Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 10

Jin Cheng opened the fridge and was quite surprised for a moment. In the past, Ji Qing’s cooking was very normal. Everything about her cooking was just average, probably only once or twice did Jin Cheng found her cooking tasted good.

So, Jin Cheng hired a maid. Ji Qing didn’t say anything but she gave out a disappointed look. Jin Cheng didn’t have high expectations for the contents of her fridge, it would be good to be able to get out a bowl or two of noodles to temporarily curb the hunger.

Jin Cheng hasn’t been here for long, but he felt that he didn’t want to go. Here in the house decorated to suite his wife’s taste, he felt at home, he felt an attachment to it.

Surprisingly, there were plenty of food in the fridge. Suddenly a thought went through his mind, since they have reunited, this would be a good chance to prepare a great meal and sit down to a warm and romantic dinner.

Jin Cheng weighed slightly then started to take out some vegetables, meat and fruit from the refrigerator, he turned to say to Ji Qing standing on the other side: “Come over and help, don’t just stand around and wait!”

Ji Qing handed over some utensils, Jin Cheng threw her an onion: “peel these first … …”

Ji Qing squatted on the ground near the trash can, peeling the onion while peeping at Jin Cheng. She never knew he could cook, in fact, in her mind, Jin Cheng is always standing on the clouds on the top of the world, so elegant and glamorous.

But now this dazzling man in front of her, is emitting a fresh and sweet smell that is making Ji Qing kind of jumpy.

His movements were confident, well-organized, and skillful … … Ji Qing finished peeling the onion and then stood up. She stared at Jin Cheng, his hands chopping so fast. Those perfect slender fingers, in addition to playing the piano, it also can be used to cut.

Jin Cheng marinated the sliced beef, twisted around and caught a glimpse of her, took the onion from her hand, neatly cutting it into uniform blocks, slipping a cabbage, and then started cooking.

Ji Qing took the cabbage and organized it after she finished washing them. She peered at Jin Cheng and suddenly saw he had a spatula in his hand, standing on the edge of the counter, looking more and more handsome. Tasting the meal, she had to admit that his cooking tasted pretty good.

Ji Qing suddenly let go of the chopsticks, this man could do such cooking, her meager culinary skills was really a joke compared to his. The dishes tasted very good but Ji Qing couldn’t eat much and put her chopsticks down.

Full of nerves, Ji Qing felt really stupid. She forgot that she previously told a lie and now she needs to tell a 100 more lies to fit the story, she’s terrible at lying. She seemed to fall into her own set of dead ends and dilemma. Jin Cheng has a very good appetite, eating two bowls of rice, with a bowl of soup, then put down the chopsticks.

Ji Qing feeling very self-conscious, cleared the bowls and washed them. Coming out of the kitchen, she found Jin Cheng couldn’t find the tea, but instead he was drinking coffee out of her favorite mug, sitting in the living room watching TV.

The TV news channel that was his favorite, but that was not the problem, it was his laid-back attitude, Ji Qing felt that he was making himself at home here.

Seeing her exiting the kitchen, Jin Cheng turned off the TV, waived her over, and with a patient tone he said to her: “I think we can talk calmly now. I was wrong, I apologize. I thought it over and we did not come to the point of divorce, our marriage is something between both you and me. It has nothing to do with the Feng family. Until now, I do not understand why you want a divorce, I now give you the opportunity to tell me the real reason. If there is a misunderstanding, we can fix it, we can correct it, it does not have to end with a divorce …… ”

“The reason?” Honestly speaking, Ji Qing herself did not know the reason, but that she only wanted to leave him. After having Xiao Xue, she was tired, she was spent, and the reason did not happened overnight, but over time. To put it bluntly, it is Ji Qing’s inferiority complex, and if she had to admit it, it was her lack of self-esteem.

When two people get married not because of love, it could be said that the love is one-sided, Jin Cheng had made it very clear, after his marriage, he didn’t want her to meddle in his life. He made the prenuptial agreements, did not care about her reasons, and he is letting her say anything now?

This man has always been crafty, seemingly elegant, but actually overbearingly cunning, why would she be his opponent?

