The peach in the hand of south immortal was actually comparable to the best peach of the western queen Xia Wangmu.

Good stuff!! hearing sika deer’s words,Yang chen almost drooled.

” You would rather eat that peach in spiritual world than to give it up, truly petty ! ” a disdainful voice came through the side. In fact it was Sika Deer’s inseparable shadow Red Crown Crane, present equivalently at the side of South pole Immortal. Sika Deer started to ridicule as soon as it opened it’s mouth “ I already ate the peach, it’s seed still remains in the mortal world. Don’t know if it blossomed into fruit yet.”

Yang Chen also didn’t say anything after hearing the condemning words of two chaps. All the benefits would be his after all, because of the words of these two chaps present right next to the death’s door.

“That peach…..it should grow only in the mortal world.”

After saying this sentence, he requested “ Go take a look a if you have the opportunity. Now, behead us both in one chop!! ”


“Woof..” the heavenly dog loudly roared and then instantly started talking in the human speech ”In my world, there is a drop of blood essence. If there is a beast capable of fusing with it, then it might be able to stimulate ancient beast’s blood vessels. The blood essence is located at……”.

“There exists a divine ability of a sect equivalent to my demon race’s accomplished methods. , When compared to the Royal Beast Sect, it is hundred times better. Only it has harsh requirements. Well, depends on whether you have good luck or not!” said Green Black Bull in the human speech similarly .


Now these demon gods and those previous twenty eight different constellations , they are all imperial court’s well known upper immortal’s mounts or house pets. They didn’t transform into human shapes and would always maintain this form. Nevertheless the strength of these demon gods is exceptionally strong , unlike those who directly become deity by mistake and they might even surpass them.

At the time of beheading, Yang Chen is too busy to care for others. But after someone kill severals without care, all his moral standards are thrown away. One terrifyingly great jump on dozens of demon gods allowed Yang Chen to directly raise ten thousands of merits .

Imperial court’s second largest rebellion was ongoing. Many survived entirely by luck. Against the older deities, all the younger deities are barely able to engage and catch them to take as prisoners. However for Yang Chen, this turned out to be quite convenient.

At this moment, a dense concentrated layer of blood light was on Yang Chen’s body. It seemed as if a cloud of blood surrounded Yang Chen when seen from far away. This kind of sight when seen by someone randomly during cultivation, his first reaction would be that Yang Chen is absolutely an extremely evil demon. And also, he is someone who had either cultivated some accomplished method or some mortal’s magic power.


Yang Chen immediately stopped persuading so that he can behead demon deities rapidly. A frightening killing intent appeared on Yang Chen’s body that can penetrated through the body. A sky lord, who was recently delivered to XianTai was so terrified by Yang Chen’s murderous spirit ,that he took his last breadth on the spot and died immediately.

“So many serious injuries, luckily you were able to stay alive until now!” Yang Chen looked at his hands which still haven’t moved to claim the life of sky lord , nevertheless he couldn’t help but shake his head while sighing loudly.

In this order sent to Xiantai, a lot of immortals were highly ranked including Sky ruler, Sky general Above them were eight immortal holes, seven northern stars, six small shells, heavenly lords of five attributes, four side accomplished classes, happiness good fortune and old age three heavenly stars, sky peng martial, the lady on the moon and numerous gigantic spirit deities. However each and every one of these highly ranked immortals were almost gravely injured while facing off against distinct young deities. They felt qute dissatisfied but still had no other choice.

“Fire attributed star lord, beheaded”, one speck of extremely rich fire attributed essence directly flew into Yang Chen’s body.

“Water attributed star lord, beheaded”, magnificent water attribute essence.

“Wood attributed star lord , beheaded”, magnificent wood attribute essence

“Earth attributed star lord,beheaded”, magnificent earth attribute essence.

“Gold attributed star lord ,beheaded”, magnificent gold attribute essence.

Merely by beheading differently attributed five star lords, Yang Chen felt these five attributes have sharply increased within his body, not to mention those twenty eight constellations which previously produced that overflowing feeling. Until now while killing ,Yang Chen always attempted to balance his mental state, however he still cannot help but feel somewhat exhausted .

Within his body Xiantai’s will was still emitting killing intent, but Yang Chen controlled it so that it remained in accordance with Yang Chen’s arrangements and did not cause any greater difficulties for him too.

Yang Chen always took a nap while resting inside his small room regardless of anything, striving to achieve calm and peaceful atmosphere. This allowed the strong killing intent, currently on his body, to ease up. Although the red cloud still rolled around, it didn’t have that kind of terrifying appearance. Only after resting for some time did the Yang Chen went up the Xiantai.

Already, among great people complains couldn’t be heard. Victory is victory ,defeat is defeat , risking one’s own life to the greatest extent using one’s own full strength had lead to this kind of conclusion. Nevertheless many of them were not that unwilling and frustrated instead were also unusually deeply gratified.

“I have raised one poison herb, it is located inside my mortal world………..”

“ In my lifetime I have condensed a skill about pure yang sword qi and never distracted from practicing it. There is no leakage of overflowing power, if you have interest, you should also try to practice it accordingly !”

“To be able to face death in front of a strong person such as you is good karma. I have a set of spell flags, I gift it to you!”


Yang Chen calmly received these informations as he spoke his catch phrase”for every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor” to each and every immortal before beheading them.

beforehand, in order to scare younger deities, Yang Chen would certainly hit them without any major problems. However these upper immortals were not same as others, actually for each and every upper immortal, within his heart Yang Chen has condensed an intention to kill them. Only after that, he is able to accomplish this calmly.

For every upper immortal beheaded, Yang Chen is clearly able to sense the large changes which are occurring within his body, almost comparable with frightening demand to kill ten thousands of hundred thousand people.

Yang Chen no longer paid any attention to achievements, it already surpassed thousands of merits a long time ago. This big unit can even shock the capital city. Probably just by using a few people, it can overcome a critical point(one thousand million) at once.

Outside XianTai

Originally several immortal soldiers were guarding Xian Tai. At this moment they felt bursts after bursts of violent killing intent from the interior of Xian Tai. Each and every one of them can’t help but tremble .They were merely common heavenly soldiers, nowhere able to resist when subjected to this fearful killing intent. If it was not for the command from above, they already would have fled to someplace taking unknown paths.

Even the mighty beheading official can’t help but tremble. Guarding a higher immortal, soldiers can’t help but say ”This Xian Tai is solely able to connect Mortal world to imperial court’s immortal tool, Imperial court can only enter but can’t come out,ordinary people can also enter but not necessarily come out, we have already appointed an executioner by using older methods of revolving dreams and completed new emperor’s order, to spread XianTai’s prestige cleverly, we should retreat farther !”.

Many immortal soldiers then looked at XianTai immediately glancing at each other they started to flee trying to out do each other, away from XianTai’s vicinity to someplace where XianTai’s killing intent can’t reach,only then did they stopped.

The immortal soldiers immediately asked “ This Xian Tai, how can it be this way? Formerly it was not so ! Ah”

“In the past this Xian Tai only beheaded a few immortals! These several year count doesn’t surpass ten individuals ! but to behead several tens of thousands immortals this year, so much of immortal’s blood, not to mention Xian Tai’s blade, even mortal world’s weapons would be infected by so much immortal’s blood. He also succeeded quite proficiently ! right ??” very first to retreat, the strong beheading supervisor explained while gazing at Xian Tai with lingering fear in his heart .

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