A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy

Chapter 28

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28. It’s Time to Advance the Cultivation

Cas planet was vast, but sparsely populated, so they had construction robots that helped building houses. The people generally lived in detached villas, and naturally, Jones also prepared a villa for Edgar and Shu Shu.

On the ground floor of the two-story small building, there were a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and a guest bedroom. Upstairs, there were two bedrooms and a study plus a quite large terrace. At this moment, Shu Shu was bringing Edgar to the terrace: "Come, let’s start cultivating!"

Edgar began to cultivate. He had just cultivated for a while when he felt the area where he had lost the scales before started to itch again.

What exactly was going on?

Cultivating was advantageous to him. He was very sure about this point. It was just . . . why would he feel itchy? Why had his scales fallen off as a result of cultivating?

Edgar couldn't concentrate on cultivating because of his physical condition. In the end, he barely opened his eyes when he saw that the little sub-beastman was staring at him.

Shu Shu originally wanted to cultivate together with the huge snake, but he was now stuck on a level where he could not go up or go down. Not to mention that the spiritual power within his body was only a little. He basically couldn't cultivate, so he simply stared at the disciple beside him, watching it continuously.

Discovering that the disciple was not cultivating, he urged it repeatedly: "Cultivate, ah. Hurry up and cultivate!"

Edgar looked at the little sub-beastman and, enduring the continuing itch, started to cultivate again. He and the little sub-beastman did not spend much time interacting, so he didn't want to refuse the little sub-beastman’s request.

Shu Shu saw how the huge snake worked hard and nodded with satisfaction. When the huge snake became a human, they would be able to stay together forever!

Thinking about those things, Shu Shu became a little sleepy. He said a few more words and had the huge snake work hard cultivating. Nevertheless, he himself went to the bedroom and slept.

A human bed was really so comfortable to sleep on, so soft. It was truly many times better than the bed he had made himself . . . .

Edgar cultivated for one night and felt that his strength had recovered some more, even if his body still itched. The stream of so-called energy within his body became even more abundant, looking like it was going to overflow.

This energy had initially been gas-like, and now it became watery. It would probably become solid afterwards, right? It was a pity that he did not know whether this thing also had other uses apart from healing.

Later, when he lived alone in the forest, he might actually try to study the usefulness of this thing to pass the time.

After Edgar circulated the spiritual power within his body once, he saw the little sub-beastman dazedly come out of the room with eyes closed, inhaling through the nose and walking over to his side.

Edgar stayed stock-still in the same place, wanting to see if the little sub-beastman would run into his arms . . . . Well, he had no arms now, so the little sub-beastman would only walk to his side and get close to him.

However, things obviously would not be so wonderful. The little sub-beastman barely walked a few steps before waking up. He looked around in alarm, paused, and then ran back to his room.

After a while, the properly-dressed little sub-beastman ran out again and arrived in from of him: "Let me take a look at your cultivation!"

Edgar obediently let the little sub-beastman check his condition. He moved his body in passing to block the area with the missing scales.

Shu Shu quickly checked out Edgar's condition and discovered that Edgar was one step closer to advancement. Face showing a pleasantly surprised expression, he praised: "Big Snake, you’re really great!"

Edgar suddenly thought that a little itching was nothing. However, as this thought rose, he at once felt a little ridiculous . . . . Truly, he still didn't expect that one day his brain would get dizzy and confused because of a beauty.

This little sub-beastman actually couldn’t be considered beautiful. At most, he could be called cute. If it was in the past, Edgar reckoned that he simply wouldn’t take note of someone like the little sub-beastman. However, they had met at the most appropriate time . . . .

Edgar found that he somewhat wanted to rub against the little sub-beastman. In addition to this, he also wanted to touch the little sub-beastman’s chubby little face.

Taking back and putting away his own tail that repeatedly wanted to escape to the little sub-beastman’s side, Edgar gritted his teeth and tapped his tail down three times—this was the "secret signal" that he and the little sub-beastman had agreed on; as long as he tapped down three times, it indicated that he was hungry.

At the moment, he either needed to try diverting his own attention or just eat something, OK!

"I’ll make you something to eat right away!" Shu Shu hurriedly went to the kitchen and began to cook at lightning speed. Worried that cooking with the oven was too slow, he used a meat slicer to cut the meat real thin and then boiled the thin slices ​​thoroughly. After taking them out and rinsing them with cold water, he quickly put them on a plate for the huge snake to eat.

Edgar was happily watching Shu Shu bustle around. The little sub-beastman still cared a lot about him!

At this time, Shu Shu actually wished his movements could be faster and faster, only then would he be alright. He was not afraid of everything else, but he was afraid of his hungry disciple. If the hungry disciple suddenly thought that its master was quite delicious, what could he do about it?

Actually, Shu Shu did know that the huge snake would not suddenly run over and eat him, but he just couldn't control himself from thinking irrationally . . . . Wait until the huge snake became a human, and then everything would be good!

Shu Shu made a pile of food to feed the huge snake’s stomach to the full. Following this, he also ate a few mouthfuls, and then he should supervise and urge his disciple to continue cultivating.

Shu Shu kept thinking about the fact that the huge snake would become a human, and then he realized . . . . The daily necessities in this house seemed to be only for him alone? The huge snake would become a human for real, and it did not even have some proper clothes, did it? How about he went out and bought some? But he did not have any money, what’s to be done then?

Shu Shu was at a loss for a while and then abruptly realized that he was thinking too much. The huge snake still had not become a human yet, who knew what size of clothes it was going to wear? Maybe when the moment came, it would transform into a little baby!

Looking at the huge snake, the ancient Shu Shu who was showing a strange smile ultimately decided to continue to study hard. First, he had to learn speaking the local language.

However, Shu Shu had not studied for long before someone came. It was Jeress who had brought him out of the forest: "Hello, Susu!"

"Hello!" Shu Shu showed a big smile toward the other man. He had a good impression of this lion spirit. Keeping his mind on practicing the spoken language, he asked: "What’s your name?"

"My name is Jeress!" Jeress was smiling and using the simplest language to communicate with the sub-beastman in front of him.

Edgar silently stared at the two men, feeling depressed.

"Good disciple, you continue to cultivate, ah!" Shu Shu saw Edgar standing still beside him and urged the huge snake.

Edgar was even more depressed. He focused on glaring coldly at the two men in front of him.

Jeress only felt that his body was getting colder and colder. Taking a quick look at the glaring snake next to him, he suddenly had some guilty conscience.

In front of the beastman father’s face, he flirted with the sub-beastman son. This action absolutely deserved a beating.

But the little sub-beastman was really cute! Even if he undoubtedly didn’t have a chance to pursue this little sub-beastman, he was still eager to talk to him . . . .

Jeress stayed strong.

Shu Shu was unaware of everything. After practicing the spoken language for a while, he was very firm in rushing the huge snake to cultivate.

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