Zhan Yue

Chapter 4: Wind Cloud Platform

Chapter 4: Wind Cloud Platform


My body was sucked away, and in the next moment, a blood red glow pulled me up into the sky. As I surged out of Reincarnation Valley, I looked down from above. The huge Reincarnation Valley was before my eyes, and in itwere at least ten thousand Soul Refining Furnaces scattered. At this moment, they were burning strongly. Numerous souls flew inthe air and turned into monsters which headed for the beginner villages.

This was practically a soul transfer superworkshop!

In the next second, my body fell in a forest on the outskirts of Reincarnation Valley. With a loud peng, I fell on the empty land at the mid-waist of a mountain. Not far in the distance, a giant battle platform stood. Death totems were all around, giving off a killing aura as if tens of thousands of troops would charge up onto the platform at any moment.

Wind Cloud Platform, one of the five outer places of Black Castle.


Not only me, many others landed around me. Some were beasts and undead which were teleported over. All of them were around Wind Cloud Platform, and everyone looked pumped up.

“Wind Cloud Platform has finally opened!”

Thirty feet away from me was an ugly lion wearing decomposing armor. On his head was a really bright name, Purgatory Lion, and his level was displayed to me as ‘???’. I was unable to see it at my current level. The lion looked really fierce, but his armor was torn and tattered, and he did nothave pants. He was a male lion and his two round things were swinging about below.

Aiyo, so vulgar!

I facepalmed and sighed.

At that moment, not far away, a mucus-like being slowly rose up. His swelling body tried its best to stand up but to no avail. He formed a tightly clenched fist and said, “This time, our slime race will rise up in Black Castle, and I will be the one to show off our ancestor Gold Slime’s past honor!”


Further in the distance, a rabbit with huge ears, who was wrapped up in death energy, laughed. “Slime, are you even worthy of heading up?”


An Undead Swordsman in armor had his arms folded. The sword on his back gave off a cold glow as he said coldly, “Bunch of nonsense!The few of you want to fight the courageous warriors of the undead for a spot in Wind Cloud Platform? Dream on!”

After he said that, he looked at me coldly. “Kid, the Wind Cloud Platform spot is mine. If you know your place, you should scram!”

I frowned and did not say anything. These NPCs were too arrogant, and they did not care about players at all. Maybe to them, I was not considered a player?


Right at that moment, a ghost-like crying sound rang out from the sky. Shortly after, a black mist spread above the Wind Cloud Platform. A human face, that of an old man, formed. He gave off a celestial-like aura, but unfortunately his body was covered in death energy, and he seemed really uncoordinated.

“Greetings, elder!”

The undead all kneeled.

I was stunned but I had no choice but to follow, getting down on my knee.

“There’s no need to be so polite.”

The old man floating in the sky just looked at us. “This Wind Cloud Platform battle will have one victor. He will represent our Black Castle and turn into a Death World expert to let the warriors from the other world feel terror. Now, all of you can start preparing. When your name is called, head onto the platform to decide victory and defeat!”

“Yes, elder!”

In the next moment, an interface opened in front of my eyes. It was a stat adjustment selection. A bell rang in my ears—


[System notification: Young undead, after completing Wind Cloud Platform’s transformation, your stats will increase by 1000%. At the same time, the level system will be activated. Now, you need to choose your skills!]


A light flashed and I finally activated the level system! Moreover, another bell rang in my ears—


[System notification: Dear player,your growth system has been activated. As you are an Assassin with Shura Bloodline, your growth values are as follows: Strength 1.0, Agility 1.3, Stamina 0.9, Magic 0.9. I wish you good luck!]

The moment I saw the four growth stats, my mind blanked out once more. As expected, no wonder the system elf said that my job and hidden race were godsent. This growth rate was pretty much invincible.

Based on what I knew, after Illusionary Moon opened, the highest growth stats belonged to the Warriors, but they only got 1, 0.9, 0.8, 0.8. Warriors were famed for their Attack and Agility, but they only got 1 and 0.9. Compared to my 1 and 1.3 stat growth, they were just too weak.

As for the so-called growth, it was the growth value of the stat. For example, Strength would increase Attack, 1.0 growth value would mean that 1 Strength would equal 1 Attack. A 0.5 growth value meant that 1 Strength would equal 0.5 Attack. Therefore, the growth stats made a huge difference.

Currently, my four stats had reached 4.1, which was so overpowered!

