Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 7

Ji Qing broke the silence: “I saw him”

“Him? Who? “Zi Qin didn’t even understand, feeling that Ji Qing’ words didn’t make sense, with her face showing confusion, she asked again:” Your ex-husband? Cheng Jie you met him? ”

Ji Qing nodded, Zi Qin held her little face and observed it for a long time: “Ji Qing what are you worried about, what are you afraid of? Are you not divorced yet? Even though he is an emperor, the fact is a fact, the fact is that you are already his ex-wife? ”

Ji Qing bit her lips: “The divorce papers, he did not sign the formalities, so……”

Zi Qin frowned: “I see, if the divorce is canceled, he does have power, but now it’s going to involve Xiao Xue”

Her tone felt a bit heavy then she patted Ji Qing on the shoulder, saying: “Well, things have turned out this way, we could not be afraid. Do you know if he knows about Xiao Xue? Even if he did, you don’t know yet what will happen.”

Ji Qing’s face turned pale, shook her head before saying: “I don’t know, Zi Qin, actually I don’t know why he’s doing this. He never loved me in the first place besides he’s never had a shortage of women, these two years, I sometimes wished to see him, who would of thought that fate made us meet now……”

“Now what? “Zi Qin somehow does not understand these people The fact that Ji Qing had a decade of unrequited love for Jin Cheng, she knew about that but Ji Qing is a stubborn and introverted person. If it wasn’t for Ji Qing’s friendship with her during college days, she would have pulled her hair when she came.

They were both lived in a dormitory, after almost a semester, they hardly spoke, in fact, she thought that Ji Qing was a bit eccentric, and Zi Qin was very inferior, a village girl, she barely passed the college entrance exam, she just jumped out of a ravine in China.

Zi Qin belatedly discovered, once she looked up from her books, in the big city, not everyone is good and simple, some were malicious, she faced scorn, sarcasm, alienation, and less than a year, she tried again, she was kind of frustrated, then when she started to feel despair, she met Ji Qing.

Although Ji Qing never admitted, but for Zi Qin, she is the image of goodness in people. When she was in despair, Ji Qing made her see hope. An often cold and withdrawn woman but she actually possesses a warm heart, with her silly unrequited love of ten years long, only hidden in her heart, she never showed it.

Sometimes Zi Qin thought, Ji Qing is like a wall flower looking plain, but is full of surprises. And when the Sun blooms, there is also a kind of dazzling beauty, but this beauty of a flower hardly anybody understands.

Zi Qin couldn’t help but admit Ji Qing’s ex-husband is the embodiment of evil Adonis. She can’t blame Ji Qing’s inferiority complex because as mere normal women, they do not mix with this Adonis. Zi Qin still remembered the first time she saw Jin Cheng, it was on their wedding day. When the man came out, Zi Qin thought the auditorium came alive, it wasn’t the bride Ji Qing who had the effect, people were convinced that they were in the wrong place, is this an idol show?

White groom suit, Jin Cheng was a real flower boy, he can put those idols to shame, he looked nonchalant, kept up his air, gestured with grace, even though Zi Qin was clear, he went through the wedding impatiently, but his lips hung a bright smile, acting decently.

Ji Qing that silly woman, Zi Qin conjecture, what happened to make her dream come true, the wedding with Jin Cheng, she would space out from beginning to the end of the ceremony, that kind of dreamy smile, slightly hidden on her face.

Well, not so many people end up marrying their 10 year crush, Ji Qing achieved this, only unfortunately she did not understand, one sided love is the most tiring, with time, perhaps love will bloom between them, but if not responded, it will gradually fade, slide away, like sand in one’s hand, even if you grip it again tightly, with force, nothing can stop it from slipping away.

Love is mutual, and Ji Qing’s love, so wrong, humble as it is, but afraid of nothing in the end.

When Ji Qing came to T City, Zi Qin almost did not recognize her, when Ji Qing got married Zi Qin moved to T City. They haven’t seen each other for six months, they only had telephone contact, so seeing her carrying a large bag at the train station, with a piece of paper in the middle of the corwd, Zi Qin got a shock.

