All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot

Chapter 24 - Looking For Help

Chapter 24 - Looking For Help

After Qin Sheng finished her advertisement at Black Emperor, she went to a special forum to post an advertisement. The content was the same as in Black Emperor, except that it specifically stated that she had defeated the number eight, The Most Handsome In the Universe.

Some people who did not mind watching the show specially sent a screenshot to Lu Ming.

Lu Ming: "..."

He was so angry that he was about to explode. This was giving an inch and asking for a mile!

He didn't believe that no one could cure this son of a b*tch!

Lu Ming angrily called Fu Hanchuan. "Brother, your cute little brother has been bullied. Help me teach him a lesson."

Fu Hanchuan stood in front of the French window. His eyes narrowed slightly as he asked, "What happened?"

Lu Ming's eyes lit up. Was he going to agree?

Thus, he added on to what had just happened.

"Brother, you're ranked first in all Black Emperor. Once you make a move, that son of a b*tch will definitely be beaten down by you."

Fu Hanchuan turned on his computer and his gaze fell on QS, which was ranked eighth in all of Black Emperor.

In Black Emperor, defeating the hackers in front would give them the ranking. Therefore, she was now ranked eighth in QS, occupying The Most Handsome In the Universe's slot.

"QS." Fu Hanchuan's heartbeat suddenly accelerated. He thought of Qin Sheng.

QS was the first letter of Qin Sheng's name.

His slender and good-looking hand was placed on the keyboard. His mind was filled with the image of Qin Sheng sitting in front of the computer. She was typing on the keyboard with a wanton smile on her lips.

After a long while, he sighed and stopped what he was doing.

"You solve it yourself," Fu Hanchuan said and put the phone down.

Lu Ming's anxious voice came from the other end of the phone, "Hello, Brother, Brother, no, didn't you agree to it?"

Fu Hanchuan's gaze lingered on the name QS for a long time before he moved his gaze away.

He browsed through the posts and replies from QS.

She could be described with two words.

Crazy, arrogant!

Fu Hanchuan smiled. His little girl was obedient and sensible. This QS couldn't be her. He was thinking too much.

Fu Hanchuan exited the Black Emperor and picked up his phone. His gaze fell on 'Sheng Sheng' on the phone screen.

Was she asleep?

Just as he was thinking, a message was sent.

[Sheng Sheng: Brother Fu, are you free tomorrow?]

Fu Hanchuan thought about the full schedule for tomorrow and could reject all of them.

Without any hesitation, he tapped on the screen with his fingertip. "Yes, what does Sheng Sheng want me to do?"

As soon as he finished typing, Fu Hanchuan frowned slightly. He deleted the last sentence and sent a 'Yes'.

Qin Sheng's message was sent instantly. "Brother Fu, can you use your identity to help me get a bank card?"

Now that all the information about Qin Sheng was in Qin Hai's hands, especially with such a large amount of money, it was impossible for Qin Hai not to know that she would not expose herself before she disowned Qin Hai.

Fu Hanchuan saw Qin Sheng's information, and his eyes were full of smiles.

To apply for a bank card, did Sheng Sheng trust him that much?


After sending the information over, Fu Hanchuan thought for a while and typed a few words, "I'll be free tomorrow."

When Qin Sheng saw Fu Hanchuan's information, a warm current flowed through her heart.

He had never rejected her. She did not understand why she would distance herself from him because of Qin Churou in her previous life.


Fu Hanchuan's appearance alarmed the entire Black Emperor.

One had to know that C, the number one boss in the Black Emperor rankings, had appeared in the Black Emperor rankings countless times.

He was even more arrogant and arrogant than QS!

The moment he appeared, he provoked the top ten hackers. He tortured them so badly that they did not dare to touch their computers for nearly a month.

He even f*cking broke Black Emperor's system.

He had always maintained his first ranking for four years.

C's deeds had become a legend.

This time, seeing him online, they thought he was going to torture someone again. The melon seeds bench was already set up, but in the end, he just came in and walked around?

The hackers had been waiting for C to come to Black Emperor day and night. Later, they didn't want to see him anymore.. They had already been fed dog food.

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