Zhan Yue

Chapter 685- Hundred Thousand Combat Strength

Chapter 685- Hundred Thousand Combat Strength


On the walls, Lin Xi and I stood side by side in the cold wind and looked at the scenery in the distance. A few hours ago, Legend, Elements, Limitless, etc all left. The Snow Eagle castle with NPCs couldn’t be conquered anymore. They had to use the time before the event ended to get more areas and gains.

In the distance, Light Lantern led With You to block a Dimension Legion Army that tried to attack the castle. The event was about to end, and it was our last chance to get points.

“Nearly there.”

Lin Xi raised her head and looked at the time, “About to refresh.”


I nodded. Half a minute later, a bell rang in the sky---


System Notification: Congratulations, With You’s points, is: 660, obtained rewards: Merit Points +6.6 million!


6.6 million points, that was enough. This was something other guilds dreamed of, but only we got it. This 6.6 million point was enough to make up for three days of hard work for players. One could say that in this event, we had the absolute advantage. Our average rank would be much higher than other guilds.

At that moment, another bell rang in the sky. The event ended, and rewards all appeared. The long East River Corridor Battle finally ended too--


System Notification: Congratulations, warriors; the humans have finally chased the Dimension Legion out of the East River Corridor due to all your hard work. W have reclaimed a large patch of lost land, a rare heroic feat in hundreds of years! Congratulations, player July Wildfire for being ranked first, obtained rewards: Level +3, charm +10, Dragon Region Points +100 thousand, gold +200 thousand, obtained extra rewards: Cloud Chasing Thunder (Chaotic Grade), Congratulations player Dawn for being ranked second, obtained rewards: Level +2, Charm +8, Reputation points +50 thousand, Gold +120 thousand, obtained extra rewards: Snow Dragon Armor (Chaotic Grade), Congratulations player Follow Heart for being ranked third, obtained rewards: Level +2, Charm +5, Reputation points +40 thousand, obtained extra rewards: Skyflame Leggings (Chaotic Grade). The other players in the top ten are Lin Xi, Feng Canghai, Not Fish, Moon Like Water, Enchanted Painting, Bright Moon, and Yanshi Bugong. All players will receive relevant rewards; congratulations, players!


System Notification: Congratulations With You for getting first with 660 points, obtaining guild experience +20 billion; all players can obtain 6.6 million points for the next seven days; congratulations, Legend, for getting second with 300 points, obtained guild experience +10 billion; all players can obtain 3 million points every day for six days, congratulations Elements for getting third with 280 points, obtained guild experience +8 billion, all members can gain 2.8 million points for the next five days. The other guilds in the top ten are Winds of Battle, Limitless, House of Prestige, Prague, Heavenly Cave, Vanguard, and Dragonrider Hall; congratulations, all guilds!


Three golden lights descended, and I had leveled to the legendary level 140. After which, two bells rang, and two pieces of equipment evolved at the same time---


System Notification: Congratulations, your equipment Ancient Bracelet evolved to Ancient Bracelet (Chaotic Grade)!


System Notification: Congratulations, your equipment Starlight God Ring evolved to Chaotic Grade!


In an instant, my mind felt a little blank. Both of them evolved, and apart from that, I obtained Chaotic Grade boots. Three more Chaotic Grade equipment appeared simultaneously, making it hard to accept.

I sucked in a deep breath. I looked at the bracelet first as it was the most special and it was most important to my strength---

Ancient Bracelet (Chaotic Grade)

Defence: 2450

Agility: +440

Strength: +438

Stamina: +435

Magic: +432

Effect: Precision, accuracy +85%

Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +90%

Skill: Strong attack, 35% chance of breaking attacks

Effect: Toughness raises user’s health by 35000

Effect: Swallow Soul, absorb the Soul of every player killed during PK to raise stats by 1%, and can stack infinitely. The effect disappears when player goes offline.

Effect; Can be evolved

Effect: No level restriction

Effect: Provide 4000 storage space

Effect: Binded


Swallow Soul still didn’t change, but its defence and stats increased by much. There were 20 thousand more health, and that was crucial. The storage space also increased to 4000 units. That was infinite, and I could buy enough potions for the family.

