Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 3

Sweet and warm, familiar feeling the drilling from the lips of the mouth, through the oral cavity ring-down into theirs, Jin Cheng knows what he thinks about this woman … …

He almost greedily sucked in such a long absence of taste, as if a thirsty traveler in the desert, diving in, like a clear lake in the oasis… … But unfortunately there wasn’t long aftertaste, exactly to say, but one moment, he was again interrupted by a ringing ringtone.

Jingle bells sound, not only broke a Jin Cheng’s act, but also pulled out from the myth Ji Qing, her face was flushed, and small hand haste to push the man in front of her, after discovery of foresight, his influence, still so great that, when he was near, she didn’t resist in any way.

Ji Qing is clear that she has an absolute disadvantage, their marriage , her love, with no relevance , and her feelings for Jin cheng, maybe is fundamental non-existent of stuff, she moves her eyes to view an Idol drama passing on the screen, even though Feng Jin Cheng saw this, out of politeness he didn’t say anything, only giving her an unconceivable look in his eyes.

Sometimes glancing on the TV screen, coincides with sad teary drama, finally frowned said loudly: “watching TV is for entertainment and fun, not like you, to tear yourself out, has lost its fun, does not look good. “A loud snap, picked up the remote control to turn it off.

Ji Qing remembers, she was looking at him a little bit taken aback, but couldn’t find any sentence to refute, this guy is too rational, too rational, always taking a detached position, measure everything out.

Zhi Qin told her that to her he was extremely boring. This guy is really not romantic, nor affectionate, but she loves him, facing him after two years, she continued to have no chance.

Ji Qing stood up and pushed the infusion bottle pole aside, moving a few steps before she picked up the phone and said, “Hello, aunt Guo … … It’s me, Ji Qing … … ”

The person on the other side seemed relieved, hastily: “Xiao JI Ah! I think you dialed the wrong number, a male voice … … ”

“Well … … it was my colleagues … … “Ji Qing said.

Aunt Guo laughed loudly: “I know, I know, aunt actually told you, you are so young and pretty, you should have someone to share the burden … …”

“Aunt, was calling? What’s going on now? “Ji Qing tightly clutching the phone asked softly.

“No, no, I say you, my nephew is going to get married, I go back home for a visit, and will be back in two days, light snow here……”

“Oh! “Ji Qing said:” You go home! I will arrange everything, huh! Well … … Thank you…… Good bye … ..”Ji Qing hang up the phone, turn around, finding Feng sitting in her chair, staring at her, eyes cold and pale, Ji Qing involuntarily held her arm, walking over to the nurses ‘ station, the IV needle was hanging loose.

Nurse was a rookie, nervous with the needle, made her feel some pain, but she just had to bare the pain and it’ll be over, putting the needle properly, Ji Qing looks back at Jincheng. Ji Qing keeping the phone completely coming back down to Earth, she and Jin Cheng, now no longer have to be involved, if he finds out … …

Ji Qing involuntarily shivered, this man for her is untouchable, Ji Qing is very self-conscious and she knew ell that he didn’t love her, and that their marriage was a dead end.

Jin Cheng has been wondering who was on the phone? Or should I say, what business did this person have to do with his wife? Ji Qing, Jincheng thinks he knows, had agreed to marry, but also because looking at this simple little woman’s nature, maybe because he was used to seeing heavily make-upped complicated women, he thought his wife was a simple woman, he has no peace at home.

His father-in-law’s family relationship is somewhat complicated, but his wife’s life was extremely simple, simple yet kind of scandalous, her best friend and classmate, Zi Qin, for a guy who is not too important, Jincheng always chose to ignore, and even his wife’s girlfriends, too.

He only saw them one or two times, even can’t remember their names, because it is a bit rare, obviously, is certainly not a call from Zi Qin, if it was, she didn’t have to sneak around … …

Jin Cheng felt wronged, remembering that from reunion to now, it was just several hours ago, Feng Jin Cheng only suddenly realized, between him and his wife, they had been separated for two years, some things, he does not knows of, this made Jin Cheng very upset.

Jin Cheng took the coat, walked past, Ji Qing feeling sensitive, the nurse giving her an injection, avoiding his eyes, holding a big book pretending to read, Ji Qing thought about herself.

Eyes fell on to the striding man, handsome profile, upright posture. Wearing white shirt, wrapped around his strong upper body, his tie had been removed, several buttons opened, removing a bit prim and precise, more of an unruly charm, sexy, very attractive

Ji Qing decided not to talk to him, feeling embarrassed of what happened, kissing in a place like this, forgetting that this is a hospital, apart from them, there’s couple of transfusion patients, and nurses … … Ji Qing deliberately choosing to ignore him with her head down, she can feel those eyes judging her … …

Leaving the infusion room, Ji Qing walked extremely fast, but because of her short legs, she took two steps, Feng can catch up with one, therefore, from the door of the emergency room when she was a little out of breath, Jin Cheng still strolling, followed behind her.

It was already 11 o’clock at night, and winter nights, cold wind blowing through, a little chilly, she can see dim spots of light in the distance, and the lights in some deserted streets.

Looking around it looked to her like B City, it feels like the same city, same noise, but it was as silent night, hazy, but the city is immense, but this is not B, it is T City, near B, but it is another city.

She chose to stay here, Ji Qing did not know why, this is the place where her mother was born, it is where her parents used to study, mom and dad here, had a romantic old encounter in the rain, mother didn’t bring an umbrella, dad just stopping by, lent the umbrella to mom, then naturally became lovers.

Thought they were in love, but two people who love each other, but divorced when she was five years old, although the hard love life, it was the most beautiful unforgettable memories.

Ji Qing sometimes think, he mom is probably loved her father, but her mother’s self-esteem did not allow her to hold on to the man she loved, following after him, this was her mother, behaved herself like a stupid woman.

Having her parents as an example, Ji Qing never thought that her marriage would last forever, she wasn’t a refined beautiful woman, and he could always have someone better than her.

Jin Cheng wrapped his cashmere coat over her body, the coat covered her up to her ankle, an entire person wrapped in a dark overcoat, made her seem more petite.

Feng sighed lightly, suddenly found himself weak in the sight of this woman … …

This cuddly little lady looks better than two years ago, the kind of cowardice, summon the courage to face his appearance, particularly his heart.

Jin Cheng had never made much sense of it, he was a lost man, to his wife and son, and he can’t keep a hard heart.

As the saying goes, a hero becomes a prisoner to beauty, although she cannot be considered a beautiful young married woman, she continues to make life difficult, what? She won’t run away again, he wouldn’t give her a second chance, don’t even think about divorce, that damn agreement, was burnt to ashes by him thrown in the fireplace.

So, no matter what she thinks, she is the wife of Feng Jin Cheng.

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