She was never fat, but now she was so thin, her eyes looke outrageously big, itseemed like the wind can blow her away. She took Ji Qing home, Zi Qin only knows she had divorced, in her belly was a souvenir, Zi Qin was sad and afraid, after Xue was born, the two women had no parenting experience, luckily they found Aunt Guo.

Now hearing what Ji Qing said, Zi Qin can make sense of it, Ji Qing is running away again form Jin Cheng, even though she ran her own Insurance brokerage, Feng Jin Cheng’s company is famous, he is a icon in the business world, if he wanted to shame Ji Qing, it would be very easy. Zi Qin was worried for her.

Suddenly there was a ringing sound, Ji Qing and Zi Qin quickly turned and laughed, Xiao Xue was in her walker, she crashed on the table over there, trying to climb out of the walker and onto a chair, her leg slipping, screaming… … Mama … … Mu… … Mama… …

Zi Qin laughed out loud, she walked over, took out Xue from the walker and sat her on the floor: “The other day I read in Baidu, it said that usually children over 15 months should be able to walk and talk, I wonder why your baby Xue’s development is so late, maybe it’s because of her weak body, I also deliberately asked around to my colleagues, an elderly colleague even told me, the baby’s leg and mouth, will develop at the same time. ”

In front of them Xiao Xue walked a few steps, hunched, stumbling: “Come here, come here, come here Xue, Godmother has candy … …”She said while pulling out a stick of candy from her pocket, temptation made the little girl rush forward, Xiao Xue was starting to drool, her small body staggered, stumbling, then falling forward, seeing this, Zi Qin jumped forward to swoop the baby, she held her up and planted two kisses on her little face.

“Our Xiao Xue is the best… …” “Candy … … candy… … candy… … “Zi Qin hands it to the little girl, who is eager to catch the candiy, Zi Qin peeled the wrapper then stuffed i into her mouth, holding her back to the sofa.

The little girl began to eat with delight, Zi Qin said with smile: “It’s her father’s, you see this little look, no one can deny. ”

Ji Qing held a wet towel to wipe her daughter’s small hand and small mouth: “We cannot let him know about Xiao Xue, or……” Zo Qin nodded: “Maybe, you let Xiao Xue and Aunt Guo move in here with me.That Feng Jin Cheng is quite a scheming person, if he really wants to go after you, he wouldn’t retreat. This will give you some space to moveas Xiao Xue is living with me. If Jin Cheng really found out about her, you can say that she is my daughter, and that way we can keep her away from him. ”

Ji Qing nodded: “We can only resist for a while … …”

Zi Qin suddenly raised her eyebrow: “Ji Qing, maybe that man really loves you, or has he fallen in love with you, so he doesn’t want to divorce … …”

Ji Qing sadly: “How is this possible? He is surrounded by women, and I … … Zi Qin, I’m just an ordinary woman, and old woman that is almost 30…… ”

Zi Qin eyebrows stood up: “30, what’s wrong with that? I’m also 30 and women in their 30s are really beautiful, and Ji Qing, you don’t look in the mirror? ”l

With that, she lift up her jaw, jokingly: “TUT, tut, look at these little red lips, flushing face, nobody will suspect that you are more than 20, this little girl, so sweet…… ”

Xue was in Zi Qin’s arms, though can’t speak, but she seems to understand what her Godmother is saying, she gave a big kiss to her Godmother, leaving Zi Qing’s face wet and sticky.

Zi Qin dumbfounded, Ji Qing was snorting with laughter, and Zi Qin took the candy from the girl’s hand and put it aside, held the little girl so that stood up: “Go! Let’s go to wash your hands, no, let’s take a bubble bath, after that we will cook dinner … … ”

The little girl likes taking a bath, playing with the white bubbles, mouth opened, giggling and laughter, quite excited, Ji Qing also stood up and came in, the little girl likes to play with water, her little arms and calves are like those of frogs flailing.

Usually at home, Aunt Guo usually bathes her, she gives her a quick shower, then wrapped her in a towel and take her out, even if the little girl was not willing to, she would pout and throw small tantrums, while Zi Qin dotes her, and without firmness of discipline, as the little girl likes to play water, she deliberately loaded the bathtub with water, so Xiao Xue can playhappily.As a result, Xiao Xue loves Zi Qin, and she doesn’t hesitate to show it, even her mother Ji Qing can disappear, actually she is a heartless little girl.

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