Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 6

Ji Qing had just opened the door, when she saw Aunt Guo holding Xiao Xue in living room pacing back and forth whispering coaxing words to the little girl, Ji Qing jumped up with a scare. Xiao Xue was born a month premature, she weighed a little more than four pounds. She spent the first half month of her life in an incubator, she had a small face, small body, and her breathing was so weak, like a weak little kitten.

She hardly produced any milk, it wasn’t good enough to nurse her daughter back to health, poor milk quality, little girl often did not have enough to eat, her weak little voice crying, often falling asleep with a bottle, sleeping and sobbing intermittently.

She only got better after three months. When she was six months, she had bronchitis, her little head stuck with needles, Ji Qing’s heart stirred with pain, holding her all night, rocking, coaxing. Every time the child would make a fuss, she had to hold her and coax her.

Usually this time, the child would be already asleep, she looked uncomfortable being held like that. Ji Qing put down her things and came up.Seeing her daughter’s small face, half hidden in Aunt Guo arms, her eyes gently closed with crystal clear tears hanging on her long lashes, breathing through her mouth, poor little thing.

“What’s wrong?”Ji Qing rushed to wash her hand and asked with a whispering tone, Aunt Guo shook her head: “Nothing, today she had her vaccination, there was some side effects, a low-grade fever, I asked the doctor, he said this is a normal reaction, she needs to drink a lot of water, Xiao Xue’s body is weak, she has a sensitive physique, her reaction was not as good as other kids, she is somewhat abrasive, she keeps asking for her mother…… ”

Sensing that her mother is back, Xue’s eyelashes batted and shook, slightly open her eyes a slit and saw Ji Qing.She moved in the nurse’s arm, then stretched out her two small arms: “Mu … … Mama, Mu … …Mama… … “. The little girl said in a weak voice, she was a year and two months old, her mother felt more distressed.

Ji Qing took the girl in her arms, she said to Aunt Guo: “Why don’t you go to sleep, you don’t have to come tomorrow if you’re tired, and I’ll ask for leave tomorrow, and Zi Qin will be here with Xue, she happened to take an annual leave, we both can take care of Xue, you can be at ease!”

Aunt Guo nodded, Ji Qing felt Xue’s head, and went to the room. Ji Qing held the child in the bedroom, walked back and forth, swinging, and her mouth softly singing lullabies. With the familiar feeling of her mother’s arms, the little girl whined two more tims and then soon fell asleep. Ji Qing put her in the crib, covered her with the blankets, the little girl toss and moved, as if she was about to wake up, Ji Qing gently shook her little bed, and the child went back to sleep at ease.

Ji Qing rocked the crib while looking down at her daughter.Her daughter is really beautiful, big bright eyes, shaped a bit long, and when her eyes narrowed slightly, it looked almost like her father’s, the same eyes, her lashes long and curly, brows like it was drawn with a pencil, when looking at you, she can make you want to give her the world.

Small face, her forehead was full, when she smiles, there are dimples on her cheeks, which is about the only thing that is like her, and the curvature of her nose is beautiful, and her lips slightly upturned, smiles so sweetly, charming delicate weak little girl, so much like her father, but she’s Ji Qing’s life.

Watching her sleeping daughter, Ji Qing could not help thinking of Jin Cheng, two years seems another world and century ago.

She signed the divorce agreement. If Jin Cheng didn’t comply with the procedure then she is still in a marriage though she and Jin Cheng has been separated for two years. Ji Qing felt confused, also felt fear that she couldn’t give birth to Xiao Xue, and now she are doesn’t care. If he knowsshe was with a child, left, and gave birth……

Ji Qing doesn’t dare to think of the outcome, that man is bad, she knew, but she can’t be his opponent. In terms of rights, status, will power and means, she was nothing compared to Jin Cheng but she couldn’t be sure why exactly now he loathes to give her up.

