Chapter 26 – Five Levels Difference Can Also Be Surpassed


Following Yang Chen’s words, an Inflammation Talisman suddenly exploded in front of him. This fire attributed talisman had the highest attack power among all of the talismans Yang Chen had made, and was also nourished by the Universal Treasure Raising Secrets. Although the sound wasn’t particularly loud, it directly impacted a circumference of ten meters around the explosion.

Suddenly, a human reflection flickered inside of the impact zone as it was engulfed by the formidable power of the Inflammation talisman and at the same time a frightened cry resounded, immediately followed by a blood-curdling scream. A person’s silhouette appeared to be writhing inside of the ocean of fire.

“Impossible, how could you find me?”

A terrified voice came from within the ocean of fire. The voice was full of pain, apparently he was seriously injured by Yang Chen’s Inflammation Talisman.

“Because this rotten illusion of yours can only disturb my senses a little and has absolutely no effect on my mind!”

Yang Chen coldly smiled. Suddenly Yang Chen turned around and swung his fist. The shadow of a person that sneakily appeared behind his body was suddenly hit with his fist and it flipped over in the air for a few times, as if it was sitting on a roller coaster, and fell onto the ground. Then suddenly it just disappeared, seemingly melting into the background.

After this strike, the silhouette within the ocean of flame also disappeared and together with it, the blood-curdling scream. Apart from the sound of combustion of the blaze, left behind by the explosion of the Inflammation Talisman, nothing could be heard.

Yang Chen didn’t grow overconfident, as his fist couldn’t kill the other party. The other party was at least still capable of fleeing under his repeated punches, but the enemy had already made it clear that his strength was a lot higher then Shen Da and the others, having a strength of around the sixth qi layer.

“Not coming out?”

Yang Chen surveyed everything around him and then suddenly asked this.

“If you are not coming out, then I am going!”


The fleeting voice of the hidden person was heard once again, but due to the fuzzy noise, Yang Chen was unable to determine the location of the person.

“Humph, why don’t you try to walk away in front of me?”

Without paying any attention to the other party’s scornful remarks, Yang Chen started walking forward with large strides. Along with Yang Chen’s large strides, the scenery kept changing incessantly. At this very moment, the enemy had discovered that Yang Chen had not been affected by the illusions previously, so he unleashed all of his might into the illusionary spell.

However, this was a real illusionary spell, not like the illusionary talisman used by Ho Lin. Its power was truly incomparable with the one Ho Lin used. But with Yang Chen’s strong willed spiritual awareness, he was still able to stop the illusion from affecting him. Therefore, the last two attacks had basically no effect, but the enemy had used the spell to suit his needs, so he could use illusionary copies of himself in those last two mirages and escape.

This time, an inferno of fire appeared before Yang Chen’s eyes. The fire inferno’s surroundings were incomparably bright. Within the inferno, the enemy was waiting for his chance to kill him.

Facing the sea of fire, Yang Chen sneered loudly and kept on moving forward, stepping into the raging blazes. With a bang sound, the violent blazes, together with a scorching wave of air moved towards Yang Chen, engulfing everything in its way.

This attack was not an illusion, rather an absolutely genuinely produced attack within the fantasy land. But from Yang Chen’s perspective, flames could be seen everywhere, when suddenly a white light flashed, accompanied by a long and loud laugh. A white colored fog completely surrounded Yang Chen.

Yang Chen had promptly unleashed his Frost Talisman. The water attributed Frost Talisman emitted a cold air which was rapidly extinguished the fire. It froze all of the surrounding blazes without any decrease in magic power and covered the ground with hoarfrost.

Within the hoarfrost, a figure flashed with dazzling rays and Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness immediately locked onto the former. The enemy’s image faded away in a moment, without any traces, but Yang Chen’s hand also was not slow. He immediately took out the Thousand Jin Talisman and it covered the entire region straightaway.

With its earth attributed magic power, a Thousand Jin Talisman was very easy to make, but Yang Chen’s Thousand Jin Talisman was not an ordinary one. Originally the enemy was concealed within the illusions and so wanted to use his martial techniques rapidly, together with the illusions, to hide and at the same time attack Yang Chen, but after Yang Chen used the Thousand Jin Talisman on this large area, his speed immediately dropped.

In a split second, the enemy used his own magic power to break free from the influence of the Thousand Jin Talisman. But this was already enough for Yang Chen to lock his spiritual awareness on him.


Finally the enemy came up with a killer move. A yellow colored light appeared within the range of Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness. It was rapidly flying towards Yang Chen at a high speed, without making even the least bit of noise. Looking at it, it only seemed to be a yellow-colored light.


