Against Heaven

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Venus pill? Even though Wang Lin had never heard of such a pill, he thought that it should be a rare item. He let out a sigh, silently thinking about how eerie that voice was. He felt that he did not possess the ability to save that person. Thus, no matter how much the voice pleaded, he chose to turn a deaf ear. Slowly, the sky turned brighter; the voice also disappeared.

The twenty-four hours of meditation time that was required by the Spiritual Enhancement Technique, had not been fulfilled. Wang Lin hesitated and decided not to use his sensing ability, fearing that he might once again attract the eerie voice.

Today would be the second time Wang Lin had to prepare medicines for San Xiao Jie. Wang Lin prepared the medicines with great ease. This time, other than taking bits from the worm’s body, he specially included some other “good materials”. The dark toxins excreted from his sweat pores.

Other than that, Wang Lin also changed some of the herbs used to make the pill. Although the potency of the pill would reduced by half, it would be good enough as long as it prevented the disease from worsening.

After a while, Chun Lan brought him breakfast. Wang Lin threw the pill to Chun Lan and reminding her, ”This medicine must be taken within three minutes. You tell Xiao Jie that every course of treatment will require a month to prepare. If she doesn’t take this pill in time the efficacy will start to wear off, there’s nothing I can do.”

Once Chun Lan heard that, her face turned pale in fear. She immediately put down the dishes, quickly grabbed the pill and left in a rush.

The third illustration of The Spiritual Enhancement Technique had finally been mastered. The moment when Wang Lin attained the “Spirit Sensing” ability, he experienced a feeling of satisfaction, and a feeling of saturation of power which he had longed for.

Because he had focused the past half month of training on the third illustration, he had neglected much on his body strengthening exercises. Wang Lin thus decided to increase the intensity of his body strengthening exercises. He put on a weight of one hundred kilograms and started running.

Day by day, Wang Lin’s physical strength drastically improved. There was also no excess fat on his body. Even though he looked lean, his body was full of energy.

Today, after completing one hundred rounds of running with one hundred and twenty kilograms, Wang Lin still felt that he had energy in excess. Therefore, he took out lead blocks from the storage card, hoping to add on an extra twenty kilograms. With the addition, his face changed colour suddenly. Raising his head he saw there was someone standing at the door, appearing out of nowhere.

Wang Lin’s pupils constricted. This person was actually a man, and Wang Lin only sensed him when he was within thirty metres away!

He was a handsome man clothed in pure white garments. His shoes were black, with two red dragons stitched on each side of each shoe. Long blonde hair that was let loose behind his head, his eyes looking at Wang Lin in an electrifying and cynical way.

“You are Wang Lin?” The man’s gaze became even more cynical.

Wang Lin nodded his head, expressionlessly.

“Very good. I was looking for you!” The man’s eyes filled up with killing intent. He swiftly leaped into the sky, making a fist with his right hand, and cried, “Die!”

Wang Lin retreated quickly, putting a lead brick in front of his chest to stop the man’s punch.

The man was unbothered by this and once again shouted, “Break!”

The lead block let out a cracking sound as it was broken into pieces, but Wang Lin remained unafraid. With a quick fling of his right hand, a black dagger appeared and he directed it towards the man’s throat.

The man frowned, he believed that his punch would definitely kill his opponent, but the opponent’s dagger was very strange. Even before it was near his body, his throat already felt ice cold. Moreover, he simply could not kill Wang Lin as he was currently San Xiao Jie’s favourite. The purpose of giving him a warning had been achieved. After analysing the entire situation, the man coldly sniggered and released his fist.

“You are merely at Level One, not worthy of being exterminated by my Level Two soul power. The punch just now, was a warning.” The man started to laugh arrogantly.

“Who are you?” Both Wang Lin’s eyes slightly narrowed as he asked calmly.

“Mu Hai! One of San Xiao Jie’s ten greatest war slaves!” Mu Hai looked around. There was a hint of jealousy in his eyes. He continued saying, “I was away for the past four months for some duty far away. After coming back, I can’t believe it when I heard from Wang Mang that San Xiao Jie actually gifted you a courtyard for yourself. Thus, I have purposely come to see with my very own eyes what ability you possess to be worthy of all this. Sadly, I am deeply disappointed.”

