Chapter 3 – Who Dares Not to Behead

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People are still talking about the new wonderful executioner. Yang Chen’s body felt warmed up, Yi Lao Mo methods were right, up to now picking that path has not been a mistake. The only problem is he doesn’t exactly know how it works.

Back at his house, Yang Chen took out a multicolored stone. Even when other people see it, they wouldn’t be able to point out what it was. Only Yang Chen knows, the colored stone is used for testing a disciple’s spiritual roots. Since his innate talent in terms of spiritual roots is non-existent, he could only try to improve it.

Holding with both hands, the colored stone has almost no change. However looking more carefully, there is a hint of red light. This means that after what happened a while ago did cause some minor changes. After all, he only killed one person, to want a significant change in spiritual roots immediately is child’s play. At least, it somehow proves the method works.

Yang Chen having tens of thousands of experience, he found that the method did not in any way caused harm to the body, nor was there any hidden things happening. In other words, for the time being, not much questions should be asked just yet. The thing is, this method doesn’t increase magic power, nor does it temper the spirit. Even if practiced by a normal person. it is not considered a taboo in the heaven’s eyes. This provides a lot of opportunities such as entering the XianTai.

Starting the second half of the year, bandits were hanging around. The court of the area has decided to put an order to catch the bandits and be executed. It has never been tougher, daily a lot of bandits are caught. Initially, it was 10 , then it became 20, a few days later it eventually became 90 people being arrested.

In the county, aside from the old executioner who left due to “sickness”, currently Yang Chen is the only executioner. Daily, Yang Chen is responsible to scoring dozens of skulls. At first people were very interested in viewing the executions, after a while however, people started getting used to it.

“Injustice has a head, debt has a master, you and me before used to have no complaints, in the past there were no hatred, orders to execute, you committed crime!” Every time Yang Chen is about to execute someone, he says these words. Only a few days have passed, Yang Chen has already been unusually familiar.

Kacha, Yang Chen brandished a knife and cut off a head. Blood spewing out directly from the neck with no head, Yang Chen did not get a drop of it on him. This is a result of carefully training with hundreds of heads, which led him to cut with no trace of blood on the tip.

Shh. Yang Chen breaths, his body seemed to contain the essence of life. Having operated this method for a hundred times, at once the refined gas quickly entered his body spreading to the center and four limbs. Yang Chen spiritual root changes.

Without the slightest hesitation, Yang Chen being skilled, swiftly went to the next prisoner. A breath, in line the second was beheaded, followed by the third, then the fourth…

About 45 bandits have been beheaded, Yang Chan Killed the last body with power. Carefully feeling the body’s changes, Yang Chen shook his head slightly. The essence of mortal life, absorbing it, perhaps killing 100,000 will show significant effects.

To Yang Chen it is not significant, to others it might but that is another matter. The reason may be that when Yang Chen kills a man, there is a heavy scent of blood. The other reason is his ferocious eyes, when he looks over, people look away and tilt their heads.

Walking on the street, the residents are afraid of looking at his eyes, lest be shunned. Yang Chen in the bustling city immediately turns out of sight. This saves him a lot of trouble, at least no one dares to actually look for him. N one dares to say inappropriate words about him.

Morning is rest, afternoon is for beheading, while at the afternoon he practices. After a month, Yang Chen has absorbed the essence of life on the death row. Although it did not achieve what he really wanted, it still gave benefits to flesh of the body, which improved his fighting techniques to a level higher.

Today, Yang Chen’s execution has been completed, walking on his way home, the sky was red. It is a very strange day, just at the after noon, there was already a sunset, which filled the sky with a blood red color.

Seeing this scene, Yang Chen had a smile on his face. He was waiting for such a long time just for this day. A sky full of blood, when Yang Chen was a celestial in his past life, this corresponded to the heavenly court upheaval.

After dinner, Yang Chen fell asleep early. Strange to say, no matter what people were doing at night, they all slept early. Everywhere, even not on bed, people felt the need to sleep and enter a dream state.

“Yang Chen, you’re the executioner?” Yang Chen heard a loud voice.

“It is, my lord!” Hearing this question, Yang Chen hurriedly climbed from his bed, answering toward the void. Yang Chen found out that he was no longer in the middle of the room.

“As long as they are in the death row, you behead them? All beheaded?” Once again another question is heard.

“As long as they are in the death row, I would dare to cut, behead!” Yang Chen proudly replied without hesitation.

“Come with me!” The owner of the voice did not appear, just said the command: “On the execution ground, beheaded prisoners!” The sound, filled with a stream of insubordination, domineering that people found impossible to refuse.

“Yes, my lord!” Yang Chen thought about it, then appeared in front of the road and went up. Soon around the execution ground a lot of people appeared.

I don’t know when, Yang Chen’s attire has been changed to that of an executioners. A soldier whose face can’t be seen held a blood-red knife giving it to Yang Chen. Yang Chen reached out and grabbed the knife, with habit ran his fingers along the the blade. Before beheading, he checked if the blade was sharp enough.

“Little brother, excuse me!” Trying the sharpness of the blade on the belt, a pleasing sound came.

Yang Chen turned, only to discover a big fat man, with one hand holding on to his belt, the man hands out 12 gold ingots.

