Against Heaven

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“No…… Nothing… When I was bringing him his meal this morning he did not look too good. Erm…… It is as though he has fallen ill. Also, he said that the herbs needed for preparing San Xiao Jie’ medicine were not enough. He asked me to buy another set of the same herbs. Oh, I also noticed him vomiting blood. It seems like he did not want anyone to know about it. If it wasn’t for my sharp observation, I would not have noticed.”

“Repeat to me again the herbs that he asked you to buy,” Wang Popo said, with a glimpse of curiosity in her eyes.

Chun Lan immediately rehearsed all the herb names. After Wang Popo was done listening, she quietly murmured to herself and asked Chun Lan to leave.

The entire building block became as silent as could be. After a long while, Wang Popo thought to herself, “Vomiting blood? Is there such coincidence? Luckily Chun Lan was there when you vomited. You even tried to hide it. What you vomited was fake. The purpose was to trick people into thinking that you were injured. If I were to analyse it this way, in reality, you are not injured at all.

But, are you really uninjured? Hehe, if you did not ask Chun Lan to buy the herbs, me, Wang Popo, might have been tricked. You young man, are quite clever. But young man, even though you are smart, Wang Popo is not foolish either. Amongst the seventeen herbs, there is one that is used to treat internal injury. I think that this is the herb which you really want.

Pretending that you are injured when you are not and pretending that you are not injured to cover up the truth that you are injured. Playing the game of lies and truth, Wang Lin, you are frighteningly cunning. However, you are still young. Those tricks of yours will not work on me.

In my opinion, Mu Hai was at Level Two. It’s impossible for you Wang Lin, to be victorious unscathed.” Thinking that she had found out the truth, Wang Popo coldly smiled.

However, no matter how hard Wang Popo tried to analyse it, she would never guess Wang Lin’s true body condition.

In terms of this game of pretense, Wang Lin was indeed a few times better than her.

After killing Mu Hai, Wang Lin’s life was once again peaceful.

Wang Lin took out Mu Hai’s black cloth and carefully analysed it for a long time. This black cloth looked extremely ordinary. Apart from a gold coloured “X” sign stitched onto the right bottom corner, it looked the same as any other ordinary cloth.

However, when he used his Sensing ability, he found something unusual. The cloth fibres were like blood vessels, with flowing liquid. Besides that, there were ten bright spots on the black cloth. Five of them were already dimmed, whereas the remaining ones were still lit up.

Wang Lin was amazed at this discovery. He once again touched the black cloth and realised that it was as though he was touching a piece of skin. At this point, he couldn’t help thinking that this cloth was actually a piece of skin from certain living organism!

Recalling how Mu Hai used this black cloth to shoot out two rays of black light, Wang Lin had an epiphany. He slowly transferred his soul power into the black cloth. At the time, the black cloth suddenly shook. Wang Lin’s soul power uncontrollably flowed into the cloth like a wild horse.

Wang Lin was surprised. After that he calmly used his Sensing ability to observe. He found out that once his soul power flowed into the black cloth, it was immediately absorbed into the blood vessels-like fibres and mixed with the liquid inside.

The liquid was initially moving very slowly, but after mixing with soul power, it sped up. The liquid flowed to where the five bright spots were.

At this time, there was an accident. When the liquid filled with soul power flowed into the bright spots, not everything entered. Around seventy to eighty percent of it was wasted.

Wang Lin immediately tried to exert control. Under his control, the soul power wastage was reduced.

The bright spots became brighter and brighter as they received more liquid filled with soul power. A dangerous aura was felt. Suddenly, Wang Lin’s brain trembled. Initially he saw a meteor moving through the sky. After that, five dimmed coloured light spots slowly appeared in his mind.

Just by thinking, a spot immediately disappeared, followed by the surging of a dark ray of light from the black cloth. Wang Lin threw out his metal ball.

At this time, the dark light hit the metal ball and with a loud “piang” sound, the metal ball exploded into pieces.

After that, there were only four spots on the black cloth!

Wang Lin was stunned. He remembered that the shopkeeper who sold the metal ball to him say that the metal ball could only be broken by a Physical Honourable. Even someone of Level Five would not be able to destroy the metal ball with one attack. Thus, anyone below the level of Honourables could use the ball to train. It was also due to aforementioned reason that Wang Lin had bought a few extra metal balls.

If the shopkeeper was not lying, did that mean that the dark light was as powerful as the attack from a Physical Honourable?

However, Mu Hai did not have such ability and his speed was not that fast. If he had used the dark light with the same amount of energy and speed as Wang Lin, Wang Lin would not have been able to evade the attack.

After analysing further, Wang Lin finally understood. The power of this precious black cloth was dependent on the control of soul power. As the amount of soul power flowing into the bright spots increased, the destructive power would be greater. The same applied to speed! Thinking about this, he felt very relieved deep down.

Wang Lin regathered his soul power. He was extremely pleased. This was a precious piece of treasure. He carefully put the black cloth into the storage card and decided not to use it in the future, unless really necessary. After all, the bright spots had limited uses. The spots would decrease by one with each use.

Although one had gone to waste for the sake of experimenting, Wang Lin did not regret his action. If it weren’t for the experiment, how would he have figured out that this precious treasure contained such great power.

Mu Hai was so pitiful. He spent most of his lifetime hard-earned savings on this treasure and now it was owned by Wang Lin, after merely having using it twice. If he had found out about this in his grave, he would definitely vomit blood once again due to heartache and die.

After storing the black cloth securely, Wang Lin brought out Mu Hai’s storage card. He used his Sensing ability to sense. Suddenly, there was a weird look on Wang Lin’s face. In this card, apart from some food and groceries, there were a large number of tools.

