Chapter 6 – Behead the most insignificant deities to see the demons

Not only the on-stage scholar, even other prisoners in the audience waiting to be executed heard Yang Chen, all simultaneously shivering. The Destroying Immortal Vanishing Demon Hand could almost be said to be the immortal world’s most malicious penalty, after being caught, even if a Daluo golden immortal, the whole body would combine itching with unbearable pain. When itching to the extreme, people even made desperate faces, not wearing one thread, grasping the upper and lower body drenched in blood.

It especially meant, this Destroying Immortal Vanishing Demon Hand, not only could it let the instigator do magic as they please, but it was also a very important role, that was the obstruction of henceforth human cultivation. In the Destroying Immortal Vanishing Demon Hand, cultivation could only control a person’s magic, only if a talented caster’s magic power excelled the caster’s controlling technique could they relieve the pain of the caught person. Otherwise, the maggots in the tarsal bones with follow for a lifetime.

Yang Chen offended the mortal world and Highest Heaven Sect under Yang Xi’s framing, he did not foreseeing that the Highest Heaven Sect was merely the immortal world’s Profound Heaven Sect branch. And the Profound Heaven Sect was the Heavenly Court’s armed rebellion. After ascending, Yang Chen was watched by people, the Profound Heaven Sect sect-master, to give other people a lesson, Yang Chen’s body was under the Destroying Immortal Vanishing Demon Hand.

Intending to let Yang Chen become a disobedient model, each month, Yang Chen’s restriction would flare up one time, every time Yang Chen would have unbearable pain, losing the greatest face in the immortal world. Even to let other people looking have a profound impression, Yang Chen’s cultivation was not controlled, even letting him cultivate to the extent of a Daluo golden immortal.

The Destroying Immortal Vanishing Demon Hand was part of the demon power series of robbing, much too insidious. Only a few large sects’ leaders were entitled to cultivate it, word of mouth, other people simply did not know. Only, to fully use this technique, Yang Chen had learned a bit.

“What kind of person are you in the end? How could you know the Destroying Immortal Vanishing Demon Hand?” The scholar was shocked, asking almost desperately. Yang Chen, to he facing death, clearly had no need for intimidation.

“My humble self said, I am a mortal in control of the Zhan Xiantai, nothing more.” Saying, the ominous knife in hand had suddenly turned into a thin needle.

“Senior, you and I had no injustice in the past, in the past days having not animosity, but senior, your previous intention to survive was wicked, my humble self, using the Destroying Immortal Vanishing Demon Hand for recompense, this karma, my humble self will receive you!” He did not murder, therefore Yang Chen did not speak his conventional talk. Finished saying this, Yang Chen had already begun. The thin needle was repeatedly flickering on the scholar’s body, the middle-aged scholar already could not help but start to groan.

The itching was difficult to withstand, if it were ordinary, perhaps the scholar could use his hand to scratch the itch, but now actually inside the Zhan Xiantia, cultivation became completely crippled. The body bundled into solid knots, anywhere with the possibility of itching. The pitiful scholar could only incessantly twist his body, but there were no means of slowing down the pain. This time, even if he lost face to the greatest extent, he was willing for someone to help him scratch, unfortunately, Yang Chen did not have this kindness.

The Zhan Xiantai faintly flashed golden, the middle-aged scholar was to hang outside the Zhan Xiantai, Yang Chen’s voice was heard on stage: “Senior will be left to behead last, when these several thousand people are beheaded, senior can be received.”

The Zhan Xiantai’s entering crowds of immortals did not anticipate Yang Chen to even have this skill. The scholar was in a dangerous spot, they also knew that, just thinking it was Yang Chen’s joke, but didn’t expect actually being looked at directly by Yang Chen. Just now thinking of the medical garden, Yang Chen also knew, these immortals found it was apparently very difficult to have something hidden from the Zhan Xiantai’s executioner.

Even if an immortal, one would not wish receive humiliation before facing death, yet Yang Chen’s method let them be unable have any resentment in their heart. Yang Chen was merely a mortal, it was impossible to change to dominate the Heavenly Court. Their tragedy, just as Yang Chen said, justice has a head, debt has an owner, considered less than above Yang Chen.

As for that middle-aged scholar, Yang Chen also clearly said that he previously conspired to murder Yang Chen, Yang Chen also did not mind that he received this karma. Everyone on the road of cultivation did not know how many people were killed, for such an action, perhaps, apart from the middle-aged scholar, no one thought it was something improper.

Let alone, Yang Chen was not compelled, wanting to leave behind a bit of desire, unwilling to give in to happiness on the way, in no way making things difficult, no matter what, no one saying anything more.

