Chapter 782: Results

Chapter 782: Results

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The Green Jade Immortal Island was very secretive, and those sect masters who received the news also cooperated very well and rushed to the Green Jade Immortal Island in the most secret way. In this regard, the Green Jade Immortal Island’s reputation is much better than Mrs. Fang Hua’s, and there is no need for any oath to win the trust of others.

First of all, it must be a small-scale gathering, only the suzerains of the four major sects except the Greatest Heaven Sect will participate. The four sect masters of the Qiankun Sect, the Five Elements Sect, Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island gathered together. The Island master let them see Li Yunyu, and then gave the other three people the things they had recently investigated in the Green Jade Immortal Island. 

This news made the three sect masters couldn’t believe what they heard and saw. The Greatest Heaven Sect would make such a frenzied move. How could this be possible that someone from the number one sect of the dao sects cultivated the taboo technique of the demon sect?

What made them unacceptable was that their own female disciples seemed to be involved, they were victims. Although it has not been confirmed yet, but if the guess is correct, based on the reputation of the Green Jade Immortal Island, this matter can basically be concluded in all likelihood.

“Everyone can ask the reliable people of the sect to bring their natal tablets and enter the demon sealing formation of the Greatest Heaven Sect.” The Island Master did not force the three sect masters to believe her words, but gave them a an idea.

Among the three masters involved in the Green Jade Immortal Island, the natal tablets of Bei Shuangyu and Liu Zixuan have been lost, and Li Junyu has returned to the Green Jade Immortal Island. For the time being, the Green Jade Immortal Island can no longer verify by this method. However, people from other sects are still in the hands of the Greatest Heaven Sect, as long as they try it, they will know.

The demon sealing formation is an obstacle. Of course, the Greatest Heaven Sect must have other methods to block the tracking of natal tablets. In the past, people couldn’t find those missing disciples because they never suspected that the Greatest Heaven Sect would do this. Now that they have doubts, they can naturally give it a try.

No matter what kind of shielding formation, it is impossible to have effect inside the formation. This is a method that is not 100% sure, but it is also a relatively safe method. As long as it is done secretly, it will basically not cause the Greatest Heaven Sect to notice.

Of course, people from the three sects will not believe it easily. This verification must be done. The matter was so important that the three suzerains did not waste time, and immediately arranged the most reliable people to do this matter, while the suzerains themselves stayed secretly in the Green Jade Immortal Island waiting for further news.

The elders returned to their respective sects, took the natal tablets of the missing disciples, used various excuses to rush to the Greatest Heaven Sect, tested them in batches, and then rushed back to the Green Jade Immortal Island to report to their respective suzerains. It took three months to complete.

The four suzerains gathered again, this time, the faces of the other three suzerains were unusually serious. The atmosphere at the scene was also very dignified, and there was a feeling that the rain was about to come.

“The missing female disciple of my sect is indeed at the Greatest Heaven Sect.” Sect Master Lu of the Blue Cloud Sect was the first to speak. The Blue Cloud Sect has been advancing and retreating with the Green Jade Immortal Island all these years. Their cooperation has gained them huge benefits, and their cooperation is very tacit.

“In addition…” After finishing the news, Sect Master Lu paused, and then began to add: “The sect still has a few female disciples who have not returned for a long time. Elder Li didn’t say that. I also went to the Greatest Heaven Sect to try their natal spirit cards.”

“There are two Yuanying stage and a Dacheng disciple, both in the Greatest Heaven Sect. The direction that the natal spirit card points to is the residence of Li Liheng, the young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect.” Speaking of this, Sect Master Lu seemed to have confirmed something, she shook her head and let out a long sigh: “I never imagined that the Greatest Heaven Sect, which has always claimed to be upright, would do such a thing.”

Basically, with the things confirmed by Sect Master Lu of the Blue Cloud Sect and the speculation of the Island Master, this matter is already a certainty. However, facing the colossal monster of the Greatest Heaven Sect, one had to be cautious, both the Island Master and Sect Master Lu set their sights on the two suzerains of the Qiankun Sect and Five Elements Sect.

“Alas!” Shao Wenxuan, the Patriarch of the Five Elements Sect, also sighed, and said slowly: “There are three female disciples in my sect who are in the Greatest Heaven Sect, and they should also be with the young sect master Li Liheng.”

Sect Master Shao didn’t say much, but his meaning was clearly expressed. The female disciples of the Five Elements School were also trapped in the Demon Sealing Formation of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

“My Qiankun Sect has five female disciples in the Greatest Heaven Sect.” Wu Jun, the head of the Qiankun Sect, also had a bad expression on his face: “When they went out, they always say they are going to gain experience. They never say they are going to the Greatest Heaven Sect.”

The four suzerains really didn’t want to believe all this, but the iron-like evidence in front of them clearly that this thing was true, not some conspiracy of the Demon Sect. On the contrary, they would also like to thank Mrs. Fanghua and that Elder Zhao. If they hadn’t taken the initiative to send Li Yunyu back instead of killing them, the four major sects will still be kept in the dark, and they will still maintain one heart with the Greatest Heaven Sect.

“Too much deceit!” Shao Zongzhu of the Five Elements Sect couldn’t bear it any longer, and slapped the table in front of him heavily. The table made of fine wood was smashed into powder by Shao Zongzhu’s palm.

At that time, the Five Elements Sect had a dispute with the Greatest Heaven Sect because of the matter of collecting the fifth earth true essence in the desolate valley. The fifth earth true essence was found out in the end, and under the mediation of several major sects, they reached an understanding with the Five Elements Sect and compensated the Five Elements Sect for its losses, so they gave up.

How many years have passed, not even five hundred years, the Greatest Heaven Sect has once again paid attention to the female disciples of the Five Elements Sect, and they are also cultivating the Free Demon Heart Sutra, which is a taboo technique in the Demon Sect, purely using their own disciples to do it.

“Sect Master Shao, don’t be impatient, this matter has to be taken care of in the long run!” Although the face of the Sect Master of the Qiankun Sect next to him was ashen, he was not as excited as Sect Master Shao.

“What else is there to care about? With such actions, he is the leader of the Greatest Heaven Sect in vain, we will bring together the masters and destroy the Greatest Heaven Sect!” Shao Zongzhu is really impatient, new and old grudges come together, wishing to destroy the Greatest Heaven Sect  immediately.

“The Greatest Heaven Sect still has the Demon Sealing Formation!” With just one sentence, they all became quiet.

The demon-sealing formation is powerful, and all four of you here know very well that if there is no proper method, even a fourth-grade Earth Immortal realm expert will be unable to open the demo -sealing formation from the outside. Although the four major sects have deep foundations, they are not deep enough to have masters above the fourth grade Earth Immortal realm.

“Then what should we do?” Sect Master Shao resisted the impulse and asked angrily.


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