Abe the Wizard

Chapter 1396 - Looking Forward

Chapter 1396 Looking Forward

Back in the Furnace Fort, Wizard Jellal carefully looked around.

He was extremely anxious since the god rank wizards had retreated, and Wizard Hardy was ordered not to kill Bernie.

Therefore, he had to leave before Bernie exposed his true identity.

Although he grew up in the Furnace Fort, what he did could grant him the death penalty.

“Mr, I’m here!” An elite wizard dwarf also responsible for spying for the wizard union investigation department stepped up.

“I will leave this to you from now on, they are the names of every dwarf who works for the wizard union!” Wizard Jellal handed a parchment to that wizard dwarf.

Those names were the result of his years of effort, and they were all faithful subordinates of his.

Since he needed resources after his departure, those subordinates would be his support. “Mr, don’t worry. Here is your teleport location, take care!” That elite wizard dwarf board as he put away the parchment. At the same time, he also handed him a map of the teleportation location.

Wizard Jellal gave it a quick glance and memorized the entire thing. Afterward, he turned the map into ash.

Without looking back, he stepped into the teleportation circle and ignited his destination with his power of will. Everything behind him was no longer his business.

Soon, he disappeared without a trace, like he never existed.

Meanwhile, King Dunba and Wizard Fara were monitoring what was happening under the royal palace.

“Majesty, are we really going to let Wizard Jellal escape?” Wizard Fara said in a fury.

He hated Wizard Jellal for being a traitor. Escaping considering what would happen if Abel really did come to the Furnace Fort and started a god rank war.

Just thinking about it sent a chill down his spine. The number of lives lost would be huge.

“Just let him go. The wizard union might suspect us for leaking the information to headmaster Abel if we go after him now!” King Dunba said helplessly.

As the king of the dwarves, he thought a lot about their safety, and he knew a lot about the dwarves through the Furnace spirit.

It was also at the same time, Abel speeded back to the Battlecry Plateau on his Fire Tooth. The whole trip only took 10 minutes.

It was just that he needed to repair the Fire Tooth again. Flying at full speed was extremely draining for it. However, the first thing he needed to do was to bring the 4 holy bodies into Doff’s kingdom.

He placed them on top of the golden castle and waited for Doff to deal with them.

Since they were all bound by the god locking chain, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The souls of those gods were extremely drained, and they would self-destruct once their last bit of life was gone. If that happened, their godhead would enter a separate dimension to escape, which was why the Wizard union never destroyed their body.

But at the same time, Abel couldn’t help their souls recover in a short amount of time, let alone recover their endless amounts of faith.

He couldn’t afford to get distracted just yet. He needed to wait for the wizard union’s reaction.

What he did was too insane, and the wizard union might strike back.

Soon, Doff arrived on the top of the golden castle, and Abel felt his heart lifted.

After all, his attack was successful. He was totally not expecting the wizard union to send out all their god rank wizards to ambush him. “Master, headmaster Eugene is calling!” The research spirit suddenly sounded.

“Answer!” Abel called.

“headmaster Abel, something big happened in the wizard union headquarters and almost 100 wizards were killed. Be careful, the wizard union might blame it on you so i am trying to gather the details!” Headmaster Eugene spoke immediately,

“Headmaster Eugene, let me be frank with you. I was the one who did it!” Abel said directly.

There was no need for him to hide with the dragons. Headmaster Eugene would eventually realize it was him once he found out the ones who attacked were 3 god rank knights.

“Headmaster Abel, I know you have your reason for doing so. But just know that the dragons are always on your side, don’t take everything on yourself!” Headmaster Eugene did not blame Abel. Instead, he said with confidence.

“The wizard union sent out 9 god rank wizards to ambush me. I didn’t fall for their trap and I used this chance to do something big. As for those wizards I’ve killed, they were all the ones who plotted the trap on me!” Abel explained.

“Haha, nice. What are you going to do next? If you really want a war, I will immediately call back all the dragon headmasters which can take a month!” headmaster Eugene laughed.

“Let’s avoid doing something that big during the demon from beyond’s reawakening. We can’t put the continents in danger, so let’s just wait and see how the wizard union react!” Abel didn’t want to drag the dragons into this and said.

It was his problem, and he was powerful enough to self defense. If the dragons and wizards started a war, the biggest winner would be the Holy Kingdom, and it was the last thing Abel wanted.

