Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 11.1

Ji Qing looked through the curtain as Jin Cheng’s car drove away, she felt a painfully familiar feeling with this scene, and during the one year of married life she relived this over and over again. Jin Cheng never hidden anything from her, like the articles in the newspaper, Jin Cheng’s life is very colorful.

It’s a given, Jin Cheng is a successful man, excellent pedigree, and has handsome looks. All these conditions, gold plated, diamond encrusted layers wrapping the man. Even a blind person cannot ignore him, not to mention the sharp eyes of other women.

Her marriage to Jin Cheng assured the estimate that she was a dumb wife. The thought that Feng Jin Cheng is a man that marry for love is preposterous. She had already waken up from that dream, but she can’t help have fluke of wishful thinking from time to time. She is a humble, vulnerable, and sill woman with no backbone. (ES: For goodness sakes, if you keep telling yourself that, what will become of you?)

The sound of the phone ringing, snapped her out of her self-pity It was Zi Qin: “Ji Qing, why are you taking so long? It’s been two hours already. Xiao Xue and I had finished already. Come back to my hous quick, don’t forget to lock the doors and the windows. Also you should take a taxi.”

Ji Qing put down the phone, and a warmth filled her heart, it’s like a loving relationship of a family, Zi Qin was caring for her and Xiao Xue, more than her relatives, she sometimes thinks Zi Qin as her own sister.

Ji Qing found a big travel bag, and threw her own clothes, then Xue’s clothes in it, she turned off the lights, locked the door. She can afford it, she doesn’t want to hang out with that guy any longer, she doen’t have the ability to love as Jin Cheng’s wife, that she knows for sure.

Zi Qin was shocked to see Ji Qing dragging a big luggage bag through the door and Xiao Xue staggered: “Mom, Mu… … Mom” and passed by rubbing against her, Ji Qing put down the luggage, picked her daughter up, while saying: “Xiao, we are going to live with godmother for some time, OK? ”

Zi Qin took Xiao, and said: “First let’s wash up, we just came back from playing outside, who knows how many bacteria we have on us, Xiao’s body is weak, she doesn’t have much resistance. As her Mom, you should know this better. Also, I told you before that you shouldn’t waste money moving to a different place, you could have stayed here, my house is not big, but it is enough for us to live in. You, Xue and Aunt Guo can take the bigger room, you can also use the living room for Xue’s play area. I don’t need to work two shifts, so I can see Xue at home every day, it’s a better arrangement, but you never listen to me”

Zi Qin lifted her eyebrows, holding Xue in the washroom doorway staring at Ji Qing and asked: “but how come you suddenly change your mind, did you see Jin Cheng?”

Ji Qing pursed her lips: “In short I don’t want to get involved with him.”

“Then divorce! You don’t need to carry out the formalities”.

Ji Qing shook her head:” Zi Qin, do you know, who he is? The problem is that he doesn’t want to divorce, I will have to sue him and go to court, and I don’t think I will have a big chance of winning.”

Zi Qin honest shook her head: “It would be hard to win at all.”

” … … “Ji Qing said:” I can only hide! It wasn’t easy to go in hiding for two years especially with a child.”

Zi Qin shook her head again: “I feel that things are not so simple, what would you do about work?”

“I’ll have to quit, but I didn’t do much here, I was still in my probationary period, even if I don’t get my wages, people won’t let it go so easily.”。

“What the fuck, ruining people’s honest life, you hold still, and stay in hiding.” Zi Qin felt indignant, resentful and angry knowing that they cannot go up against Jin Cheng.

Jin Cheng is really did not expect to finish entertaining his guest and return from the clubhouse in three hours. However when he got back to the apartment, he found that it was empty. He rang the doorbell, but nobody answered. The next door neighbor told him that Ji Qing left at about nine carrying a large luggage bag. Hearing this he frowned, that woman took off and ran away again.

His face turned pale as he realized that she was hiding from him. Jin Cheng got in the car, his lungs felt as if they were going to explode. He looked at himself in the mirror not understanding why this woman is so eager to let him know that she never wants to meet him again.

Jin Cheng lit a cigarette, smoked a few puffs in a row to calm himself down, he reflected for a few minutes, and still did not find the problem, he opened the door and stepped out, leaned against the hood of the car, not able to understand what she was thinking. He waited until dawn, but he didn’t even see her shadow.

Jin Cheng, suddenly felt himself being a bit too nice to the woman, not wanting to scold up her, he wanted to give her time to think about it and adapt. Not only did she not appreciate his intentions, she even ran away.

Jin Cheng gritted, pulled out his cell phone and dialed Hu Jun. He found himself looking all around, just in case she would pass by.

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