Wait! No, why did I say family?

Forget it, Starlight God Ring---

Starlight God Ring (Chaotic Grade)

Agility: +432

Strength: +435

Stamina: +430

Magic: +428

Effect: Critical Strike +3%

Effect: Lifesteal +9%

Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +85%

Effect: Star Ocean Strike, 40% chance when attacking to deal an additional 180% attack

Effect: Star Seal; every time you level, you can use a seal effect to inscribe the stats of any other equipment into the ring.

Skill: Demon Blade Swallow Heaven; after use, summon blade energy to deal huge damage in an area. Consume 100 special skill value, cooldown of 6 hours.

Bonus: raise user’s attack by 185%

Bonus: Raise user’s defense by 182%

Effect: Can grow

Required Level: 140


Along with its evolving, the required ring level increased to 140. This equipment was top-tier, and it leveled as the player got stronger, never to fall behind! I also noticed that after it reached Chaotic Grade, its attack-chasing effect changed too.

Before this, it had a 40% chance of triggering 150% attack damage; now, because 180% increased by 30%, which meant that the effect greatly increased. As Lin Xi said, Assassins relied on attack speed, and attack-chasing effects were the most important. Star Ocean Strike’s increase helped to make his attack much stronger.

I continued. I opened my bag, and a majestic pair of boots was in a corner. Lightning surged when I held it in my hands. Its stats appeared, and it was really strong--

Cloud Chasing Lightning (Chaotic Grade)

Type: Leather

Defence: 2350

Agility: +433

Strength: +430

Stamina: +435

Magic: +410

Effect: Avoidance +125

Effect: Windwalking, movement speed +85%

Effect: Toughness raise user’s health by 25000

Skill: Lightning Touch, consume 100 special skill value to step on lightning; lightning will attack the enemy units everywhere you go. Attack strength depends on your attack, lasts 120 seconds, and has a 12-hour cooldown.

Bonus: raise user’s attack by 185%

Bonus: Raise user’s attack by 182%

Introduction: Cloud Chasing Lightning, boots from an ancient heaven world. It is said that the boots bathed in moonlight essence of hundreds of years and went through all sorts of weather to have strong stats finally. If you wear it, you can fly into the heavens and go down into the ground; you can do anything.

Required level: 140


I looked closely at the skill and sucked in a deep breath. This skill was so strong, and it was different from the supportive effect of the Cloud Ladder Technique. This skill was not bad. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use Cloud Ladder Technique after this.

After hesitating, I switched it. What was there to think about using Chaotic Grade equipment? Its stats were strong!

“Pata,” I switched it on, and my stats grew. Along with three Chaotic Grade equipment, my combat strength finally broke through the legendary 100 thousand and reached a level of the gods--

July Wildfire (Shadow of the Exiled)

Level: 140

Attack: 14305-16810 (+1667%)

Defense: 13987 (+1642%)

Health: 237450

Critical Strike: 59.58%

Lifesteal: 34%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 222

Soul Star: 200

Dragon Region points: 228000

Combat Strength: 100850

Rank: Grade Five Dragonhorse General

Rank: Challenger


Apart from Seven Star Blade, Flame Ash Leggings, and Purple Change Ring, my equipment was all Chaotic Grade. I had 8 Chaotic Grade gear, and at the current state, when the top players had only 1-2, I was a destructive presence!

At the side, Shen Mingxuan smiled, “Congratulations, Ah Li, you have yet another Chaotic Grade equipment!”

“Not only one!”

I shared the evolved bracelet and ring with both of them and said, “In truth, in the last second, I got three more!”


Lin Xi was speechless, “Seems like you have to treat us to a meal.”


Shen Mingxuan smiled, “Right, today is the day. I haven’t booked supper; why not you treat us to Haidilao.”


I naturally wouldn’t be stingy with this money and smiled, “Mingxuan, you book a table.”

“No need, let’s just head over.”


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