Chapter 4 – I am the Executioner

“As my lord commanded” Yang Chen with a little bow took the ring. With the signal, he slowly wore it on his fingers.

The ring on Yang Chen’s finger gave out a soft light, his body shrouded. It then disappeared only leaving a tattoo like mark on his fingers.

“That is the pledge to XianTai, by that token, you can enter XianTai and behead immortals!” The supervisor finished with a deadpan command to Yang Chen, “Beheading within the XianTai, aside from you, in every case you are to answer the call!”

Yang Chen turned away, only to find himself in the road, there was a gateway to a magnificent building. The gatehouse is luxurious in mortal standards, thick pillars, there were to dragons roaring towards the sky. On the center there were three red characters. “Zhan Xian Tai”(Behead XianTai), under closer scrutiny, you would find out those three characters were paved with living flesh that still was squirming. Under the gatehouse, there were four fully suited guards protecting the portal.

“Stand, who dares enter the XianTai?” Yang Chen approached and suddenly someone shouted.

Yang Chen stretched his hands showing the ring on the finger. Oddly enough, it became extremely visible which the men saw. After seeing it the four of them gave way for Yang Chen.

Entering the gate, there was misty white light, which made it impossible to see anything. Yang Chen puts his hands forward, but he doesn’t feel anything. For a while he took big strides toward the white light. The white light didn’t prevent from entering.

After this happened, the four guards finally were at ease. One of them turned and said asking, “My lord, his hands and feet are not clean, he steals from the dead, how can we pick him?”

The supervisor and the four men looked at the light for a moment, then he said: “Beheading in the XianTai, he is right for it. Aside from one other person, he can’t be fazed. He cut a beautiful person, kicked a ninth supreme emperor down and beheaded him. Other people were not willing to cut the beautiful woman, nor have the guts to cut in the XianTai, there was no one more appropriate than him. It’s better to take from the dead, rather than a living person.”

“Besides, to enter the XianTai, in addition to eating and drinking, also beheading immortal with a blade, only small advantages is gained from immortal flesh.” The supervisor looked at the man on one side: “You think, he is an ordinary person, beheading a lot of immortals gives him opportunities? How is it not an opportunity for himself?”

The several gatekeepers suddenly realized, after a barrage of tests, all those are only to find a suitable candidate. The guts are not only suppose to be outstanding, but also have a weakness, all this conditions on only one person. It is seldom do get a candidate as such, extremely suitable which is wonderful.

Yang Chen one foot in the white light, as if suddenly going across the world, before his eyes was a broad execution ground.

To tell the truth, even in the past, Yang Chen had no chance in witnessing the XianTai, as the name implies, it is where immortals are beheaded. He was never a murderer, nor was he a prisoner, naturally he didn’t get to see his before.

Straight ahead was a golden knife, with two tangled dragons facing upwards opening their mouths. Placed on the two mouths was an exceptional blood red sword. Yang Chen after entering briefly, looking around was immediately attracted to the long sword.

Yang Chen examined the blade, the sword slightly gave a light. The expanse of the blade giving off the feeling of demons, emphasizing the usefulness of it when decapitating heads. The black handle of it seemed like sharp teeth, revealing a sinister scent, as if once holding it will make one a ferocious beast.

Stepping forward, Yang Chen grabbed the black hilt. As he held it, the will to kill appeared on his head, like an avalanche covering Yang Chen’s mind. Mixed with countless wail of ghosts, as if millions died unjustly to this blade, anger of the souls can be felt. (TL: This line gave me a hard time because the author used complicated words and idioms. I tried my best to simplify it.)

“Alive, I am not afraid, what more if they’re already dead?” Yang Chen regardless of the experience sneered. The raging idea to kill flowed in Yang Chen’s mind, like hitting a dam, the great waves failed to pass..

The blade was astonished, once again another vicious idea came over: “Obey me, I shall let you behead countless immortals! Even the Golden Immortal in front, you can intimidate and kill!”

One cannot deny, this is one terrible knife, to kill immortals, to face immortals, it is naturally hard to suppress. Yang Chen felt a chill from head to toe, he unconsciously trembled. Facing the Zhan Xian blade, it is normal to have this reaction.

However Yang Chen previously was a Golden Immortal, momentarily in a trance, immediately gained a clear mind. He showed determination to contend against the blade.

Who knew that beheading in the XianTai was a scene to behold, Yang Chen couldn’t believe he experienced this as a mortal, what’s more he is now in trouble..

The knife has its own will, needless to say, when a mortal comes in, there is only one result; To be under the control of the blade and be its beheading slave.

“Obey me!” Imposing a fierce will once again, Yang Chen unable to withstand it fell on his knees to the ground. Confronting such a pressure, Yang Chen spared no effort to suppress himself.

With unwillingness, the past memories of timidness reappeared in Yang Chen’s mind, he uttered a cry from his heart: “I won’t give in!”

His lovable master dying reappeared, Yang Chen gave a sad smile, momentarily changed to the scene of the Mingguan blade which represented happiness

“You’re just a blade, I’m the executioner!” Yang Chen finally shouted, with his body stood up again.