I took a deep breath and opened my stats interface—

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 1

Attack: 12-19

Defense: 21

Health: 100

Critical Strike: 0

Comprehension: 94

Charm: 0

Soul Star: 0

Contribution point: 3

Combat strength: 23


My original Attack was 5-10 and Defense was 6. The reason why my stats were so high now was theAncient Bracelet. It added 9 Strength and 15 Defense by itself. It seemed unassuming, but after heading up to Wind Cloud Platform, my stats would be relative to those of Bosses and increase by ten times. As such, the Ancient Bracelet would have increased my stats by 90 Attack and 150 Defense. This was top in the servers!

I looked at the stats. Due to my level, I had 5 free points to add. I did not even need to think and added all of them to Health. Due to my Stamina growth rate, 1 point translated to 90 Health,instantly increasing my healthbar to 550.

With Attack, Defense, and so much Health, which one of them would be my match?

A bright glow once again shone, and a list of skills appeared. These were all Assassin skills that I could select—

(B): When not in combat, turn invisible. Movement speed reduced by 50%. If selected, will consume 1 contribution point.

(B): Attack the enemy face front, causing 120% of damage and stunning them. The stun will last for 1.5 seconds. If selected, will consume 1 contribution point.

(B): Attack from behind the target, causing at most 250% of damage. If selected, will consume 1 contribution point.

(A): Ignore 30% of target defense, deal 165% of damage to target. If selected, will consume 15 contribution points.

(S): Deal three assaults to the enemy. The first assault will be based on Attack, second will be based on Agility, third will be based on Critical Strike. If chosen, will consume 100 contribution points.

(SSS): Summons the flames of karma and focuses them on a weapon, causing three consecutive attacks. Ignore all defense, causing 110%, 125%, and 150% attack damage. If selected, will consume 500 contribution points.


All of a sudden, I was dazzled. The final three skills got stronger one after another. Especially Flames of Karma, this skill was deep red in color. An SSS-grade Assassin skill, it was probably the ceiling for the Assassin job. Unfortunately it consumed too many contribution points. Moreover, this skill could not be learned and could only be chosen once, and after Wind Cloud Platform, it would disappear.

I looked at my contribution points and saw that I only had three points. I did not have a choice really.

Moreover, the system restricted the number I could learn so I could only choose three skills. Therefore, they could only be Stealth, Gouge, and Backstab. I was going to be a mainstream Assassin.

Confirm, I choose Stealth, Gouge, and Backstab!

In the next moment, three Assassin skills appeared in my skill tab. I was very familiar with them.It was as if old friends had met once more. I took a deep breath and felt relaxed. Just like what Ah Fei had said, this time, we were going to have a good life in Illusionary Moon!



A streak of light shone above. Instantly, two bodies were sent up there. One of them was the lion and his opponent was a Demonified Rabbit.

Scoff! You are asking to get humiliated!”

The Purgatory Lion hollered in rage, and his body suddenly sank down. He charged out like a streak of light with opened claws and ripped open the rabbit’s chest. As blood flowed out, it scratched once more, sending the rabbit flying. The moment it flew out of the Wind Cloud Platform, the rabbit was enveloped in light and brought back to Reincarnation Valley.



Just one round and the outcome was decided!

I broke into a laugh. The Demonified Rabbit was unable to attack at all. His healthbar was too short and that was its weakness.

The Purgatory Lion’s Health returned to full, and it looked down arrogantly. “Continue. I want to see who can be my opponent!”

Instantly, formless light wrapped another body, but the outcome was the same. The Purgatory Lion was too strong, and with a two-claw attack, it basically insta-killed its opponent.

Time flew quickly and there were only three individuals left around the Wind Cloud Platform: the Purgatory Lion, that Undead Swordsman who scolded us, and me.


Purgatory Lion folded his arms and stared at that Undead Swordsman. “I heard that you are a famous swordsman from the Precious Treasure Pavilion. Bring it on!Let me see how strong you are, you little scum!”


The Undead Swordsman was furious and charged up on the platform. He pulled out his sword and it gave off a shocking flame energy!

Heavy slash!


The Purgatory Lion shouted in rage. He used his tough arms to block the sword, and instantly he received 1252 damage and lost 30% of his health. This meant that he had around 4000 Health, which was not higher than mine. Right when he blocked the sword, the Undead Swordsman hollered. A six-colored star pattern appeared from the sword, the famous skill of Warriors—Double Hit!


The Purgatory Lion hollered ashis body sank. He used his sharp claws to sweep the stomach of the Undead Swordsman. He then sidestepped and turned around to sweep. His two balls danced all about as he smacked the Undead Swordsman down onto the platform!

He won!

Now, there was only one person left: me.

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