Chapter 25 – You Are Not Professional

After hearing this, Shen Da was in seventh heaven, his guess had finally turned out to be true, although Yang Chen had the strength of the mere first qi layer, he still had an omniscient vision. He could easily see everyone’s cultivation bottleneck and furthermore also give directions about how to break through. Shangguan Feng had been this way, Wang Yuan was also the same and now it was finally his turn.

At first, he was somewhat suspicious of Yang Chen after he had discovered that Yang Chen had a highly retentive mind. But he had never raised this subject in front of other people. But now, after listening to Yang Chen’s words, even if others were to consider him stupid, he would always serve by Yang Chen’s side.

For a moment, the other three servants looked at Shen Da with an envious gaze. Shen Da had so easily received Yang Chen’s guidance, but they did not know when they could also receive this kind of opportunity

“Shen Da your accumulation of qi is already sufficient, you are merely not aware of the method to breakthrough.”

Yang Chen glimpsed at Ho Lin, Ting Yuan and Gu Qin and knew what they were thinking and said:

“You are all still lacking, try hard!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

These three people woke up to reality and simultaneously saluted Yang Chen.

After Yang Chen finished speaking, he didn’t dismiss them, but rather raised his hand and a ball of flame appeared again. The delicate flame on Yang Chen’s hand began to transform into a variety of forms, one moment it turned into a thin thread of fire, another moment it transformed into a ball of fire and then in another moment it yet again turned into a realistic animal, made up of fire. In Yang Chen’s hand, the flame seemed as if it had come alive.

When the four servants saw Yang Chen’s effortless control over the fire, they were immediately stupefied. Could flame also be used in this way as a toy? Especially Gu Qin who was cultivating the blazing palm and had a fire spirit root similar to Yang Chen, was staring so hard, that his eyeballs almost popped out.

So that’s why Yang Chen could refine the yang qi pill’s impurities so easily, this exceedingly great mastery over a high-level fire controlling skill, even if it was an inner disciple who had reached the foundation stage, it would still surpass them. All of the four servants felt this way, their admiration towards Yang Chen grew enormously.

“Sometimes, cultivation is not only for fighting.”

Yang Chen’s words timely echoed in the ears of the four servants.

“Think about some other paths to follow, it will broaden your horizon. Afterwards, when cultivating, don’t just stick to acquiring formidable magic power, control is also very important!”

Only when Yang Chen reached the Jindan Stage in his previous life did he realize this, of course in this life he would not repeat the same mistake. Only, in the ears of the four people listening, these words were like a morning bell which had awoken them to an all new world. Originally they cultivated with all their might in order to break through to the next realm and to be able to have valiant fighting strength, but now they discovered they had already diverged from the main road.

“Many thanks, Young Master for giving us directions!”

The four people wholeheartedly paid their respects to Yang Chen. This time, Yang Chen didn’t stop them and with a wave of his hand he instructed them to leave. Then he started assimilating the magic power surging within his body and began to refine it. Before going to the Nine Earth Manor, he should manufacture a few talismans.

Talismans require even higher-level material and even more formidable magic power to manufacture, the principle was the same as talisman papers, but a talisman had, at least, two to three times more power. Before, Yang Chen could not obtain the materials for the talisman so he had no other choice but to use talisman papers, but now he could consider making a talisman.

While Yang Chen was refining, within the Nine Earth Manor of the Pure Yang Palace at the Meiqing Mountain, the Merit Transferring Disciple on duty, Chu Heng, was angry at Ye Xiu Manor’s Manager Wang Yuan’s writ.

That preparatory disciple, Yang Chen, who had been recruited last year, that guy who was an executioner. Within the short period of just one and a half years he had managed to pass the boundary of the first qi layer and within several days, he would be sent to the Nine Earth Manor.

Chu Heng was a very prideful person and felt that if he personally dealt with an ordinary mortal using his status as a foundation stage disciple, he would lose all of his face. But because of the task entrusted to him by Greatest Heaven Sect’s Li Qing Chen, he had ordered Sun Hai Jing to intentionally make things difficult for Yang Chen at the time the sect was recruiting disciples, so that Yang Chen would not get any opportunity whatsoever, but after that, Du Qian unexpectedly appeared and Yang Chen used this chance to beat Sun Hai Jing, firmly smashing Chu Heng’s prestige.

Soon afterwards Chu Heng told everything to the two managers of the Ye Xiu Manor and asked them to create hindrances for Yang Chen, the rules determined by him were also properly implemented in the Ye Xiu Manor. But even with these circumstances, not only was Yang Chen still able to cultivate and reach the first qi layer, but he was also the first one to achieve this among the twenty disciples in the first year, this really made him furious.