Among them include a rubber stick, lubricating oil, strength assisting device and massage stick. Wang Lin was momentarily stunned when he discovered this.

He could not understand for what purpose Mu Hai had prepared these items. Besides that, he also knew that these items were not cheap. He had seen many of them at the equipment store the other day.

Without wasting any more time on those items, Wang Lin continued searching and finally found a spellbook!

Level E Skill, Ghost Evasion Technique – – Basic.

Skill? Wang Lin immediately noticed the difference. Upon a closer look, this Ghost Evasion is not for training soul power but a skill. According to the documentation, after training to a certain level, the body could become like a ghost, appearing and disappearing at will.

Although it felt like the description was exaggerated, he decided to train in this skill, thinking that it could help increase his speed.

However, Wang Lin felt strange. Since Mu Hai had such technique, why was his speed so slow when fighting against Wang Lin?

What he didn’t know was that, this Ghost Evasion Technique was like the precious black cloth; they had only recently been acquired by Mu Hai. Before he could train in it, it ended up in Wang Lin’s hand.

Apart from the Ghost Evasion Skill, the other items in Mu Hai’s storage card were rubbish. After throwing away the card, Wang Lin felt that he could get used to this satisfying “kill-and-steal-card” feeling.

The Ghost Evasion Skill was different from others as it had the “skill” word attached it. Wang Lin murmured softly, remembering this in his heart.

In a flash, a few days had passed, but no one had approached Wang Lin in order to investigate Mu Hai’s death. Thus, he now believed Mu Hai’s words about how men were allowed to kill each other inside the mansion.

“Since I have killed one, I might as well kill another. Wang Mang, you are out of your depths!” Wang Lin’s eyes were full of killing intent. He thought to himself that San Xiao Jie would not blame him for the death of a couple of worthless underlings. Therefore, even before nightfall, Wang Lin stepped into Wang Mang’s room and murdered him in cold blood. Wang Mang’s room turned into a bloody scene. Up till his very last breath, Wang Mang’s eyes were full of jealousy and hatred.

He did not comprehend. Both he and Wang Lin were both from Jian Yu Island, but their treatment from their superiors was so vastly different.

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, Wang Lin had resided in the Violet Mansion for half a year.

Within half a year, he improved drastically. The Spiritual Enhancement Technique was trained to the seventh illustration. His soul power had also smoothly been raised to Level Two. In regards to body strength, he was able to run two hundred rounds with two hundred kilograms of weight.

Besides that, he managed to shoot out twelve drops of fresh blood with each attack. However, Wang Lin recalled about how weak his attack was during the previous encounter with the short-haired lady. After carefully thinking about how he could improve on his attack, he gave up on trying to increase the number of blood droplets. Instead, he put his focus on mustering soul power into it. When he managed to put one third of his soul power into a drop of blood, Wang Lin was very delighted with its impressive destructive power.

At the same time, in regards to soul power control, Wang Lin managed to maintain a height of nineteen metres around half of the time.

Wang Lin thought to himself that, even though he had not fought against any Level Three opponents, if he was ever engaged in such a battle he should be able to hold his own. His argument was that the opponent’s soul power control would not be as good as his.

Of course, with the precious black cloth, even if the opponent was an Honourable, Wang Lin would still be able to fight, though the chances of winning would be quite slim.

During the training for the past half year, Wang Lin did not only improve his own ability, but he also gained more insight into other people’s abilities. The more he analysed the fight between the barbarian, Stone, and the ten great Honourables, the more apprehensive he became. Stone’s speed was something that he longed for dearly.

Wang Lin knew that this skill training was not dissimilar to the training of soul power. It would be impossible for him to have earth-shattering improvement within a short period of time, but he had his own plans.

“As long as I move fast enough, I should be able to defend myself!” Wang Lin told himself.

Another incident that made him feel exceedingly fortunate was the rainy night where he fought against the long-haired lady. If the opponent had not mistaken his attack for the Blood Binding Technique, he feared that she would have chased after him and killed him.

Many of the equipments which he had bought a few months ago were no longer suitable for use. After carefully considering it for a few days, Wang Lin decided to go out shopping.

A month ago, as the Corpse Flower Poison in San Xiao Jie’s body slowly turned back to the first stage, Wang Lin took this golden opportunity to ask for permission to leave the mansion at will. San Xiao Jie was undecided for a while, but eventually gave him a directive badge.

From then on, Wang Lin could freely leave the mansion without being accompanied by Chun Lan.

The way that the guards looked at him was also different after his fight with Mu Hai a few months ago. The guards who were stationed outside his courtyard did not dare to stop him anymore when he was leaving.

For the past few months, Wang Lin’s name was on every servant’s mouth in Violet Mansion. They all knew about the existence of the person who, not only was favoured by San Xiao Jie to the extent of being gifted a courtyard of his own, but also had such great ability that he could kill one of the ten greatest war slaves, Mu Hai.

After leaving Violet Mansion, Wang Lin did not stop but kept walking towards a body fitness club at the east side of the city. He had heard from Chun Lan a few times that one just needed to pay a few crystal coins to freely use any of the equipment in the club for training.

Along the journey, many Honourables were patrolling and checking people’s identification. Every time Wang Lin took out his directive badge, they would leave him alone.

After a while, Wang Lin arrived at the club. In front of the door stood two muscular women. They did not feel strange when looking at Wang Lin. The club was a complicated place. Many influential people would bring their underlings here to train together with them inside the club, thus the women only gave him a quick glance before allowing him to enter.

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