Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 5

Finally an empty car came from the distance, Ji Qing halted it when it reached in front of her. Ji Qing’s hand held the door handle, it opened, suddenly two big hands pushed the door shut, Jin Cheng waved to the driver who was inside, he let go of the door, dragging the submissive Ji Qing behind him, he walked to the front of his car, briskly opened door, and with the same strength, threw her inside the car. Jin Cheng sat in the car, looked at her, her head leaned sideways, Ji Qing shrank her body, almost sticking to the door, trying to open the door, but to no avail, two people in such a confined space, Ji Qing clearly felt, Feng Jin Cheng’s angry blaze.

“What do you mean? “Jin Cheng hissed. Ji Qing’s heart pounded but deep inside she is aware that one day she will have to come face to face with this problem, trying to escape wouldn’t solve anything. With this in mind, Ji Qing found the courage to look up, looking into Jin Cheng’s eyes, not hiding anymore: “well, Jin Cheng, we are divorced … … it’s been two years … and … “.

Feng Jin Cheng’s eyes became cloudy, from the moment they met earlier, she repeatedly brought up the divorce. Feng Jin Cheng couldn’t help to feel extremely upset, he considers himself very lenient, regardless of what happened two years ago, he did not intend to bring up the problem, but this woman, keeps on pushing him to his limits.

Feng Jin Cheng bit his lip, his brows furrowed, sitting up straight, he took out a cigarette, put it in his mouth and lit it, he inhaled lightly: “if I didn’t remember wrongly, a divorce needs consent from both sides, or at least the spouse to agree verbally, I only remember the marriage registration, but divorce? How come I have no impression of it? ”

Ji Qing was stunned, she had imagined this so many times before, maybe will run into each other, maybe in some secluded corner, perhaps in the chaotic bustle of people, perhaps passing each other, and maybe exchanging bows, but she never imagined this type of situation.

Ji Qing believed that since she left the divorce paper, Jin Cheng’s pride would make him sign the papers right away, he might feel somewhat troubled but she never imagined him missing a woman; ladies will line up just to be with him, he was often rumored to be involved with celebrities and upper class ladies.

As newlyweds, Ji Qing felt inferior; Jin Cheng’s family was well off, their business was doing well, part of the higher society, the women that surrounded him were from that level. then, Back then, Ji Qing with her love was so humble, so humble almost invisible, she used to be alone at home, sometimes he would spend long periods away from home, she still couldn’t manage to suppress the foul mood.

When a woman really loves a men, she can’t help but be jealous, but Ji Qing was afraid to show her jealousy. She couldn’t even show her unhappiness, afraid that it would ruin the mood. Feeling contradictions and tangled, Ji Qing pulled herself through. Later for some unknown reasons, these gossip gradually disappear from circulation, if not accidentally the news of their marriage leaked out.

She thought Jin Cheng was already bored with her, perhaps, he was with her for her father’s sake. Later, when her farther started to commit offenses, he disappeared from home for a few days and nights in a row, she guessed, maybe he is hiding from her, afraid of this Ji family’s son-in-law status, and that she would want him to help his father-in-law …

Actually, thinking more about it, Ji Qing felt self-conscious, she did not want to take advantage of things, her father committed errors, violated national policy, wronged the justice sector, had been disciplined, not to be indifferent, but this thing, she too understood, there’s no use hiding it, people will eventually know.

Jin Cheng is the son-in-law of the Ji family, the son-in-law, he was never comfortable with it in the first place, to put it bluntly, the elders were hard on him, so Ji Qing won’t bother him with her father’s problem, and their marriage, had also lost the last link.

Just remembering those days, Ji Qing remembered the good times and couldn’t help but wanting to go back. Actually, she really did come back once, she just reached the door when she saw him getting into his car, she then jumped from the scare, hurriedly blended into the crowd. With a buldging belly, she looked on to see him driving away with a beautiful woman, she hid in the corner, cowering, feeling silly……

Then Ji Qing’s face lit up opening her speech: “the Marriage Act stipulates that couples separated for more than two years can automatically divorce without going through judgment, and we seem to have more than two years, so…….”

She did not finish, Feng Jin Cheng’s look frightened her, her voice faded, then just a whisper, and finally bowed her head, angry at herself for being timid, but this man looks really scary, Ji Qing who did not have much courage, deflated immediately .

Jin Cheng wanted to claw through Ji Qing’s chest and take a look at her and see what she really wants, what her heart really wants.

He didn’t care, she was obsessed with divorcing him, still insisting. Like it or not, she was married to him, so there is no way that he will let her get away with it.

So, she wants to talk about marriage law with him? Good! He’s in, Jin Cheng put on a slightly ironic smile: “The Marriage act says that couples living apart for more than two years, the Court can deem it as a condition of an emotional break up, provided that either party sues for a divorce. So you mean you are going to sue me? You want to bring me to court? Huh? ”

Ji Qing bowed her head and bit her lips not to speak, she is clear that she would never out debate him, he has always been clear headed and communicate in a structured and clearly manner, he was less pretentious, against she such a small woman, and she also didn’t want to waste her breath, she kept silent, anyway in her heart, they are not a couple, between her and Feng Jin Cheng, there is no relationship.

Feng Jin Cheng would not allow her to escape into her silence, he reached down and pinched her chin lightly but with anger, Ji Qing feeling the sting, but also gave submissive revolt, he lifted her face, he stared directly into his prey’s eyes … ….

“Speak! “The murky sound of his voice, as if trying to hold his anger:” you wanted to sue me for a divorce? ”

Ji Qing suddenly felt weak, closed her eyes and started thinking out loud: “I think we need to go through with the divorce, OK, we can do it at a time that is good for you, and we can go to the civil administration office for the procedures…….”

Jin Cheng suddenly hit his fist on the steering wheel, blaring the horns, scaring the living daylights out of Ji Qing, Jin Cheng volts on the steering wheel, then yelled: “Get out! Get out, now! Immediately, get … … “.

Without a word, in fear of hostility Ji Qing virtually opened the door and quickly jumped out, panicked and fled. Jin Cheng just watched her, she acted as if a ghost was chasing behind her, running away with all her might.

Feng Jin Cheng gradually released his clench, his chest felt as if it would burst out of anger, Feng Jin Cheng has never thought that she would be so obsessed to get away from him, and so intense to be free from him, two years ago she never even told him that she regretted marrying him, she just disappeared without a trace…

Feng Jin Cheng was feeling really bad, what an unscrupulous woman, after he had calmed down, he looked at the clock, it was 12:00AM, very late, it’s not safe for a woman to be out alone, and it’s so cold out there.

Such concerns weigh on the heart, Jin Cheng won’t sit still, and started the car, driving down the road for a while, and he saw her standing in the sidewalk. …

Her thin slender figure was shivering in the cold, Jin Cheng clenched his teeth, and somewhat feeling distressed, but he remembered again, how she was insistent to an appalling degree.

He followed her from a distance, watched her reach her rented house, the taxi stopped at the entrance of a small complex, she got off and went in…

Jin Cheng parked beside a bus, through the car window looked at this complex, it is small, only a few blocks away from the door, almost at a glance, it was one of those multi residential building, fairly decent.

Jin Cheng watched her disappear into a hole in the left side of the building, going up, getting off, leaning on the bar, looked up at the small windows between floors, one by one the corridor lamp lit up, and stopped at the fifth floor, and then a window on the left lit up.

Plaid curtains reflected a familiar silhouette, Feng Jin Cheng sighed, turns to enter the car, took another glance at the building’s fifth floor, in the now lit windows, he saw Ji Qing’s figure holding a baby … ….

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