After saying that, Mu Hai gave an evil smile. There was a strong killing intent in his eyes. He thought to himself, “This man’s looks are not as good as mine, but he has a unique cool vibe. No wonder he got San Xiao Jie’s attention. Hmph, today too many people had seen me come here. I will temporarily let him live. When night falls, I shall quietly come and cut down his head. It is even better this way with no one knowing!” Thinking about this, the killing intent in his eyes got even more intense.

“I’m curious. If you were to kill me, aren’t you afraid that San Xiao Jie would blame you?” Wan Lin’s face, as usual, was calm with a strange look in his eyes. Mu Hai’s desire to kill him was obvious, so he had to make a decision himself.

“This is hilarious. In the mansion, there is no restriction for men killing each other. Moreover, I am a war slave whereas you are a pet slave. There is a difference in our statuses. If I kill you, not only would San Xiao Jie not blame me, she might even reward me.” Mu Hai sneered. He turned his body and was about to leave.

“I see. Then, you don’t have to leave.” Wang Lin’s voice immediately became ice cold.

Mu Hai was surprised. He stopped and turned to look, then let out a big laugh. “Since you are so eager to die, let me fulfill your wish! Later on, even if San Xiao Jie were to ask, I at least have an excuse.”

After he said that, he took a leap and ran towards Wang Lin at a great speed with his right fist launching at the same time. Wang Lin however appeared indifferent. In an instant, soul power flowed through the veins of his entire body. His body slightly tilted and he kicked at the Mu Hai’s wrist.

Mu Hai was stunned. Wang Lin’s kick was so quick. Compared to the previous weak defense, this kick was at least two times faster.

Even though he was surprised, Mu Hai was not afraid. He knew that his opponent was merely at Level One of Soul Power. He, on the other hand, was at Level Two. Therefore, victory would be his to take. In fact, in his mind, he was already imagining how he would punch Wang Lin’s right foot into bits of bloody meat pulp. He laughed maliciously and did not even evade. He adjusted his soul power and put himself in a tug of war of power with Wang Lin.

However, at the next moment, the smile on his face froze. At the moment when their fist and leg hit each other, there was a thundering sound and a tornado formed around them for a brief moment. The man retreated four steps and steadied himself. His right hand was trembling and at this point, it had gone completely numb.

Wang Lin retreated two steps. There was slight numbness in his foot but it was gone in an instance.

“Level Two? So what!” There was a sarcastic look in his eyes when he mocked Mu Hai.

“This is not possible! You are not Level One. You have been concealing your true ability!” Mu Hai shouted hysterically. He did not believe that his Level Two soul power was defeated by a Level One.

Wang Lin did not conceal his powers. He was indeed just at Level One, but he had reached the peak of Level One and was soon going to achieve Level Two.

Wang Lin was a little disappointed. He initially thought that he could use his opponent to train his real battle ability, but the opponent was too weak. The opponent used his entire soul power in his punch, but Wang Lin had in fact only used about thirty to forty percent of his soul power in his kick.

Because Wang Lin had been training with the metal ball, the control of his soul power had improved tremendously. Currently he could perfectly muster seventy percent out of his entire soul power. He believed that as the height of the metal ball decreased from day to day, the day would come where he would gain perfect control over his soul power.

Wang Lin however, did not know that the key to the utilisation of soul power rested on his physical ability.

“Is this all that you can do? If that’s the case, you are dead.” Wang Lin’s killer instinct was awakened, he threw the dagger from his hand, aiming at the man’s heart. Facing against enemies who wanted to kill him, Wang Lin would never be soft-hearted.

At this time, there was a glimpse of madness in Mu Hai’s eyes. He disregard the incoming dagger, immediately taking out a piece of black cloth and shaking it wildly. Suddenly a black light came out of it, hitting on the travelling dagger in mid air.

There was a loud clank as though two metal objects hit each other. The dagger changed its direction and buried itself deeply into the wall on the left side.

