Chapter 783: Arrangements Against The Greatest Heaven Sect

Chapter 783: Arrangements Against The Greatest Heaven Sect

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“The missing female disciples are not only ones from our four sects.” Sect Master Wu thought about this issue carefully, and slowly expressed his meaning: “This time, they committed public anger. No matter what, we must seize the opportunity, and we must not let the Greatest Heaven Sect have another chance to turn it around.”

The five major sects are known to the outside world as the five major sects of the dao domain, but they still have fierce competition internally. The Greatest Heaven Sect has been at the top for so many years, how could the other four major sects let it go? There have been many contests in the open and in the dark, but they have never put their contradictions on the surface.

This time, the Greatest Heaven Sect was completely wrong and did such an evil thing that even the Demon Sect would not do. No matter what, the four major sects would seize the opportunity and completely trample the Greatest Heaven Sect under their feet, unable to stand up again.

If it was only the four major sects that were attacking, people from the Profound Heaven Sect might have something to say when they arrived at the spirit world and the Immortal world, but obviously this time the Greatest Heaven sect was not only targeting the four major sects, but also included everyone. They don’t know what happened to the Greatest Heaven Sect  recently, how could they come up with such a stupid move.

If all the sects in the mortal world attacked the Greatest Heaven Sect at the same time, it would be a completely different matter. Sect Master Wu’s intention was exactly the same, to bring in other sects whose female disciples had been kidnapped.

So what if the Profound Heaven Sect of the Immortal Realm is in charge of the Heavenly Court? So what if the Jade Emperor was born in the Profound Heaven Sect? The Profound Heaven Sect couldn’t and didn’t dare to offend all the cultivators, so they could only hold their noses and admit the fact that the Greatest Heaven Sect was trampled to death. This is the only way to end up being outraged by the public.

Of the four people present, all of them are decision makers in charge of a large sect, and none of them are fools. The words of sect Master Wu directly pointed out the key points. Even if you want to do it, you have to stand on a moral high ground, so that people in the spirit world and Immortal world can’t say anything. As long as it is reasonable, the four major sects are not alone, and naturally someone will support them.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to overwhelm the Greatest Heaven Sect, especially this time it may even shake the foundation of the Profound Heaven Sect in the mortal world. For the four major sects, it is even more important than revenge for their own disciples being insulted.

Don’t look at how angry Shao Zongzhu is, in fact, he just wants to quickly take the opportunity to completely drive the Greatest Heaven Sect into an abyss.

In fact, the Green Jade Immortal Island also had a plan long ago, the reason why the sect masters of the four major sects were summoned first was to unify their thoughts and coordinate actions within a small area. Now sect Master Wu has said what the Island Master wanted to say, everyone naturally began to plan tacitly.

The Immortal World has begun to slowly attract the power of the Demon Sect. This is a good opportunity. Mrs. Fanghua and Elder Zhao can also join in, which means the joining of the Yin-Yang Demon Sect and the Blood Fiend Sect. Whether it is from the perspective of rescuing their missing disciples or from the perspective of the sect, dealing with the Greatest Heaven Sect is not harmful to them.

The news channels of several major sects were mobilized, and all those sects with female disciples who had been away for more than a hundred years and had not returned were all listed. Some female cultivators who were not good-looking were removed.

Seeing this result, the four suzerains had the same thought in their minds, this Greatest Heaven Sect is really looking for death, offending the four major sects of dao sects is not counted, not even a single one of the Dao sects, Demon sects, monster race and rogue cultivation alliance was left out.

All the news was released in secret. Anyway, there was no direct evidence against the Greatest Heaven Sect, but the core elders of those sects secretly sent people to enter the gate of the Greatest Heaven Sect with the natal tablets of the missing female disciple to try to find it.

It is far better for these sects to draw their own conclusions than to tell them directly, lest those guys will suspect that the dao sects are collectively making some kind of conspiracy this time.

Speaking of it, the suzerains felt very strange. Although the Greatest Heaven Sect is powerful and domineering, it has never been so lowly. It even has to cultivate the taboo skills of the Demon Sect, and it still uses outstanding and beautiful female disciples from other sects to make the cauldron.

That’s all, the problem is, the Greatest Heaven Sect would be so careless, only blocking the trace of the natal tablets and the spiritual awareness outside the mountain gate, are they so bold, surely no one will doubt the Greatest Heaven Sect?

The continuous stupid moves were all concentrated on the young sect master Li Liheng, which made people even more puzzled. Several suzerains even started to show their doubts, could it be that Li Liheng is really the illegitimate son of sect master Li? Otherwise, how could he be given such high power?

They believe that as long as those sects investigate the secrets, they will be hostile to the Greatest Heaven Sect. The question now is how to deal with the Greatest Heaven Sect’s Demon Sealing Formation. After they really go against the Greatest Heaven Sect, the demo  sealing formation will be a natural barrier that can keep everyone out.

Every sect has bought the Demon Sealing Formation, and the masters of the sect have also studied the Demon Sealing Formation in depth. Everyone knows the power of the Demon Sealing Formation very well. It is simply impossible to break the formation without any accidents.

The only one in this world who has broken the Demon Sealing Formation is the combination of Yang Chen and the mysterious tortoise. But Yang Chen has already said that unless he is a master of the fourth grade Earth Immortal realm or above, he can break through the formation by cooperating with the inside and the outside.

According to this, it seems that they can only send people to enter the gate of the Greatest Heaven Sect  first, and then suddenly attack it inside.

If the demon sealing formation is the first difficulty to be overcome, then the unknown number of grand Elders from the Greatest Heaven Sect is the second difficulty. Each of these old guys with high cultivation bases has the strength to surpass the core elders. To deal with them, ordinary masters are useless at all, and only the same grand elders can be used to fight against them.

Speaking of which, there are so many big sects with profound backgrounds, and each sect has a lot of grand elders, whose combined strength definitely exceeds that of the Greatest Heaven sect. However, in a battle of this level, casualties are definitely inevitable. Even if there are no casualties, breaking the demon sealing formation will inevitably lead to tribulations, and there will still be losses in the end.

However, compared with destroying the Greatest Heaven Sect, such a loss is an absolutely affordable price. If only the great masters of the sect can be exchanged for the demise of the Greatest Heaven sect, they believe that none of the four major sects will be stingy. Especially this time it’s not just the four major sects, as long as each sect pays half of the price of the grand elders, it is enough to spell out all the grand elders of the Greatest Heaven sect.

As soon as they thought that the number one sect in dao domain, or even the number one sect in the world, would be wiped out in the near future, everyone felt bursts of excitement. Of course, despite the excitement, everyone kept their senses, and the next thing had to be promoted step by step.


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