Ji Qing could not help shaking her head with a wry smile, he won’t let her go? What does she have? What is she? Ji Qing leaned over and kissed her daughter’s sweet soft cheek and muttered: “Xue, grow up quickly, once you have grown up, your mother will not be afraid of anything … …”

Ji Qing slightly sighed, took her change of clothes and went to the bathroom to take a bath, a quick one, she sat at the dresser, the mirror reflected her face, Ji Qing involuntarily touch herself on the cheek, she hasn’t changed in the past two years, actually she was an old woman, she’s passed the age to love, after turning twenty five, the ship has left the dock.

And that man … … years had given him more charm, successful men have that sort of maturity, compared with when he was 20 years of age, more attractive, and the beautiful air about him, why dwell on a yellow-faced ex-wife, that divorce must be resolved soon.

Ji Qing sighed, finding herself today, sighing too much, she remembered when her mother was alive and she said to her, “Baby, girl! Smile, sigh less, smile more, everything will turn out fine, always sighing will also bring bad luck … … “Mom sighed more often than anyone, perhaps because of this, Mom’s life was so tragic, but hers?

Ji Qing turned her head and looked at her little daughter asleep in the crib, she should not sigh, her daughter is so small, and the man … … Ji Qing shook her head, she needs to think about her next steps!

Jin Cheng rushed back to the B City, that night he sat on the terrace of the Villaand drove back to T town in the morning. He was thinking all night and wanted to understand. Just like he did not know why she left, he still does not understand why she didn’t tell him to come back.

For the first time ever, Jin Cheng begins to question his own charm. Does she hate him that much? So much as to never want to see him again? Jin Cheng doubt that he did anything wrong in the past. He remembers the small rabbit lying imps in his arm. Now she has so much courage, rabbits when baring their teeth can also bite people-not a fatal bite-but hurting nonetheless.

Jin Cheng remembers the kiss at the hospital, suddenly, he thought that she was not without feelings for him, she kissed him back, he can feel it, then why is she so defiant?

Jin Cheng wants to set things straight, the more he thought about it the less he know. He should try to solve it. Jin Cheng didn’t waste any time, at nine o’clock in the morning he was in the first floor of her building, he didn’t greeted anybody, he went directly upstairs, according to yesterday’s bright light from the window, she entered the door to left of the stair. Feng Jin Cheng stood in front of the door of the apartment 501, without hesitation he rang the bell several times. There was no movement, he wanted to ask the next door neighbors but there was nobody there either.

Jin Cheng went downstairs and sat in the car, all of a sudden thinking of yesterday’s dinner. He called Ji Qing’s boss on the phone, just to be told that Ji Qing took the day off today. Jin Cheng suddenly felt frustrated not knowing where she is, can it be that she doesn’t want to meet him and ran? He lit a cigarette and took two puffs.If she was really running away from him, then why not quit her job, she knew he was acquainted with her boss, and have some business dealings. Jin Cheng sat back leaning on the seat, pressing his temple, he stayed up all night and drove here, his head pounding with pain, he lowered his seat, and closed his eyes, trying to sleep for a while, he does not believe Ji Qing won’t come back up.

Jin Cheng was really stood up. Ji Qing was picked up by Zi Qin’s car early in the morning today, both mother and daughter, Zi Qin received the two in her home. Zi Qin an Ji Qing were best of friends, they both studied in the same University, Zi Qin college days were tough, her family couldn’t afford the tuition fees, Ji Qing helped with it. That was thanks to generous stepmother Zhang,Ji Qing would save up her allowance money. Zi Qin tuition had been coming from her savings, and that made the two friends for life.

When she was a junior, Zi Qin began sell insurance, it may be hard, but a single royalty can be a substantial income, and when Ji Qing married Jin Cheng, Zi Qin returned to her all the money at once. When Ji Qing decided divorce, she thought she could only rely on Zi Qin. By the Zi Qin took a loan to buy a small two bedroom house, Ji Qing stayed with her until Xue was born, then Ji Qing got a job, hired a nanny, and rented a place not far away.

They still spend the holidays together, Zi Qin’s character is very straightforward, and she understands Ji Qing’s moods very well. In the morning today when she picked up both mother and daughter, a quick look at her little face, Zi Qin knew something was up. Carrying packages, closed the door, letting her put Xiao Xue in the stroller, she waited for Ji Qing to sit on the sofa before starting the interrogation: “Spill it out! What happened? “

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