Originally he believed that with the help of the two managers who were handling this affair and the rules he had already declared, which no one would dare to break, he would be able to handle Yang Chen, but now it seemed as if they didn’t have any effect. He did not know who the person who had helped Yang Chen was, but if ever he found out, he would make that person pay. However, right now he had to seriously think about the matter of dealing with Yang Chen.

Allowing Yang Chen to become an outer disciple would certainly mean that he was breaking his promise, and Chu Heng could not allow this kind of thing to occur. But Yang Chen had already reached the first qi layer and he could do nothing to block him. So right now, the only thing Chu Heng could do, was to go to Sun Hai Jing and inform him about this news.

“You have to prevent that Yang Chen from reaching the Nine Earth Manor!”

Chu Heng coldly placed his request and turned around to leave.

“You can use any method, I don’t care about it, but you cannot let anyone discover that you are the one breaking the sect’s rules, otherwise even I will not be able to save you. Of course, whatever you do, I know nothing of it, do you understand?”

Sun Hai Jing hastily nodded and respectfully replied:

“Yes, Master!”


A ray of light flew from Chu Heng’s hand directly towards Sun Hai Jing.

“This is a cultivation tool for you to refine, you should refine it as soon as possible, it will provide some extra assistance with your strength! Furthermore, take these spirit stones with you, as the payment!”

“Many thanks, Master!”

Sun Hai Jing rejoiced and once again loudly expressed his thanks, following the respectful behaviour a disciple had towards his master. Only after Chu Heng had completely disappeared did Sun Hai Jing lift his head, a malicious smile was spread across his face, in both of his eyes was a mysterious expression.

After ten days Yang Chen would leave the Ye Xiu Manor to go to the Nine Earth Manor. The Meiqing Mountain was very large, the distance between the Ye Xui Manor and the Nine Earth Manor would require a full five-day journey on foot for an ordinary person. Even if he was a first qi layer outer disciple, he hadn’t learned any flying or soaring technique beforehand, so he would need approximately three days time to complete the journey. This amount of time was enough for Sun Hai Jing to plan some mishaps.

The memory from one and a half years ago, when Yang Chen had beaten him unconscious in front of many fellow disciples, gave rise to a strong feeling of rage in Sun Hai Jing’s mind. If it were not for the other outer disciples and Yang Chen being at Ye Xiu Manor, Sun Hai Jing would have already taken Yang Chen’s life. But now, with Chu Heng’s support, Sun Hai Jing would absolutely not let Yang Chen live long enough to enter the Nine Earth Manor.

For the next ten days, Yang Chen didn’t train, but only made a few talismans. When he was preparing these talismans, others were not around, so naturally, nobody knew that, apart from fire spirit energy, he could also cultivate all other spirit energies.

These few high-grade talismans had been nourished by Yang Chen through the Universal Treasure Raising Secrets, compared to normal talismans they have quite a formidable power.

After seven days, Shen Da came out of his closed door training, a cheerful look was spread across his entire face and the expression in his eyes was also a lot brighter. He had finally crossed through to the fourth qi layer in one stroke with the help of Yang Chen’s directions and the impact of the three yang qi pills. A trace of envy rose in Ho Lin, Ting Yuan and Gu Qin when they saw the look in Shen Da’ s eyes, but at the same time a lot of expectations arose in their hearts. What Shen Da experienced today, they could experience tomorrow, the only condition was that they also received Yang Chen’s guidance like Shen Da.

On the ninth day, the whole of Ye Xiu Manor heard manager Wang Yuan’s long and excited howl. Together with the howl, Wang Yuan’s silhouette appeared in the sky and directly pounced towards the Profound Pavilion.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha!”

Similar to when Shangguan Feng had succeeded in building his foundation, Wang Yuan also arrived at the Profound Pavilion and burst out laughing:

“Younger Disciple Yang, your words from that time have allowed this senior disciple to finally attain the ninth qi layer!”

Yang Chen hurriedly appeared to welcome him, listening to Wang Yuan’s words, he repeatedly congratulated him.

“Again, this is thanks to Younger Disciple’s blessings!”

Wang Yuan gently laughed and cupped his hands to greet Yang Chen, soon afterwards he glanced at Shen Da who was standing behind Yang Chen.

He was quite surprised and only after examining him for a good moment did he nod towards Shen Da and said:

“Congratulations Shen Da, you are certainly hard working, you will go far!”

“This is all due to Young Master Yang’s guidance.”

Shen Da hastily replied. He was a servant, his status was quite different from a disciple. And so he did not dare to claim any credit for himself.

“Oh, Young Master Yang’s vision is surely like a beacon!”

Wang Yuan was not very surprised, apparently he had already guessed that Shangguan Feng’s success in building his foundation had something to do with Yang Chen.

“This all depended on Senior Disciple’s previous guidance, all I did was listen to Senior Disciple’s words and just repeated some of them, that’s all.”

