onthe stomach of a player. With a su, I dealt 1100+ damage, instant-killing the target!


[Combat notification: Successful kill!Contribution point +1! Experience +100!]

As expected, it was much faster for one to get contribution points after leaving the Wind Cloud Platform!


The fatty at the side felt shocked. “D*mn… Copper Ghost General? It is actually here… Oh, my god—”

The moment he said that, I used Gouge on his face. He was killed instantly as well!

The third person screamed as if he had seen a ghost. He turned around and ran, but how could he outrun me? As a Boss, my Assassin agility increased by so much. I stabbed his back and he was insta-killed!

In an instant, I got 3 contribution points!

On the ground were also a few potions and coins that they had dropped.

Although the number was meager, this was still something!

I lowered my head to pick everything up!


[System notification: Please note; you are unable to obtain items!]

Er… Bosses were unable to pick up items that players dropped! Right, if not, then this system would be so shameless.

All of a sudden, I felt really awkward.

After killing, I entered Stealth once more and disappeared in this Rabbit Forest. In a while, this place would be covered with people. To me, they were not only contribution points but also huge threats. Once there was a large number of them, it would not be so easy.


I jumped onto an old tree and sat down on a flatter region. I looked at the distance quietly. In the south was a shrub. Many players were also rushing over from there. Some were in three- to five-man teams, some were in dozens-of-people-strong parties.

“Oi, Ah Li!”

Ah Fei shouted from outside. “Did you hear that?The first Elite Boss has descended in Autumn Moon Village. It is called Copper Ghost General. Someone in the beginner village said that three unlucky kids were insta-killed by him with one blade. So exciting!”

I laughed. “Oh! That sounds strong; you want to take a look?”

“Wait till I am level 10.”

He sucked in a deep breath. “Let’s talk about this after I learn a few attack skills; if I go now… I don’t have any confidence at all. I also heard that many level-1 parties who already went through their job advancements are rushing over there. Tsk tsk.This is Autumn Moon Village’s first battle. With that Boss, who knows what will happen?”

Snort… Hahahaha~”


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