Jin Cheng picked up the cup, lightly took a sip and slightly frowned. It’s difficult to drink, he put down the cup, looked at his wife, waiting for her answer.

Thoroughly cool Jin Cheng was unusually precise in finding the core of the problem, for a long time the woman stood there with her head down, Jin Cheng did not urge her, but patiently waited.

After a while, Jin Cheng lifted his wrist to see his watch: “I will give you ten minutes time, if you didn’t give me any convincing reason, I can think that there is no real reason for it. If there was actually no existing reason for the divorce, so it was just you vexing, maybe it’s because of your immaturity, I can forgive you this time, start packing, tomorrow we go home.”

Ji Qing felt somewhat stunned just looked at him. She belatedly discovered that it’s impossible to communicate with this man, they were like two people from different planets, and Ji Qing did not know how to deal with this man. Jin Cheng cell phone rang, he glanced and picked it up, the room was quiet. Since Jin Cheng did not steer clear from the room, Ji Qing can faintly hear the voices, the familiar female’s crisp and nice voice. The caller and Jin Cheng are obviously very familiar, she familiarly called his name…

Ji Qing recalled several months after they were married, she still was not used to call his name.

“Jin Cheng, where are you? I have been trying to call you on the phone all day. Liu said you were on a business trip in T City. Tomorrow I have a campaign interview in T City, I have now passed the toll booth, if you are not busy, why not go out for a meal, our Deputy Director also … … ”

Jin Cheng looked down at his watch, 8:30, muses: “Okay! I’ll direct you where to go? Go straight past.” There was a giggle on the phone twice: ” ………and where? The usual place … … ”

Jin Cheng put down his phone, he turned back to find that his wife had not moved from there. She was trying to see who he was talking with. His friendship with Zhang Lu is something she cannot avoid. Zhang Lu is Ji Qing’s stepmother-Zhang Yan’s sister. Zhang Yan wanted to match him with her sister but Zhang Lu was not his type, or to say, not the type that he will marry, too capable, too talented. He liked simple women, like his wife, who was sometimes silly and clumsy. (wl : isn’t this type of man usually a chauvinist, domineering controlling man….?)(ES: He is at the top of my sh*t list)

However, even though there were no bad feelings but some lingering thoughts remained. Lu graduated as a television reporter, with a bright and sleek appearance, soon she made columns outside the press conferences and became popular.

Jin Cheng was really familiar with her because two years ago, in order to upgrade the company image, Zhang Lu gave him a few interviews, so Jin Cheng owes her a few small favors. Later he took her out to eat a few times, on those outings they found out that she and Ji Qing were related, they also determined that Zhang Lu was not Jin Cheng’s plate of dish.

Feng Jin Cheng is a businessman, and for a businessman it’s important to be slick, it’s also important to socialize with the right group of people, especially the media. By socializing, they can achieve a mutual benefit. And also at this moment he thinks that he should give his wife some space to think. His wife’s brain is stupid, he should let her think it over so she would go back with him willingly. (ES: grrr………this man should be burnt in the steaks)

During the year of marriage, whenever he went out for entertainment, Ji Qing never asked him anything, she never had much of a reaction, she would always play a small, peaceful and virtuous wife. Therefore at this time, Jin Cheng thought that there is nothing wrong with their behavior.

Jin Cheng went in to the bedroom, picked up his coat and tie, finishing up, while saying to Ji Qing: “Excuse me, there is a dinner party, I am afraid, will be back very late, you go to sleep first, and tomorrow morning we will go back to B City, good wife … …”

As before, he bowed his head so Ji Qing can kiss his forehead, and then he turned away, Ji Qing suddenly felt ironic.

Jin Cheng went downstairs to the car, press down the window, looked up, and the window was mirrored in his wife’s shadow, Jin Cheng’s lips bent, his wife is awkward with him, in fact she’s still uncomfortable around him.

Jin Cheng’s whole body relaxed, the saying was right, take care of business at home before taking care of business outside, for him this is really good reasoning. The Deputy Director was a key figure in the media, so this socializing event is also very important.

Zhang Lu did not play an important role in this projection, in his eyes, she is a dispensable sidekick, but he does not know, that in his wife’s heart, Zhang is like a thorn in her flesh.

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