Boom, all the spiritual vigor entered Yang Chen’s body, absorbing everything. His mind suffering, the only thing Yang Chen remembered is the sentence he just shouted, I am the executioner!

Yang Chen’s body became the new battle ground. the situation now has completely changed from before, if previously the blade tried to influence Yang Chen’s will, due to the blades pride, now completely entered the body of Yang Chen.

“Obey me!”


“I shall carry you for beheading!”


No matter the intimidation, Yang Chen was guarding one thing in his heart, I am the executioner! This sentence determines who the master is, even if the blade tries varieties of methods, the heart is Yang Chen’s source at wit’s end.

Finally, the blade’s will weakens, Yang Chen guarded his mind at this situation, the murderous spirit started to conform in his body.

As the melting of murderous spirits began, there is no stopping it, the whole process is an unstoppable force, soon the murderous will of the blade will melt itself to the center of the body.

“I am the executioner!” Yang Chen’s eyes lit up, gradually he stood up, with great resolve he spoke. The blade slowly becoming obedient in his hands, inseparable from each other. Picking up the reddish sword, Yang Chen narrowed his eyes, saying a sentence: “You are merely an executioner’s blade, nothing more.”

After the series of events, Yang Chen had no idea of the killing intent integrating within him. Holding the terrible blade, under the great sky killing intent emerged. The whole body shrouded by a layer of red, between the time the eye opens and closes,there was killing intent so great that one will feel chill throughout the body.

“This is?” Seeing the body emitting a vague red glow, Yang Chen jumps. During Yi Lao Mo’s time, Yi Lao Mo massacred excessively, the whole body was enveloped with red light. Although Yang Chen merely gave out a vague glow, it is still apparent that it’s like Yi Lao Mo, murderous intent overflowing, one can see the exceptional vicious magic.

“Fortunately I am ready!” Yang Chen smiled and didn’t care much. Carrying the blade, he went to the front. On the high platform is where immortals are punished.

Yang Chen didn’t go directly to the platform, but went to the side to look. The XianTai layout is simple, there’s a kitchen wherein Yang Chen can eat and drink. There is also a room where Yang Chen can sleep and rest. Furthermore, there is a designated place to bathe and shower.

Food and water has already been set up over there, the room also had seamless heaven clothes, the executioner type to avoid dirt and liquid already provided. Everything he needs can be found here.

A large execution ground, naturally had an area where the prisoner is tied up, currently not a soul was in sight. Only now it came to Yang Chen, that in this place he will be beheading immortals.

Drinking, eating, bathing, dressing, Yang Chen went on to do all those. Then holding the blade on XianTai, he sat and began to study the ring on his hand.

After entering XianTai, the ring was on its original shape. Yang Chen in his past life possessed a ring like this, the heavens had a lot of things such as these, as well as other good rings. This one however is different, it is only given to a mortal.

Who would have thought, Yang Chen’s previous life, will simply not happen again.

Boom, boom, boom, three claps of thunder, under the XianTai suddenly a dense mass of people appeared. With Yang Chen’s rough calculation, there were hundreds of people, and it is constantly increasing.

Watching it all, Yang Chen doesn’t move and quietly sat on the platform resting. So many people appeared in XianTai, suddenly the blade within his body started making an uproar.

“Kill him! Kill him!”

Suddenly the calm blade within Yang Chen, once again went on a frenzy. The thirst for killing a living being, to cut flesh, Yang Chen nearly was unable to suppress his mind.

Yang Chen then firmly remembered, he is the executioner, the blade seemed to be melting too fast which was odd. Sure enough, the immortal to be punished appeared.

If Yang Chen just recently came in contact with the blade, it is hard to say if the blade will take this opportunity to once again influence Yang Chen. However Yang Chen forcefully endured it, sitting up motionlessly, the blade can only jump and let out a terrible force.

In fact, this will, was not only of the blade, but the whole Zhan XianTai. The blade was only part of the XianTai. Ever since, the XianTai has been punishing immortals, nothing can resist. Unfortunately the one allowed to control this is only a mortal, nonetheless, it is Yang Chen.

This early, naturally it is difficult to control XianTai. Yang CHen clung to one thing in his mind, I am the executioner! No matter the strong pressure, it is unable to control Yang Chen.

Clutching the blade in hand, beheading under the influence of the XianTai, the blade trembled endlessly. As if wanting to jump out Yang Chen’s clutches, taking the initiative to behead the immortal. Yang Chen however firmly held on the blade, not letting it have the opportunity,

Finally, Zhan XianTai struggled once again which ended in failure. The trembling blade calmed down, Yang Chen was not the type of person just killing at random, it had no choice but recognize Yang Chen as the executioner.

“You have to remember, you’re merely the Zhan XianTai, only a knife, nothing more.” Yang Chen let out his confidence: “I am the executioner, here I am the master, only I decide who to kill, and when to kill!”

Zhan XianTai no longer struggled, accepted Yang Chen with obedience. The whole Zhan XianTai seemed to come alive, completely under the control of Yang Chen.

“Good, I am the executioner!” Feeling the resignation, Yang Chen holding the blade stood up.

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