People must die, to say nothing of not knowing how long they lived, experiencing the birth and death of immortals, what was seen at the start. Wanting to live by admitting defeat and lowering their head before entering the Zhan Xiantai, since they had been sent in, that choice had already been made, life and death were already seen through. Yang Chen’s petty action, who would look him in the eye?

Yang Chen also guessed this point, therefore he could be absolutely unrestrained like this. No matter of an optimistic view of life or death, there were still little small regrets after all. That was the power of that sentence of Yang Chen — “Still any unfulfilled desires, maybe I can help accomplish them.”

The direct consequence of this sentence, at least half of the prisoners waiting for be executed voiced their requests for promised benefits to Yang Chen.

“My teaching sect is declining, if there is a chance, take care of it! Here is still a lost article “Gui Water True Tactic”, matching with the Gui Water’s strength, the might is immense, you help me pass it on!” (tl; 癸水 does that mean menstruation 0_O)

“I know a valley having a spirit stone vein inside, deserted, demon beasts are numerous. I estimate still nobody has found it, I give it to you!”


“Prior to ascending, I refined dozens of flying swords for juniors, but after ascending, the junior disciples never found it, you accept or reject! Those flying swords were my heart’s blood before ascension, you must not let them suffer the dust.”


Yang Chen’s mind was churning like a boiling pot of water, incessantly these immortals’ final wishes and the benefits were engraved in. Some matters that were similar to taking care of juniors, Yang Chen immediately agreed. Some required murder, Yang Chen would deliberate first, if their enemies had overlapped, Yang Chen would agree, not having overlap, Yang Chen would not rashly nod.

More so, it contrarily seemed like Yang Chen would increasingly comply with the promises, those wanting him to murder, seeing him shake his head refusing, yet seeing as though they must die soon, leaving behind those things was a waste. He might as well steel his heart, directly having them speak out the benefits of the promises, any condition not wanted, dying indignantly.

Before each murder, Yang Chen must always speak the vocational term “injustice has a head, debt has an owner” once, then he would silently use the demon power, these immortals did not know the final present, inhaling into his body.

This deed’s speed was very quick, Yang Chen had no concept of time here, but did not stop to rest along the way, waiting until when the scholar, including all the people were completely beheaded by using the Destroying Immortal Vanishing Demon Hand. Half of the Zhan Xiantai had already changed into a scarlet countenance.

Inside the body, although there still wasn’t the least bit of magical power, but, Yang Chen could sense his self’s body in the process of a heaven and earth turning upside down change. As if something inside his body took root, maturing healthy and strong.

Somewhat taking notice of his achievements and virtue value, Yang Chen discovered it already surpassed ten billion. This, to Yang Chen, was indeed an additional advantage, although these achievement and virtue values cannot be used in the mortal world for the time being, but ascending to the spiritual world, that was indeed a good thing that was unable to seek for.

“Huh?” Somewhere in the immortal world, that official led Yang Chen to enter the Zhan Xiantai, apparently sensing something, quite accidentally surprised: “This fast?” After speaking, he immediately realised his own forgotten manners, waving to behind: “Another batch to go!”

While Yang Chen had a water break, he suddenly discovered, the just now spacious and empty Zhan Xiantai abruptly became full to the brim, the advancing immortals were sent in.

Yang Chen, already absorbing the advancing immortals’ life essence, seemed to simply be unconsciously exhausted. However, he still very slowly went in accordance to his own tempo. Slowly drinking a bowl of water carried in his hand, once again treading this steady pace, mounting the Zhan Xiantai.

Local God, beheaded!

Mountain God, beheaded!

Heaven soldier, beheaded!

Strong man, beheaded!

Palace beauty, beheaded!

Boy, beheaded!


“Before your body dies and disappears, do you, senior, have any unfulfilled desires, perhaps my humble self can take your place and accomplish one or two.” The same words from Yang Chen’s mouth came out, yet much to the point of a hint of murder.

“Injustice has a head, debt has an owner, you and I had no complaints in the former days, in the past no animosity, my humble self’s duty, you violated the law!” The executioner’s choice of words, Yang Chen did not know how many times he said it, cleanly killing the waiting to be executed prisoners in one breath.

“Sss,” Outside the Zhan Xiantai, the supervising beheading official discovered the Zhan Xiantai was once again killed to emptiness, almost gasping. Over two thousand immortals, this many cleanly killed by Yang Chen in this time period, even himself, confronting this many immortals, could not necessarily reach below this fierce skill.

It must be known, a mortal facing this many immortals, although they are mountain gods, local gods, heaven soldiers and minor figures; these kind of small deities, but those were also all were deities. They were more respected compared with His Majesty the Emperor, actually capable of killing without the slightest hesitation. These people practically were nature’s executioner.