The yellow colored light directly knocked against Yang Chen’s body. The outline of an armor faintly appeared on his body. The yellow colored light was unable to penetrate and returned without having achieved anything.

“A Shell Talisman?”

The hidden enemy clenched his teeth and asked:

“You are just a first qi layer disciple, how come you have so many talismans?”

He had thought that a first qi layer disciple together with five third qi layer servants would have no way of fleeing, as long as they were to enter his illusionary spell. Now those third qi layer servants were all trapped very well within the illusionary spell, but this master whom he had believed to be the easiest one to dispose of, had put him in such a difficult position and even his talisman tool had been of no use.

The yellow colored light within his hand was actually a high grade symbol sword which he had incidentally purchased in an auction. Its attack speed was very quick, but the attack power was comparatively not that great. But this was already the most powerful tool he had for disposing of someone, but it failed by a mere slight resistance from Yang Chen’s Shell Talisman.

What sort of Shell Talisman could be so difficult to deal with? This symbol sword was made by a person who was at the pinnacle of the qi realm, but it was surprisingly defeated by a Shell Talisman made by Yang Chen, a first qi layer disciple. To him this was simply the biggest mystery under the sky.

Astonished, at the same time, the killer also started fearing him. Someone who had such a formidable Shell Talisman couldn’t possibly be an ordinary person, the only thing that could explain this kind of event was that this youngster had the favor of some great person. If he had known that this trip would be so dangerous, he would not have accepted such a small amount of spirit stones.

Although this Shell Talisman was difficult to deal with, it was not Yang Chen’s own power and after it’s magic power was exhausted, this Shell Talisman would be worthless. But the talisman tool was different, when using it, he could supply it with his own magic power, so the killer was completely convinced that he could supply his own tool until Yang Chen’s Shell Talisman ran out of magic power.

The killer had a good plan, but he hadn’t anticipated that Yang Chen had already locked his spiritual awareness onto his position. After blocking the symbol sword, Yang Chen had taken out the Five Golden Blades Talisman. Raising his hand, five golden-colored rays flew out like a sword towards the killer’s position.

The killer hadn’t anticipated that Yang Chen still had this kind of attack left and he was excessively surprised, but he knew that he had to evade it. The Five Golden Blade Talisman’s attack was similar to a sword. If it were to hit, that would be no small matter. The killer had already experienced Yang Chen’s attacks many times and had discovered that the talismans in Yang Chen’s hand were enormously formidable, thus, he dared not receive it and hurriedly tried to evade.

However Yang Chen’s Five Direction Golden Blades were extremely well coordinated, they had actually sealed him from the left and right and there was a mountain wall behind him. Stuck in the middle, the killer could only go towards Yang Chen and quickly take care of him. But the killer hadn’t thought about why Yang Chen used the Five Blades Golden Talisman precisely at this position.

Yang Chen was waiting just for this moment, so that he could take advantage of the killer’s forward momentum. He also moved forward and a heaven-splitting killing intent erupted from Yang Chen and struck the killer who was rushing over.

Even if he was a killer, the killing intent emitted by Yang Chen could even greatly startle a departed spirit. At this moment, it seemed as if he was facing a death god from the eighteenth level of hell, during this time, even his limbs stopped complying with his wishes.

At this moment, even if Yang Chen would just walk towards the killer and use some simple skill, it would already be sufficient to kill him. While rushing forward, Yang Chen fished out his Executioner’s Blade from his Achievement Ring and after nearing the killer, he simply waved it towards the killer’s head.

The Executioner’s Blade streaked across the killer’s neck without any resistance. Even though the killer was already at the sixth qi layer and even though he didn’t forget to protect his body with magic power for even a single moment, after Yang Chen had painstakingly carved a few Golden Blade Talismans on the knife and it had become a talisman tool, these measures had become completely useless.


Bright blood spurted out from the cavity formed from severing the head. But, Yang Chen had already moved towards the side, so not even a single drop fell onto him. From slashing the knife, withdrawing the knife and moving out of the way, all of it happened within the blink of an eye, and the majestic sixth qi layer assassin had his body and head separated.

Although the killer had died, the illusionary spell still hadn’t disappeared yet and Yang Chen was as before still inside of it. Standing at his the original position, Yang Chen carefully swept his gaze around his surroundings. After determining the position of the illusionary talisman, he walked towards it and started his work.

Although this illusionary talisman had quite a good effect, in Yang Chen’s eyes it was not all that great. Using his Great Principal Golden Immortal’s foresight, he quickly discovered the core of the spell.

