Zhan Yue

Chapter 684 Cowards were not at fault, those with treasures were at fault.

Chapter 684 Cowards were not at fault, those with treasures were at fault.

Everyone knew this. With You was undoubtedly the strongest new guild on the server. No one would doubt that and it was why people will give us face. However, if we take this stronghold down, everyone would target us. Everyone would think about attacking us and dragging us down.

Winds of Battle was an exception, Fengxian was a really interesting friend.


Thus, this chat group didn’t come to any consensus and everyone did their own things. The guilds finished up the final group of monsters while With You headed right in. The cavalries were led by Lin Xi and I right into the Pioneer Cavalries and we entered the square just like that.

On the square, there was a huge statue of a young hero holding a spear. Who knew that was? At his feet, a blood red ownerless flag was there which surprised everyone. There was actually no one defending it. Probably so because Valen, Frost King, Long Xingtian etc were defending. Since the bosses were finished by Senior Sister, it meant that she helped us to kill the boss so we were just taking the opportunity.


Lin Xi rode the White Deer to the flag and pulled it out. She smiled, “We took it down!”


I nodded my head. At that moment, a bell rang in the sky--


System Notification: Congratulations Lin Xi for obtaining Snow Eagle Castle (SS Grade) flag, With You obtained +300 points!


Now when I opened the event leaderboard, things were totally different---

With You Level 7 Points: 660

Legend Level 7 Points: 270

Elements Level 7 Points: 250

Winds of Battle Level 7 Points: 160

Limitless Level 7 Points: 130

House of Prestige Level 7 Points: 130

Prague Level 7 Points: 130

Heavenly Cave Level 7 Points: 110

Vanguard Level 7 Points: 110

Dragonrider Hall Level 7 Points: 100


We were double Legend who was second, much less any other guild. Dragonrider Hall in 10th only had 100 points and they were just one sixth of ours.

The moment that Lin Xi took down the flag, numerous Pioneer Cavalries, Cannibals and Death Frost Cavalries charged outwards. The gates of the castle opened and they tried to escape. They shouted, “We lost! We lost! The castle can’t be defended, all retreat, all retreat!”

Even the monsters on the walls started to jump down. In a blink, only With You was left inside the castle.

“What are you doing standing there?”

I held my daggers and charged up the walls, “Take over the defence, quick!”

I reached out at the few cannons on the right and pointed, “Light Lantern check if those cannons can be used. If we can then use it to blow up the high ground that we came from!”


A few minutes later, cannons fired. The high ground we used was blown up. After one more shot was fired, half of it had disappeared and it wasn’t a threat to the castle anymore. Even the iron path we created was drowned out too. The current castle was a true iron fortress.

Lin Xi and I stood side by side on the wall and we looked at the chaos on the outside.

Not far away, Light Lantern and Cal gave orders to defend. Shen Mingxuan led Gu Ruyi over and said, “We got the outcome, 7500+ of us have entered the castle, there are still some who died previously who are rushing over. 7500, who knows if we can manage to defend it.”

“It isn’t much of a problem.”

I frowned and looked into the distance, “As long as those players can’t use NPC cannons, it won’t be a problem.”



Not long later, the dimension legion army outside either died or fled and in a blink they were all cleared out. After they disappeared, players got close. Elements, Limitless, House of Prestige, Vanguard etc appeared at the walls and they still had their heavy armored players at the front and ranged players at the back.

“Are they… going to siege?”

Lin Xi held her blade and looked a little nervous.

“Who knows, let’s wait and see.”

I looked down at the walls and said, “We are defending and the durability of the walls is still full. We have the absolute advantage. If they want to kill us with numbers then they would have to pay a huge price. It will be tough on us. Let’s try to survive to 12 and get the 6.6 million points. We can’t let everyone work so hard for nothing.”


At that moment, Yanshi Bugong rode his horse forwards and smiled, “With You, are you really not opening the gates to let us in to replenish our items?”

“Replenish your ass.”

Ah Fei held his staff. Although he was weak but he talked big, “NPCs and merchants haven’t even entered so who are you going to get your stuff from? Or do you want inscriptions? Come come come, I am here. Just toss your equipment to me.”

Light Lantern, Haotian and the others all laughed.

Yanshi Bugong frowned and said to Changshen Jue, “Seems like With You is planning to hog everything. What should we do?”

“What else can we do?”

In the crowd, Dragonrider Hall guild leader Wines and Poems pointed his blade at the wall, “Let’s all attack it, whoever grabs the flag will get the castle. Isn’t that simple?”

“And then after?’

Dawn held his bow and appeared. He frowned, “We fight for the second chance to grab the flag? Repeat then and no one will end up well?”

Male Bear frowned, “Dawn then what idea do you have?”

“I don’t know.”

Dawn was really calm and said, “But I know that all of us standing around and staring at With You won’t come to any outcome, why not… We go offline and eat first?”

“You are interesting.”

Peng Haoren laughed coldly, “If Legend doesn’t dare to attack, then… Move aside and let some other guilds attack. This event is for players to attack one another. To be morally upright now is so boring.”

He raised his sword and said, “Dragonrider Hall is about to attack, who else is?”

“Count us in.”

Fushen Thousand Blades smiled, “Vanguard will attack too. There are a few more hours to 12, as long as our firepower is strong enough, we will be able to break down the wall durability and enter.”


Yanshi Bugong smiled, “If we want to fight, then count Limitless in, if not you won’t be able to take it down.”


Wines and Poems laughed, “Brothers now that even Limitless is in, which guild will be willing to attack together?”

A cunning looking warrior stepped out. It was that Northwest Kidney King. He pulled his sword out of its sheath, “If that is the case then Cloud Ocean is willing!”

“Welcome brothers from Cloud Ocean!”

Wines and Poems laughed, “Who else? Attack it together, SS Grade, whoever grabs it claims it!’

Wines and Poems was already the leader of the people attacking us, he looked pumped up and arrogant.


Legend, Elements, Winds of Battle, Prague etc T1 guilds didn’t say anything. When the “Avengers” were about to attack, the NPC army started to push forwards. Guan Yang rode a horse and beside him were Wang Shuang and Sikong Yu. Further behind was the Flame Army, Silver Frost Army and the Saint Hall Cavalries.

“What is going on?”

Wang Shuang rode over with a blade in his hands. He glanced at the various guild members and said, “Hasn’t Snow Eagle Castle been taken down, why are these adventurers looking like they are about to siege?”


Guan Yang frowned, “This is an important area, we have to defend it well. I will leave five units from Flames Army. General Wang Shuang, the rest is left to you.”

“Yes Duke!”

Wang Shuang held his blade and rode his horse into the city, “Flames Army, Silver Frost Army, start to set up defences in case the Dimension Legion Army counter attacked!”

“Yes sir!”

At that moment, Wang Shuang looked at me and smiled, “Little Brother, your men took this city down?”


“Open the door?”


I turned around, “Light Lantern open the gates and let them in.”


Along with the gate opening, Flames Army and Silver Frost Army entered. Wang Shuang’s infantry unit set up defence outside. In the next moment, blades and arrows pointed at the players outside. Both sides actually looked like they were about to clash.



Dawn frowned, “With You is too lucky, the NPC army is actually taking over. Seems like there is no need to fight for Snow Eagle Fortress. Let’s move. Let’s see if there are other S or A Grade ones to fight for. Actually B Grade ones are okay too.”

Thus, the “Avengers” looked at one another and things got awkward. These people were strong but they didn’t dare to fight the two strongest armies of Winter Sun City. If not they would definitely get wiped.

This time, With You was indeed extremely lucky!

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