All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot

Chapter 25 - The Natural Phoenix

Chapter 25 - The Natural Phoenix

The next day was Saturday, so there was no need for classes. Qin Sheng tidied up and left the house.

Qin Hai was not at home, and Qin Churou stayed in the room. Only Lin Shuya was sitting in the living room, drinking tea.

When she saw Qin Sheng, Lin Shuya did not give her a good look. "Where are you going?"

Qin Sheng only replied with three words. "Something came up."

Lin Shuya didn't say anything else. She was just asking out of courtesy and didn't really care about Qin Sheng.

If Qin Sheng was an outstanding person, she would naturally treat her well. However, she couldn't help herself. Taking her out would only make her lose face.

Especially that family. She wouldn't let them know that she had this daughter. If they found out, they would only look down on her even more.

Lin Shuya had to tell them that her choice was not wrong.

When she thought about how her brother had already developed the company overseas and was far more powerful than Qin Hai, Lin Shuya did not feel good.

However, fortunately, a master said that her daughter was a blessed, born phoenix.

Rou'er would be able to win her face in the future.

Lin Shuya did not care about her, and Qin Sheng did not have to explain to her anymore. She left the house.

Outside the door, there was a car parked not far from the Qin family's villa. Fu Hanchuan did not want to attract the attention of the Qin family and cause trouble for Qin Sheng, so he did not park the car at the entrance of the Qin family's villa.

At this moment, Fu Hanchuan was sitting in the back seat of the car with a computer on his lap.

He had some things that he had to deal with.

However, his mind was obviously not on work. He looked out of the window from time to time.

The executive who was reporting the solution to Fu Hanchuan was confused. Was the president satisfied or not satisfied?

This was the first time he had seen the president lose focus while working. The president was a famous workaholic!

Cold sweat dripped down the executive's forehead. Fu Hanchuan suddenly nodded. "Follow up on your plan and contact Assistant Lin specifically."

This was the first time that Fu Hanchuan did not ask his subordinate to change his plan.

After giving his instructions, he turned off his computer and got out of the car.

Qin Sheng was wearing a white dress. Her slightly curly long hair hung on her shoulders. Fu Hanchuan was stunned for a moment before the corners of his lips curled up slightly.

Fu Hanchuan and Qin Sheng were five years apart in age. Fu Hanchuan did not like to smile and was very mature. In the eyes of others, he and Qin Sheng were many years apart. Fu Hanchuan also realized this and specially wore a white casual outfit.

The two of them looked like a couple.

"Brother Fu." Qin Sheng came to Fu Hanchuan and raised her head slightly. Fu Hanchuan was very tall and she needed to raise her head to see him clearly.

"Brother Fu, are you here early?"

Fu Hanchuan opened the car door and said elegantly, "I just arrived."

"Oh." Qin Sheng got into the car and Fu Hanchuan sat next to her.

"Drive," Fu Hanchuan ordered. Then, he turned to look at Qin Sheng. "Sheng Sheng, do you want to continue staying in the Qin family?"

Qin Sheng was slightly stunned, and a hint of bitterness flashed across her lips. In her previous life, he had asked her the same question, but she was a fool. She couldn't tell who was sincere and who was fake.

She tugged at the corner of her clothes. "I'll think of a way to leave the Qin family."

Fu Hanchuan frowned slightly. "Do you need my help?"

Qin Sheng rejected him. "It's not difficult. I'm dispensable in the Qin family."

As long as she touched Qin Hai's interests, he would give up on her as his daughter.

Fu Hanchuan's heart skipped a beat. Waves of dull pain came over him. Sheng Sheng's situation was really heartbreaking.

He rubbed Qin Sheng's hair. "Sheng Sheng, you still have my grandfather. We'll treat you very well."

"Okay.." A brilliant smile bloomed on Qin Sheng's face.

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