This time he used his reverse five phases of Yin and Yang secrets with the five phases restraining each other, and began to sap away the spell’s magic power from the core.

The reverse five phases of Yin and Yang secrets, the five Yin phases, and the five Yang phases were like two huge millstones, whose spirit power was grinding away the magical power of the spell little by little. Even though Yang Chen only had the strength of the first qi layer, but with some casual effort, he could easily sap away the magic power of the spell formation.

After the magic power was lost, the spell also lost its effect and the scene before his eyes changed once again, now resembling the familiar mountain road. As the servant who was leading the way appeared together with Shen Da, Gu Qin, Ho Lin and Ting Yuan, all of them were standing at the same place with a blank expression and in an alert posture, ready to fight.

Everyone suddenly saw Yang Chen’s silhouette and that corpse without its head and all five of them immediately had a fright. Shen Da and the three others sucked in a deep breath, while the servant who was leading the way looked at Yang Chen as if he was looking at a monster. The circumstances before their eyes explained everything, with a glance they could discern that someone had been sent to kill Yang Chen and them, but that killer had already died under Yang Chen’s hands and at the same time he had also gotten rid of the illusionary spell.

The assassin’s qiankun pouch was still around his waist. Yang Chen gazed at the five people and leisurely untied it and opened it to check its contents. After taking a few jade slips and several spirit stones, he threw the pouch to the servant who was standing closest to him, Ho Lin.

Ho Lin was amazed by receiving the qiankun pouch and still hadn’t clearly understood what was going on. But Yang Chen already held those several jade slips and used his spiritual awareness to examine them. After checking them out, he handed them over to Ho Lin:

“This is the method and the knowledge about the illusionary spell that guy used, it will help you a little, take it! Inside the qiankun pouch, there is also some information about a few well-known spells, you can take care of it. As for the rest, you four can divide it among yourselves!”

That servant who was leading the way was once again stunned and was filled with an incomparable envy when looking at Yang Chen smilingly throw the qiankun pouch of a sixth qi layer master to his own servants as if there was nothing inside of it. His heart was filled with incomparably huge waves of jealousy.

As for the assassin’s identity, the servant indistinctly recognized him from a mark on his dead body, he was a rogue cultivator from the vicinity of the Meiqing Mountain, he also had some previous dealings with the people from the Pure Yang Palace. He had the strength of a cultivator at the sixth qi layer, this was something that even the servant was aware of, even that he had obtained a top notch talisman tool a few years ago, which he did not reveal to others easily.

Thinking about this, he noticed that the talisman tool should still be in the qiankun pouch which Yang Chen had given away without even batting an eye. The belongings of a sixth qi layer expert, divided among servants. This generosity made the servant even more regretful.

Just when he was envying them, Yang Chen walked to him and handed him some of the spirit stones he had taken out from the qiankun pouch.

“This is a minor tribute for your hard work.”

The servant hastily took it, in fear and trepidation, then he suddenly felt baffled. How could he have this kind of a sensation when facing a first qi layer outer disciple, as if there was an absolute respect for Yang Chen in his heart. Could it be because he killed that sixth qi layer assassin? Or because he treated his servants so generously?

This time they stopped for over three hours due to the delay and the color of the sky had already turned bright and clear. Everyone hastily took care of the assassin’s body and after resting for some time, they quickly continued their journey again.

On top of Nine Earth Manor’s gate, Sun Hai Jing was gazing in the direction of the mountain, at the road that connected the Ye Xiu Manor to here. Roughly calculating the time when Yang Chen had set off from the Ye Xiu Manor, he should be arriving here now, but there was not a single person to be seen on the road.

After two more hours passed and there was still no sound of activity on the road, Sun Hai Jing could not help but rejoice in his heart. This much time had passed already and Yang Chen had still not arrived, surely he had already been taken care of. Ten spirit stones had to be paid for that annoying person’s life, but this transaction was really worth it.

Even though he was happy in his heart, an anxious appearance was on Sun Hai Jing’s face. He was still incessantly mumbling to himself:

“How has he still not come? How has he still not come?”

Occasionally when someone passed and heard his muttering, they truly believed that he was worried about the new younger disciple and was getting impatient.

After a long time had passed, Sun Hai Jing was exceedingly delighted in his heart, many people had already seen his deeply ‘worried and sick at heart’ expression for his younger disciple, this was already sufficient. Just when he thought that it was enough and he stood up to go down, at the edge of the mountain road, suddenly a figure appeared. That was precisely the person whom he couldn’t forget even if he died and his bones turned to dust, Yang Chen.

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