Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 9

Remembering the past, how his kisses always excites her and just like fire in contrast to his cold and indifferent personality, this man once heated up, just one kiss from him can transform Ji Qing into molten ash.

Ji Qing had no resistance against him, in front of him, she was always humble, humble as dust. To this piece of dust, the two years that quietly flew through, only made it denser. In love, whoever fell first, was destined to never be able to stand up and it was the 16 year old Ji Qing who fell in love with Jin Cheng and had loved him for so long, so long.

To Ji Qing, sometimes it seems that she loved this man her whole life, even if they fall apart, that love will never disappear as if it was etched in her bones, and it is timeless.

Jin Cheng greedily kissed the lady in his arms, their tongues blending, just like milk and water, a perfect mix.

Jin Cheng’s best hope at this time is that if only time could stop, not hurrying past, just at this moment, she was in his arms, he kissed her at this moment, so cute, such sweet pain … …

The accumulation of two years of longing, his lips and tongue, changed from overbearing to gentle, gently and slowly, slipping away from her lips. A wet and burning hot sensation along the side of Ji Qing’s neck slowly shifting, from time to time a light bite, a peck, making her feel pain, itching, and goose bumps. It lit a fire in Ji Qing’s body but she was unable to burn away, not from Jin Cheng solid embrace, tightly holding her waist, making sure that she couldn’t escape……

T-city had a rather cold winter, usually the houses were pre-heated, especially when it was snowing, but since she hadn’t turned on the heater, it was quite cold.

Ji Qing recovering from the heat, felt the strands of chilly air flowing through her skin. Though only for a moment, she regained her senses to find that her woolen coat had slid to the ground, her blouse unbuttoned, half of it hanging off her body.

Her lingerie was loose, Jin Cheng hand had reached inside, sometimes light and sometimes heavily kneading. She felt him pushing her against the wall, Jin Cheng’s other arm around her waist and his big hands slipping, touching her……. (ES: sorry, I am leaving this part untranslated, but I’m sure we all get the idea)

She was scantily clad and awkward, and he had his coat on, even his tie knot was undisturbed. Ji Qing began to feel embarrassedand she shoved him away. (ES: Good going girl! It’s not a good idea to be too willing)

Jin Cheng did not expect her to have this reaction, he was pushed so hard that he went back two steps, and ended up sitting directly behind the bed. Ji Qing fixed her clothesthen bent down to pick up her coat. She looked up at Jin Cheng erratic eyes. In them she could see confusion, doubt, suppressed desires, and even anger. Those eyes unconsciously made her feel guilty. These events are really giving her a headache, but this really is not the right time to reunite with him!

“This woman, what does that mean?” Jin Cheng suddenly felt that he used to hold this small rabbit at the palm of his hands, and now two years later, when they had the chance to catch up, what was she thinking? He didn’t understand her reaction, Jin Cheng felt sure that she wants him, that kind of shaking as a response, Jin Cheng could barely control himself.

Honestly Jin Cheng thought that after being separated for two years, he just wants to kiss his wife, and then … … Her influence on him is so big, he felt he was losing all control and would take her directly.

However, this is not a heinous crime, to put it bluntly, they are a couple, and this usually is taken for granted. But this little lady, what’s with that expression? Shame, regret, this is a very simple thing, does she need to be like this? Or did this woman forget the fact that he is her man. (ES: Jin Cheng, you jerk! Spousal rape is a form of abuse and indeed is domestic violence, not cool!)

Jin Cheng thought that he really needs to remind her of it: “Ji Qing, I am your husband, regardless of law or fact, I guess, you won’t forget it!”

Ji Qing blushed, Jin Cheng is full of ambiguous words, and burned up, this man doesn’t know how to be subtle, perhaps he is accustomed to be blunt in front of her, and he’s saying this, Ji Qing guessed that he really wants to reunite with her.