Wang Lin’s face turned. When Mu Hai took out the black cloth, deep down he knew that it was dangerous. He did not say anything, but shook his body rapidly. The one hundred and twenty kilograms of lead blocks dropped heavily onto the ground.

Mu Hai was shocked and dumbstruck. At this moment, he thought, “When the opponent was battling him, he was actually carrying so many lead blocks. God, now that he has thrown away all the blocks, how fast will he be?”

Filled with fear, Mu Hai immediately shook his black cloth again. A black ray of light shoot towards Wang Lin.

After removing all the blocks Wang Lin did not stop running, forming a trail of shadows as he narrowly escaped the black light and reappeared behind Mu Hai. He unhesitantly dropped a punch at Mu Hai’s back, pouring his soul power into it, crushing Mu Hai’s heart.

Still in disbelief, Mu Hai dropped onto the ground. He was angry. He did not understand why he, being a Level Two was defeated by a Level One. With this question, the last sign of life left Mu Hai.

“What did Mu Hai actually use? It could actually attack at such a high speed!” Wang Lin retrieved the piece of black cloth from Mu Hai’s cold, dead hand. He took a glance at the cloth then threw it into his storage card. After that, he began searching his body. When he found Mu Hai’s storage card, he smiled in his heart.

Walking out his courtyard, Wang Lin did not find any guard. After walking around a hundred metres, to where the arched gate was located at, Wang Lin found the two guards who were supposed to be guarding his courtyard.

“Do you think Mu Hai would kill that guy?” One of the guard asked indifferently.

“Mu Hai is not stupid. That guy is now the favourite pet. San Xiao Jie even gifted him a personal courtyard. In this mansion, no other slave could get such reward. In my opinion, Mu Hai must have gone to warn him.” The other guard analysed.

“Hmph, it’s good to give him a warning. Let that guy know who’s in charge. We both have guarded his place for almost three months now. Who the hell does he think he is!”

“Mu Hai is one of the ten greatest war slaves. His ability has reached Level Two. I am just worried that this guy is too weak. Hopefully, he will not get killed by Mu Hai.”

“Now that you mention, I am a little worried. What if Mu Hai were to accidentally kill him. If San Xiao Jie wants to find someone to blame, we are in trouble. Let’s head back and have a look.” The guard hesitated while talking.

“Why don’t both of you take a look and help me get rid of the body at the same time.” Wang Lin’s voice startled the two guards. When they turned their head, they only saw a glimpse of his back before disappearing.

They then hurried to Wang Lin’s courtyard and found Mu Hai’s body, they then looked at each other, both of them in shock. Mu Hai’s ability was at Level Two, similar to them. In fear, they immediately carried the body with them and quickly left.

Killing Mu Hai might reveal his true ability, but Wang Lin knew deep in his heart that if he did not kill Mu Hai, later on he would bring him more trouble. He killed one as a warning to others. Besides that, Wang Lin believed that the past few months of training must have been realised by others, so he might as well show what he’s capable of.

The next morning, when Chun Lan brought breakfast, Wang Lin’s face was very pale as though he was sick. He hesitated, then asked Chun Lan to repurchase the same herbs which they had bought to prepare San Xiao Jie’s medicine the other day. Before he could finish his words, Wang Lin’s face immediately turned red and he coughed. Then, he raised his arms and covered his mouth with the sleeves.

Chun Lan was surprised, immediately she moved forward to get a better look. Wang Lin lowered his arms. With a tired look on his face, he spoke to Chun Lan for a while before heading to bed to rest.

Even though Wang Lin tried very hard to conceal it, Chun Lin still managed to have a glimpse of the red colour on his sleeve.

Once Chun Lan had left, Wang Lin immediately sat up. He did not look sick anymore.

At the northeast of the mansion, there was a building.

Chun Lan was kneeling on the floor, nervously looking at Wang Popo who was in front of her. She was very frightened.

“Little girl, you have nothing to be scared of. Tell me what have you discovered when you met Wang Lin today.” Wang Popo smiled gently towards Chun Lan while asking in a soft tone.

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