Almighty Coach

Chapter 6: I Only Need One Day

Chapter 6: I Only Need One Day

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All children wanted to perform the best they could in front of their parents. This was also true for Xiaoming Huang. He walked to the horizontal bar without any hesitation when Dai Li called his name. He really wanted to show his dad how well he could do.

"He looks like he's 75 kilograms, almost the same as my son."

"Is he going to do a pull-up? Do you think he can even finish one?"

"I doubt it. I feel my son is a little slimmer than him, my son couldn't even manage to do one pull-up."

"That Teacher Li just told him to show his training results from the first day. Maybe he can do one pull-up!"

"One pull-up means nothing! You need six to pass the exam!"

Their discussion hit Xiaoming Huang's father hard. A complicated feeling of depression, shame, and expectation rose up from his heart.

"If he can't even manage to do one pull-up in front of all these parents, it could be really embarrassing. I hope Xiaoming can finish at least one," thought Xiaoming Huang's dad, sighing silently.

Xiaoming Huang had already walked to the horizontal bar while they were talking. Dai Li shouted, "Recall all the points of the movement. Don't get nervous, just think of it as normal training."

Xiaoming Huang nodded silently. He reached out his arms and jumped slightly to grab the horizontal bar. Everyone's attention was on Xiaoming Huang. He hung on the horizontal bar with his arms. Then he squeezed with his power and finished a perfect pull-up.

"Wow, he really did one pull-up!"

"His movement seems good enough to reach the standard. And he doesn't look very exhausted."

"That move looks very skillful. I bet this kid practiced hard the whole day. He received the result he deserved!"

Xiaoming Huang's father heard the discussion and felt very proud.

"That's my boy! Good job! I'll let you play on the computer for one hour tonight since you didn't shame your old man!" Xiaoming Huang's father thought proudly.

However, Xiaoming Huang didn't get off the horizontal bar. Instead, he gave it another shot.

"A second one! He did two pull-ups in total!"

"I didn't expect that fat potato to be able to do two pull-ups!"

Many of the parents spoke with envy. Some of the parents even patted their children's shoulders and said, "Look at him. He is as heavy as you. Even he can do two pull-ups."

Xiaoming Huang's father didn't look worried anymore. Instead, he was flushed with success. His own son was enjoying his moment of fame, so of course he felt happy. As his dad was about to praise him, Xiaoming Huang finished another pull-up.

"Three times! He did three pull-ups!"

"No way. How could such a fat kid do three pull-ups?" Many of the parents sounded very surprised, and also a bit jealous.

However, Xiaoming Huang had no intention of stopping. He kept trying, and finished a fourth pull-up.

"He did another one! It's already the fourth one!" Zhenye Zhu's mother said surprisedly. But this time, she got no response. All the other parents were staring at Xiaoming Huang with their eyes wide open. It seemed like they couldn't believe what was happening in front of them.

The fourth pull-up took more energy from Xiaoming Huang. You could tell from his movement that it was not as easy as the first one. But the fourth pull-up was not the end. Xiaoming Huang rested for three to four seconds, then began to move again.

For the fifth pull-up, Xiaoming Huang's arms trembled because he was trying very hard to use his strength. The muscles in his arms were all contracted, and the movement this time was obviously very hard for him. He could fall off at any time. However, he gritted his teeth and did not show any intention of giving up.

"Go, my boy!" Xiaoming Huang's father clenched his fists tightly as he cheered silently for his son. The next moment, Xiaoming Huang's jaw finally went over the horizontal bar. His fifth pull-up was completed!

All the parents looked at Xiaoming Huang and felt so shocked that their faces looked dull. How could a person as fat as Xiaoming Huang do five pull-ups?

"Xiaoming Huang. Get off!" Dai Li said. He loosened his hands and fell to the ground immediately with his mouth opened wide, trying to catch his breath. He had reached his limit of five pull-ups.

Dai Li took one step forward and stood right in front of Xiaoming Huang's father. "Are you satisfied with the result of the first day of training?" he asked straightforwardly.

"What?" Obviously Xiaoming Huang's father was so out of sorts that he couldn't give a response right away.

Dai Li continued, "You just said that it would take Coach Shouliang Zhao two weeks to make Xiaoming Huang do five pull-ups, didn't you?" Dai Li repeated his words. However, the same sentence sounded so different now to the others.

"Five pull-ups. Compared to that Coach Zhao, who said he needed two weeks to train the students. I only ask for one day!"

Dai Li's voice echoed and fell into the ears of the parents. It was like a hammer had hit their chest. They couldn't help but stand in shock. To make Xiaoming Huang do five pull-ups would take even a professional coach two weeks. However, the young undergraduate had only taken one day to achieve it. The difference in time left an impression like a dragon was waving at them in a river. Their hearts couldn't calm down for a while. Could it be that Coach Shouliang Zhao was not skilled enough?

Of course not! Shouliang Zhao had taught in municipal sports, which meant he was qualified enough. At least in Yuzhou City, you could even call him a top-level coach. Otherwise he wouldn't have even been hired by the municipal sports team.

It was not because Coach Shouliang Zhao was not good enough—it was that this young man right in front of them was so good that he was more qualified than Coach Shouliang Zhao.

"How could that be possible? An undergraduate student is way better than the professional coach from the municipal sports team?" Some of the parents still couldn't believe it, even though they had seen it with their eyes.

"Maybe he is a swindler that they hired to fool us. Maybe they are just acting!" a voice said. Although it was said very quietly, everyone still heard it.

"Watch your mouth!" Xiaoming Huang's father argued, feeling very insulted.

"No one knows if you are a swindler or not except yourself," the voice echoed again. Everybody then realized that it was Zhenye Zhu's mother. The one who had argued the most for the refund before had been her as well. She spoke with sarcasm, and looked like she would need some more convincing.

Dai Li didn't pay much attention to it. He smiled and said, "Zhenye Zhu. Get on the horizontal bar and show your mom whether I hired a swindler or not."

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