Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 4

Ji Qing’s head slightly dropped. Of course now that they had been reunited, Jin Cheng has to take her home. Although it has not been made clear why she hid from him, he should let bygones be bygones.

So when Ji Qing opened the car door, he was slightly stunned for a moment, then looked at her frowning. Ji Qing stares at him for a moment, turning her head to say: “thank you for taking me to the hospital, we know … … well … … It’s late and I should go home, well, goodbye … … ”

Stammering to express her meaning, regardless of Jin Cheng’s stunned reaction, she quickly brushed away his coat, opened the door, and got out, a coherent set of actions very swiftly, to have better effect.

Jin Cheng pursed her lips, his eyes narrowed, this women is challenging his limits. Jin Cheng felt realization for the first time, is not one’s own delusions, two years later his wife has changed a lot. Watching the little figure walking away, Jin Cheng hardly contain his anger.

He was wrong, this little lady doesn’t seem to quit, he’ll just have to hold it in, he started driving……

Ji Qing rushed on the road, ready to stop a passing taxi, the streets unusually cold on winter nights, not to mention quiet, there are not many cars passing by. Ji Qing trembling and shivering in the cold for a long time, she never saw the shadow of a taxi, in the corner of her eye, she can spot Jin Cheng.

BMW seven series cars are rare, especially in the street late at night, and a charming man, smoking in the car, it’s hard to ignore.

His addiction is obvious, but also at home as he smoked cigars, thick, thick aroma of contamination in his possession, haunting every time when he hugged her, and in his arms, she could always smell the tobacco, and wasn’t a regular cigarette smoke oil smell, it smelled good.

Then thinking back Ji Qing felt that maybe it’s because of the beholder, and she has had a crush on him for years, and his shortcomings are all advantages. When she can think clearly, she realized that the woman who lovedthe man was a fool, totally fucking idiot ……

Jin Cheng stubbed the cigarette in his hand, this woman does not look as weak as a rabbit, she’s obstinate, get into arguments with him, and has a little temper.

In two years of married life, she remained silent more often than not, easygoing, silent. She did not work and he wouldn’t let her go to work; he didn’t think it was necessary. She had fought trying to talk to him into it for a while, saying that she spent four years in College, if she had worked for big companies for a few years, she would have been promoted, and so on … … He frowned, directly rejected the idea. He said: “The wife of Jin Cheng, can’t wait on other people!”

Staying at home as full-time homemaker, in Jin Cheng’s view, it’s beautiful to stay at home, reading, painting, gardening, tending flowers, when feeling bored then go out shopping. Until now, he thinks his own point of view is right, but his wife apparently didn’t think so.

So she’s not happy, truth be said, in the beginning Jin Cheng really didn’t think there was a difference between being married and being single except for the existence of silent small woman, she was too silent. When they just got married, they lived outside of the city in a villa. Within the big villa, she always found a corner to stay in. She most always likely was in a daze thinking of what, Jin Cheng didn’t know, because she always lowered her head with hands holding a book, sometimes half sitting, statue-like.

She can cook, she’s not great but not too bad either, he has always been accustomed to demanding good food, but above all it was the love that she put into it that made it delicious.

Feng Jin Cheng began to suspect that she did not marry him willingly, she would act cold towards him, but later would timidly accepted, that afterwards involuntarily responded, her slim small arm circling his neck, with closed eyes, enjoying his deep kiss……

She felt so good, he rarely kissed a woman on her lips, not even when he’s in bed, their lips rarely touched.He doesn’t like the idea of being stained by a woman’s lipstick, luckily Ji Qing was clean, even when at home; except for her self-grooming routine, she hardly uses makeup. She also doesn’t like perfume; he bought her several bottles, it just stays there on her dresser.

No perfume, she has a delicate sent of milk blended with soap, much like a child, she has a habit of drinking milk at night, when he held her, the smell brought sensations from the past, the illusion that he does not understand … …

Jin Cheng has not stepped forward, but had no intention of leaving, and he just looked at her. Ji Qing felt her hair standing all over, she knew this man is not an easy man, in fact, his overbearingness is almost unreasonable, being strong and dominant, especially for what he considers to be his, his wife.

Ji Qing hid from him but also because of this, she doesn’t want to take his anger.Actually, he never actually scolded her, only once when they were married, when she insisted to go to work, most of the time, Ji Qing never spoke out to this guy, he’s always standing there, looking down at her, as if he was a deity, and she was the crowd of ants.

In these two years she was trying not to think about him, other than looking for a job, she didn’t even watch the news, she was subconsciously avoiding everything related to her past. Zi Qin said she was running away, in addition to escaping, she couldn’t think of another way to do it.

When she found out that she was pregnant, she was aware that in her belly a small life was created, in a twist of fate, a child, his child, belonging to Jin Cheng and her. Like any other woman in love with a man, this was the greatest of all wishes, to have his healthy children who look like him and carry his genes. That was the happiest thing that could happen.

Ji Qing then did not allow herself to be carried away, she decided to test him, their routine was beginning to change from when they were first married, Jin Cheng would come home every day, dined , he would hold her on the sofa while watching TV, although not watching her favorite drama series, but the news she always thought it to be boring.10:30 was the bed time, usually at around 10 o’clock, he carry her into bathroom, Ji Qing didn’t remember from when did he start to like to help her bathe, she started to feel an addiction to it, it’s hard to believe that towards the end of the marriage, he got bored of it.

Certainly, each bath session was not simple, usually in his big Jacuzzi, he would carry her out when she had felt relaxed, he would take a big towel and wrapped her in it, put her on the bed , and does not let her fall asleep, but will patiently kiss her, kiss her forehead , eyes, lips, neck, ears , collarbone ……

His urges were strong, even when they were just married, he was rarely home, when he was at home, he would bring her to the bed for a night of passionate love. When she woke up, he was already not around, usually Ji Qing would think that she had an erotic dream, but can these dream left marks on her body.

The first night he started off rather gently, she felt like she was being ripped apart, if not for his support, she probably couldn’t last … … Then she gradually got used to it, and lost all resistance.

Speaking of shame, just in the infusion roomwhen he kissed her, she can’t hold the light quivering with heartbeats so rapid and panic, just like when he kissed her for the first time……

Ji Qing does not understand, what does Jin Cheng want from her? In Ji Qing’s perception, this man would never be a woman stalker, he’s too proud. What does she have? No beauty, not body, no family history, almost nothing, and children are not his favorite thing.

He told her: “Kids are really troublesome, if we didn’t have any, our lives will remain this way “. When he had said these word, they were sunbathing on the patio on the rocking chair, it was early winter, warm sunshine fell on Ji Qing, but she began to feel a chill in her heart.

This guy is not a sentimental person, bluntly said that he doesn’t like children, and that they will never have children.

Her mood instantly hit rock bottom, bad thoughts passed through her mind, her dad and stepmom pointing at her calling her ungrateful, Jin Cheng treatment towards her, so early in pregnancy when she almost collapsed.

She was weak. Without a female friend to confide, every time she met difficulties, she would escape, so she ran, she ran for two years, but now she is forced to confront it?

Ji Qing suddenly found that compared with two years ago, now she has more courage, not to confront, but to defend, defend her quiet life now, defending her little daughter, Xiao Xue was everything to her, she doesn’t want her to be hurt in any way, not even by her biological father who never wanted her………

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