“Headmaster Abel, I will respect your decision no matter what, but just know that us dragons are not afraid to fight. The wizard union has gone too far, we will not let them do whatever they like!” Headmaster Eugene lowered his voice.

“Wait, Wizard Smith is calling me. Seems like he wants to use me as a middle man!” Headmaster Eugene paused and laughed.

“Then let’s have a chat with him!” Abel smiled.

He remembered that wizard Smith swore not to do anything harmful to him. So he must be trying to state that he was innocent as well as using headmaster Eugene as a middle man to settle the situation.

Still, Abel was glad. Seems like the wizard union didn’t want to escalate the situation as well.

After he disconnected the call with Headmaster Eugene, he looked towards the sky.

It was only just past noon. “Let’s give Bernie a visit!” He mumbled.

He was extremely worried. Although the wizard union showed that they didn’t want to escalate the situation, Abel still had no idea what conditions Bernie was in.

After all, anyone powerful could kill Bernie with one hand.

He flashed into his teleportation circle but hesitated a little.

Maybe the wizard union has already found out that his teleportation circle could connect with the Lightnings. Although it was unlikely that they set up another trap, he wasn’t going to take a risk, especially since his intuition did not alert him last time.

Therefore, he teleported to the goddess temple and sent a teleportation request to the dwarves.

The dwarves soon answered, and he disappeared from the goddess temple.

All of his god rank summonses were kept in his monster ring beside Thief God Milton, so he could unleash them as soon as danger struck. Of course, he also had his angel body.

But since the wizard union was still in chaos, the wizards probably wouldn’t expect him to visit the Furnace Fort.

“Headmaster Abel!” Wizard Fara bowed as soon as Abel stepped out.

“Fara, thank you!” Abel smiled.

It was a gesture of closeness if he addressed you by your first name.

“It’s my duty, they really went too far this time and totally did not care about us dwarves!” Wizard Fara was furious when he recalled what had happened. “I’m sorry to drag the dwarves into this!” Abel bowed.

“No, headmaster Abel. You did nothing wrong. If it was a mistake that you interacted with the dwarves, we have no right to even stand here!” Wizard Fara said in a serious tone. “I’m so sorry!” Abel bowed again and asked, “is Bernie ok?”

Actually, he already knew Bernie was ok by the looks on Wizard Far’s face.

“Bernie is ok. He just got knocked out by the power of the will!’ Wizard Fara smiled.

“I want to go see him!” Abel also smiled.

“Follow me!” Wizard Fara reached out his hand and said.

Afterward, the two slew up towards the top of the Furnace Fort. They soon landed in Bernie’s yard. Wizard Hutton was treating Bernie, and Abel immediately felt his heart lifted.

Bernie’s soul is a little injured, but he should recover with a few days of rest.

“Headmaster Abel!” Wizard Hutton saw Abel step in and quickly bowed.

“Don’t do this, I am just here to see Bernie!” Abel waved and smiled.

Bernie was a little embarrassed to see Abel, so he immediately turned away. “Bernie, what’s up. Did you got tricked?” Abel laughed.

“Abel, I’m sorry. I don’t know what they did but I was knocked out and unconsciously sent you an invitation. Luckily they are gone now, else I will regret it for the rest of my life!” Bernie lifted up his head, and his eyes began to tear up.

He didn’t know too much about what had happened. But by the time he was fully awake, he was already with Wizard Fara and Wizard Hutton.

Although they told him that things had settled, he blamed himself for almost putting his friend in danger.

“Bernie, I don’t blame you. Just keep it up with your training!” Abel nudged.

He then took out a helmet, the rune word ‘knowledge’ helmet. It didn’t want too many attributes, but it could increase all skills by a rank.

Abel forged a lot of them in the past for his summons, but now he got better ones, so he decided to give them to Bernie as a gift.

“This is a gift for your level up. I’m waiting for you to get powerful!” Abel smiled as he handed the helmet forward.

“I will train hard and serve you!” Bernie nodded and began to examine the helmet.

He knew nothing that came from Abel was ordinary. The rune word ‘leaf’ Abel gave him to last him already made Wizard Hutton so jealous.

“Bernie, if you are ok then I won’t stay for long. Also, here are 500 super potions for the dwarves as backups!” Abel was not cheap with his friends, so he took out a portal bag and said.

At the same time, he also needed to repay the dwarves for what they did. Especially since the wizard union might give the dwarves trouble later on.

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