“Little brother, can your line be convenient?” The fat man shows a smile, reaching out to the falling belt looking at Yang Chen. “Other people have already bribed, if only little brother can let off my son. Do not take his life but only his his skin, in which other people can’t see, then after this I’ll be very thankful.

“I’m just the executioner, responsible for the punishment, for the rest that’s not my problem!” Yang Chen face was flat, pushing the fat man away strode to the scene.

“Boy, the hard way, I can talk to the court officials and you will face the consequences!” The fat man refused Yang Chen, face became savage and shouted.

“You’re the same as a lord, what does the execution have to do with me?” Yang Chen holding his sword quietly waited for the execution orders.

This is how it is, Yang Chen has to carry out the big rows of execution. Yang CHen can’t see how many people were there. With such a scene, people were shocked, so many heads had to be cut?

Thump, three drums sounds, which was a legitimate order to Yang Chen to cut. Soon after a life was lost.

“Injustice has a head, debt has a master, you and me before used to have no complaints, in the past there were no hatred, orders to execute, you committed crime!” Yang Chen habitually said the words. Later another prisoner was grabbed, after a shout, the ghost knife was lifted high, then cut downwards. The head rolled out, slowly parting from the body, blood sprayed non-stop.

Having done all this, Yang Chen did not absorb the life essence like he usually does, holding the knife in place, waiting for disposal.

“19,372 executioners, 3,843 people beheaded.” In the empty sky, a voice rang out seemingly reporting.

Suddenly the smoke clears, Yang Chen looking around, all the beheaded prisoners have disappeared. Just in front was an enchanting beauty that was tied up, kneeling down she was like a faultless jade. With a lovely voice, face glowing, she had unbounded grace.

The beauty on her knees, Yang Chen and several other people dressed like executioners stoos, seemingly waiting for an execution.

“Behead!” Another shout went to the executioner. The executioner went forward, wanting to perform the execution. The beauty opened her mouth, “ I, a servant is innocent, hoping the general would have pity.”

The executioner sees the beauty, feeling pity, coupled with her prettiness, she was crying to the man. With the flesh and bones of the executioner, he looked and couldn’t move.

The supervisor got angry, another executioner was called with a shout: “You, cut!” Life flashed again on the executioner’s eyes, facing the kneeling body. The executioner stood forward. but hearing the loud whisper of the beauty, as if hitting his soul, he can no longer move. For a dozen people this happened, the supervisor was furious, finally Yang Chen was called: “You, cut!”

Yang Chen came up and stopped in front of the woman. The beauty looked up, revealing a disastrous face, “Eye on justice!” Just a whisper, suddenly the limbs and bones go numb, no matter how hard a steel is smelt, it still will bend to a finger.

UNfortunately, Yang Chen was like a stone, looked at the delicate beauty, with a shout: “Injustice has a head, debt has a master, you and me before used to have no complaints, in the past there were no hatred, orders to execute, you committed crime!”

Having said that, no matter how heartbroken the beauty crying on her knees, the broadsword was raised high. Kacha, the pleading woman suddenly disappeared, the beauty suddenly flew away, there was no way the execution can be carried out.

“Good!” Yang Chen was about to swing the sword hears a loud applause. He looked straight ahead, in his heart there was a cold smile.

“3,843 people, only 115 were beheaded.” Another voice from the void said the report.

“Yang Chen, come here!” Someone behind cried, Yang Chen went. The other executioners who failed to kill the woman didn’t seem to care, standing on their place.

Soon, he arrived to the execution grounds, Yang Chen was the only executioner. There were convicts and the was a middle-aged man wearing fine clothing with disheveled hair. Strange thing was there was nothing binding him, there was also no supervisor looking around. Standing still, not anger or power, giving a cold look to Yang Chen.

The man who led him in a place he had no idea where. Yang Chen was only facing the middle-aged man, not saying anything and stood quietly.

“Yang Chen, behead!” A familiar voice rang out as a body falls in front of Yang Chen.

Yang Chen, apart from anything else walked towards the man. His eyes going wide, eyes showing a burst of tyranny directed at Yang Chen. “I am the rightful emperor, 95 supreme, you dare to be rude?”

Words gets out, there was a deafening sound on the stone. Timid man, the voice was loud and unconsciously knelt down.

Boom, regardless Yang Chen kicked up. Being a golden immortal, who cares if the man was an emperor in earth? Kicking the middle-aged man, setting his foot on top, then wielded the bloody red sword.

“Injustice has a head, debt has a master, you and me before used to have no complaints, in the past there were no hatred, orders to execute, you committed crime!” Yang Chen as usual said those words cutting down with the sword. The head of the man who claimed to be an emperor rolled away.

Ding, something dropped from the body of the emperor. A small white jade, which looked like a rare thing.

Yang Chen looked around, there was no one, he laughed in his heart and grabbed it. He then stood quietly waiting for the next command.

“Beheaded only two people, a man looked straight ahead, one person took the pendant.” The voice in the void which Yang Chen heard, saying the final statistics.

“Good! Yang Chen in the heavens, we are lacking executioners like you for the XianTai. Are you willing?” The man still not showing himself, now has appeared in front of Yang Cheng. Kindly asking giving a white ring, slowly handing it over.

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