Again, a batch of people had been delivered, Yang Chen also knew the regular pattern. It was one thousand two hundred people, kill and a batch comes again. Only these were the most rudimentary small insignificant deities. Yang Chen killed no less than a few dozen batches, approaching twenty thousand people.

The Heavenly Court’s armed rebellion was no small matter, those armed rebellion fellows, although unwilling, those within armed rebellion did not dare to fight the consequences, so they could not turn back. Many people dealt with these old Heavenly Court people, completely able to arrest and arrest them, therefore Yang Chen would behead these immortals especially more.

Surrounding Yang Chen’s body already emerged a faint blood colour, naturally after the great many murders a concentrated blood energy was shown. Life essence, although already absorbed by Yang Chen, beheading immortals brought about a hurricane of killing intent, without a means to eliminate it in a short time.

When after killing, those immortals had already lost possession of magical power, even in the presence of Yang Chen they would slightly tremble. Simply not daring to look Yang Chen in the eye, it appeared that from the heart was a feeling of reverence for Yang Chen.

When finished killing this batch, after a short rest, Yang Chen finally saw to a different prisoner awaiting execution. They could be made out from the ones waiting, these immortals’ grades were already a great upgrade.

“Thirty-six Celestial Deities, seventy-two Earth Fiends, twenty-eight Constellations, twelve Stars!” Yang Chen could not but gasp, these originally aloof and remote respectful deities now already turned into waiting to be executed prisoners in under a step.

“Before your body dies and disappears, do you, senior, have any unfulfilled desires, perhaps my humble self can take your place and accomplish one or two.” Red light lingered on the whole body of Yang Chen speaking out these words, really making these immortals’ bodies leap. How many immortals killed and beheaded could produce such a level of murderous aura to make ranked immortals feel dread?

Surprisingly, it was a high-level immortal, regarded even more important than one’s own Confucian orthodoxy. Yang Chen’s remarks seemed to give them a final chance.

“The Old Me has, in the base of a trunk, the “Big Day True Tactic”, you help me find a suitable disciple, pass it down!”

“I have a secret world in a immortal abode in the mortal world, at Green Dome Mountain, banning techniques like this…”

“Before ascending, inside The Old Me’s immortal abode is a Vein Wood True Element, accept or reject if you have time, it matches with the “Wooden True Tactic”, it would have inconceivable efficacy. But, you must help The Old Me in the spiritual world find my former disciples, take this Heaven and Earth Everlasting Sword Formation to pass it down. If you cannot find, even if it’s convenient to you! Ai!”

“I have an article here “Storing Elixing Scripture”, find a suitable person to pass it down it!”

“We have a twelve person practice “Twelve Star Subduing Ocean Great Formation”, I’m giving it to you, put it down in the immortal abode!”

“Circle Heaven Constellation Great Formation” diagram, you need not ask its might, it’s very great. I give it to you!”

“Celestial Deity Refining Treasure Tactic”, it’s fine to be able to refine your magic, I send it to you, do not lose it.”

“Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Tactic”, good luck, it can give you the magic sacrificial refinement seventy-two battle technique, pass it down!”


Successively, almost all were power techniques, battle techniques, elixir scriptures, refining techniques, even lost immortal abodes, making Yang Chen not dare to believe these people actually had so many good things. Moreover, finding certain things in his memory to look at, these things were all true. Especially the Twelve Star Subduing Ocean Great Formation, it simply was a directly wonderful promotion to the next level of opposing heaven formation techniques.

Beheading dozens of immortals again, he had not felt anything in beheading Heaven Generals, when beheading twelve Stars, Yang Chen occasionally found his achievements and virtues already had begun to rapidly increase by hundreds of millions of units. Beheading the twenty-eight Constellations, achievements and virtues had already broken through to one trillion.

Even making Yang Chen more shocked was the twenty-eight Constellations’ life essence. It seemed each had different phases of Yin and Yang attributes, once inhaled into the body, something inside the body was sensed to take root and grow into the illusion of towering trees, exceptionally fantastic.

“Hu,” a good long time, Yang Chen finished absorbing and opened his eyes, the purpose was getting an eyeful of monsters. Practically covering every category. (tl; I’m confused)

Erlangshen Roaring Sky Dogs, North Pole Immortal Old Sika Deers, Red Crowned Cranes, Moon Lady Jade Hares, neither fish nor fowl. Flying tigers, tortoise serpents, even also several flood dragons. Yang Chen could almost think of them all already being here. These were not those immortals’ house pets or even mounts.

“My family master has peaches of immortality. I also have one!” The South Pole Immortal Old Sika Deer started to talk, shocking Yang Chen: “I have long since put those peaches into a spiritual world’s immortal abode, if you have time, you try get a good taste, the flavour is still good.”

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