Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 11.2

Annoyed by the sounds of a barking dog, and his son that crept into their bed, disturbing his plans for a couple’s quality night, Hu Jun was kicking and tossing in bed not being able to fall asleep as he held back his sexual urges. Suddenly the sound of the phone ringing surprised him. He jumped out of the bed and shot out of the bedroom to answer as not to wake up his wife and son. It was Jin Cheng’s voice on the other side. He let out a complaint “Do you know what time it is? Can’t you wait for daybreak?”

Jin Cheng did not pay him any attention “Do me a favor, do what it takes, I need to find my wife, quickly!”

Feng Jin Cheng said with a sharp tone, Hu Jun now completely awake. These two years, Jin Cheng had never cared to look for his wife. Everybody just thought that he was over her.

Everybody was careful in mentioning the marriage and separation around him, even when they saw him burying himself in drinks for the past two years, never did they once mention about his wife, nor did he want to talk about her.

But on second thought, this is a really good outcome. If this couple can talk face to face and iron out their differences that would be good, because avoidance will not solve anything.

Jin Cheng is a difficult person to understand, but for Hu Jun looking into this matter is a brotherly thing to do, so he actually had done hid due diligence before. Resting on his desk, was an envelope with a systematic information about Ji Qing.

Hu Jun opened the envelope, and took out its contents, he looked at the photo of the cute little girl, and couldn’t help but feel jealousy, how good life is for Jin Cheng, even though his wife ran away for two years, but she gave him a beautiful baby.

Hu Jun hid this jealousy for a long time, only to find that things seem to be bad, Jin Cheng’s wife gave birth to this child, and she’s in hiding and does not want to come back. Jin Cheng seemingly obsessed to not make the effort to find her, for Hu Jun it is such a frustrating situation.

Sure enough, once Jin Cheng held the report in his hand, he’s expression turned dark and his hand shook with irate. Hu June cannot help but feel worried for Ji Qing, so he tried to give an advice” Jin Cheng, your wife, as I remember her was a virtuous and honest woman. Don’t worry, I’m sure there was a good reason for her to do what she did. It’s normal for couples to have problems, but now that you have a daughter, you should try to…..”

“Daughter?” Jin Cheng cried out with surprise and hatred, two years passed, and he didn’t know he had a daughter. His flesh and blood suffering somewhere out there. He remembered that she didn’t even try to tell him or explain anything. Unreasonably refusing to go back home with him not even mentioning that she had a daughter with him. And now this? So she’s planning to take his child and marry another man? Over his dead body!

Jin Cheng felt a murderous impulse growing inside him, his chest filled with irrepressible rage. Hu Jun took a glance at him, Jin Cheng’s face remained calm and unchanged. He began to admire Jin Cheng’s wife, just the mention of her can always soothe him and calm him down.

But he still tried to ask: “So, Jin Cheng, what are you going to do?”

Jin Cheng suddenly stood up, laughed out twice, then with a scary and cold tone he said: “Do? She wants a divorce? Fine! She will hand over the kid to me, and then she can get lost! “Hu June was startled.

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