She was tired and didn’t want to face this complex situation, and most importantly, she has Xiao Xue, a heart full of hope and happiness for her little angel, these two years her life was peaceful and quiet, also happy, her daughter’s love can fill all defects, she didn’t want anything to change.

Particularly that she didn’t want Jin Cheng to know about the child, because she cannot predict his reaction, not knowing the consequences, Ji Qing didn’t want to risk it, maintaining the status quo, is the best thing to do.

Ji Qing’s face turned dull, even slightly cold, leaning against the wall looking at Jin Cheng, a little tired but very clear: “Jin Cheng, I had suddenly left, I was ill-conceived, but I really think that we do not fit to be husband and wife, you married me, but it was out of filial piety to your parents, you do not like me, and do not love me. And about my father, with the present situation, if we separate, for the Feng family, it would be more good than harm. Jin Cheng, I selfishly tied you to a year of marriage, I am very sorry, and now I’m willing to let you free. ”

Jin Cheng’s eyes turned colder, when Ji Qing finished speaking, his eyes had frozen like arctic ice, and piled up was a glacier of fury, as if it was a volcano ready to erupt, very dangerous.

He never knew that this women was so lucid, in his mind, the woman in front of him was always cowardly, always talked in a low voice, or even stammered. Speaking so openly about love, it was the first time, but to him it is inappropriate in such a place.

Jin Cheng hated to admit it but now he was forced to. This woman has had her way with him that in the moment in mind, an aftertaste of the past, he thought he would push her through.

Because of Ji Qing’s words, Jin Cheng lost his wise judgment, thinking that this woman is still talking about separating from him. He is letting bygones be bygones and she still wants to leave him, and is saying so much worthless piece of crap to convince him.

Jin Cheng clapped his hands, it sounds unusually loud in a quiet space, Ji Qing’s heart quickly jump a few times: “Ji Qing, surprisingly in the two-year separation, you become quite good at talking! Set me free? HA HA! That’s why you left? I was forced to marry you, I didn’t like you, did not love you, I was unhappy? Two years later, you want to set me free. Are you looking for somebody new, because you gave me such a lame excuse … … ”

Ji Qing’s face turned white, this guy never has anything good to say. She always knewthat while he is wearing an elegant mask, no one ever really knows that he has neither tolerance nor understanding. When it comes to his line in a discussion, he would strike back, even though she is a woman, or his wife, he was always relentless.

Ji Qing started to be really hurt by him, after all those memories of him, for her it is precious, and she did not like him profaning it. She can endure so much, because it is clear that she is not his opponent, he will never back off even when the opponent is not qualified.

Ji Qing bit her lip and lowered her head, not even looking at him, giving a passive resistance, whatever he said, she stayed idle.

Jin Cheng doesn’t hate her, she just never could express herself, even when her father had an accident, he waited for her to personally ask for his help, he waited for a few days, but she didn’t say a word, she just sat there silently, saying nothing, just like a wooden stake, he did not know what she was thinking.(wl : sigh…what a lack communication did to them…causing misunderstanding n heartache)

Now that he thinks about it, during their marriage, she never asked him anything, not even about the slightest things. But this time, with just a few strung words, she wants him to let go of her. Since they had married, she never made the decision, it was always what he says goes.

Jin Cheng pressed his temple, he decided not to make his wife upset, for what its worth he was here, she would not try to run.

“I’m hungry, give me a bowl of noodles, we can talk about this later … …” Ji Qing was stunned, this was hardly his style. Now he wants her to cook, in his eyes she must be so easy to bully around.

Ji Qing stood there, motionless. Jin Cheng looked at her eyes, suddenly burst into a loud laugh, and this woman really has little patience with him.

He stood up, threw off his coat on the bed, pulled open the tie, removed the cuff links, placed them on the bedside table, and folded his sleeves to the elbow, he stepped aside and asked: “where is the kitchen?”(ES: Now that’s kinda sexy, a man cooking)

Ji Qing subconsciously pointed to the outside to the next door.

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