Yang Chen said a few modest words and pushed the credit onto Wang Yuan.

After talking about these matters, Wang Yuan said:

“Younger Disciple Yang, early tomorrow morning, I will arrange for people to escort you to the Nine Earth Manor, unfortunately, this Senior Disciple is a manager so I don’t have the authority to leave without permission, otherwise I would personally escort you.”

“I don’t dare to trouble Senior Disciple!”

Yang Chen politely refused, then spoke again:

“Your little brother has a request! These few servants have been serving me without much trouble for more than a year, so I would like to bring them with me to the Nine Earth Manor, hopefully this does not inconvenience Senior Disciple?”

“What inconvenience? Just take them along with you!”

Wang Yuan did not consider this as any problematic affair. All official disciples could keep their own servants, whom they were accustomed to. However, he actually envied the luck of Shen Da and the other people.

Whether it was the Ye Xiu Manor or the Nine Earth Manor, both had servants, some of them even had a higher cultivation then the official disciples. These people were originally also disciples, but since their natural talent was lacking, their future prospects were limited and because of that they were forced to become servants, but all of them had been cultivating for a long time and many have reached the ninth qi layer or even the pinnacle of the qi realm.

Speaking of the official disciples, having a servant whose cultivation was higher than them both encouraged and provoked them to put more effort into training. This method was not something special, rather it was commonly used by almost all sects. On one hand it arranged for those defeated disciples with low comprehension to settle down, while at the same time it also provided an incentive for the new disciples, It was indeed killing two birds with one stone.

Since Yang Chen had asked for these four servants, when Wang Yuan sent them off on their way on the next morning, besides one servant, who was leading the way to the Nine Earth Manor, behind Yang Chen, the two male and two female servants followed.

The Meiqing Mountain was entirely under Pure Yang Palace’s control, the mountain range extended over a circumference of around a thousand miles. The Ye Xiu Manor was considered to be the region with the smallest amount of spiritual influence. The Nine Earth Manor was situated four hundred miles into the Meiqing Mountain and had far denser spiritual influence.

The servant leading the way did not talk much and kept his head down while walking. Among them, only Yang Chen was of the first qi layer so he was not able to fly or soar and could only walk, step by step, towards the Nine Earth Manor. However when he reached the second qi layer, he would be able to refine some flying talismans or possibly a paper crane or some other thing for transportation. At that time his speed would increase by a lot.

There were no problems during the first day, they had been walking with their full strength throughout the way, rushing as much as two hundred miles before stopping to meditate and circulate the qi within their bodies. They were only resting for one hour, before hastening on with their journey throughout the night.

In the night, the light from the sky was not very good since the starlight was almost insufficient. Fortunately, the leading servant was very familiar with the way, and the road to the Nine Earth Manor was only a straight path, so they were unlikely to lose their way.

Anyway, after walking for two hours, when the colour of the sky was faintly brightening, suddenly Yang Chen sensed something peculiar. It seemed as if the spirit power in the surroundings was slightly stronger than usual.

An average person would in no way take note of such a small difference, but Yang Chen raised his vigilance and at the same time he to gestured Shen Da and the others running behind him to be careful.

These four didn’t doubt him and immediately got ready, putting their hands on their weapons and began to alertly observe their surroundings. Apparently the servant walking ahead didn’t notice anything wrong and kept on walking as always. Although he did not turn around, he knew what was happening behind him and thought that Shen Da’s and other four’s vigilance was utterly ridiculous. This was Pure Yang Palace’s territory, who would dare to cause trouble here?

After walking ten more steps forward, suddenly something flashed before everyone’s eyes and all of them discovered that, although they were all still standing at the same place, the others had already disappeared without a trace.

Since they were already prepared, Shen Da and the others immediately took out their weapons, but there was not a soul in sight and they were not aware of the enemy’s location.

Yang Chen halted at his original position and didn’t move a step, he merely turned his head to look left and right, then, facing in some direction he started to talk:

“You have come for me, right?”

“For a mere outer disciple, you actually have very acute senses!”

Suddenly an erratic voice spread from the direction Yang Chen was facing.

“Someone has paid me ten spirit stones and allowed me to take all the items on your body in exchange for your life. Now, leave for the netherworld. You must not confuse me as your personal enemy!”

“Listening to you, it seems you are not a professional!”

Yang Chen suddenly sneered.

“These words are entirely wrong!”

“Oh? Then what would be the right words?”

The person hidden in the darkness didn’t immediately attack, but rather curiously asked Yang Chen:

“I have always thought that my words were not sufficiently formidable, maybe you can help me change it into something better.”

“A professional should speak like this:”

A smiling expression appeared on Yang Chen’s face. Advancing one step he started speaking:

“For every debt there is a debtor, you and I have no past grudges, nor recent hatred, you can only blame your employer and your own greed for committing this offence!”

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