Ba Ai Mou Qing

Chapter 8

Jin Cheng is tired, he has not shut his eyes after meeting his wife again. In fact, for almost two years Jin Cheng did not have a good night’s sleep. After his wife left, after the initial anger ebbed away, emptiness took stead.

He had become accustomed of having a wife at home waiting, even if he comes in late, upon entering the room, he can see Ji Qing leaving the light on, a dim light, but giving him the feeling of warmth, his heart filled with stablity, very dependable.

With Ji Qing gone, a huge space seemed to invade his life, a dreary and cold kind of atmosphere making his heart empty hanging in the air. Unconsciously, the young woman has been so important to him. She was important at an essential level but being blinded by a moment’s anger, he did not quite realise and understand it.

Two years trying hard not to look for her, every day and every night, Cheng Jie’s heart was in a game of

When the insistence (to look for Ji Qing) in Jin Cheng became stronger, it suddenly happened, he was reunited with his wife. All tangles were solved, Jin Cheng can finally open his lost baggage and face up his heart. He will not lightly give up, she is his wife, she was his, was destined to marry him that day; he didn’t want to but now he cannot bear to be separated any longer.

In retrospect, Jin Cheng felt he regretted the decision. It was because of his false pride that he and she had wasted two years; two years is long, two years is 730 days 17,520 hours, 1.0512 million minutes, 63.072 million seconds, after such a long time, he still had a light burning for her.

Counting very carefully how long they shared a life, a few years together despite the separation, Jin Cheng finally realized that no matter how they were before, at least now they won’t miss this chance.

Even now she is not upstairs, Jin Cheng can clearly feel she is not far away, unlike before where he would unconsciously look at the vast sea with careless conjecture wondering where could she be. This feeling he has of finding the way home, is very good.

Jin Cheng finally understands that as a man, despite outstanding ability and success, wealth, fame and fortune, but with no home, it was like duckweeds with no roots, drifting anywhere the wind blows, with no destination. Home is not the huge villas, not even the luxurious and comfortable lounges. As long as he is besides the woman he loves, he is at home.(es: aaaaaawwwwww…… how romantic) (wl : beneath the cold exterior lies a man with passionate heart :-))

Like returning from a journey of a thousand miles, Jin Cheng fell asleep and he slept soundly, and he dreamt, dreaming of laughing and holding his wife in his arms.

He heard an annoying knocking sound, Jin Cheng was going to ignore, but the sound only became louder. Jin Cheng frowned and opened his eyes for an instant, not yet adapted to the dim light, eyes narrowing slightly squinting the he realized that it is night already, he slept during the day.

The knocking sound came from the window, Jin Cheng slightly turned his head, he could see a small face almost plastered to the window. It was just like a dream, she’s finally back, her thin lip gently curled up, radiant. Jin Cheng looked at her greedily, reaching out his hand to gently touch her face, her silluette.

Ji Qing came to find Xiao Xue’s winter coat, Zi Qin said that she was taking the little girl to the amusement park tomorrow, she was afraid that it might get cold, it’s better to have extra thick clothing, Ji Qing ran back, the distance between their homes was about a ten minute walk away.

Ji Qing was entering the complex when she saw a BMW parked in front of the entrance. Although now every family has a car, not too many are as flashy, Jin Cheng’s car cannot be considered common, especially that last night Ji Qing sat in it, how can she not recognize it.

She felt a brief confusion, after the cold words she said yesterday, why would he come again so soon, and, since he was here, it shows that last night he followed her. Thinking about this, Ji Qing broke out a cold sweat, how long has been here? Did he see Xiao Xue? Was he here to question her? Or did he finally decide to hurry up with the divorce.

Ji Qing found that she did not want to face either option, but Ji Qing knows, since he found her whereabouts, there is no use avoiding.

She plucked up the courage to walk over, she knocked for quite some time, but there was no response, Ji Qing took a look inside the glass, but the midwinter dusk and the dark interior of the car, so consequently she couldn’t see anything.

Ji Qing thought for a moment, her hand was about to knock when the door burst open, Cheng Jie came out from the inside: “why are you so late? Where were you? I wanted to see your face again.”

Without any explanation, Jin Cheng took Ji Qing into his arms, stepping into the door. They went upstairs, seemingly natural like they have never been apart, suddenly Ji Qing found herself standing at the door.

Ji Qing puckered her lips and looked down, wondering how to cope with this man, Jin Cheng has bowed her: “open the door, did you lose the key?”

He took the bag off Ji Qing’s shoulder, with his long fingers he opened the zipper then peeked inside. Even though Jin Cheng didn’t have children but he’s been around people that do, he saw in the bag there were diapers, baby bottle, wet towel, a towel, a change of small clothes, children small snacks, small toys, just like a treasure chest. He looked at her sharply and handed the bag back to her, why would his wife carry kids’ stuff in her bag.

Jin Cheng looked suspiciously at his wife, Ji Qing rattled the bag, pulls out of key, put it into the keyhole and turned rigidly, and she turned around and looked at Jin Cheng: “You, why on Earth would you do such a thing?”

Cheng Jie didn’t speak, slightly squinting his eyes because of the dim light in the hallway, Ji Qing felt increasingly nervous and not only in the bag, but inside the apartment there were traces of Xiao Xue’s things, and if Jincheng came in….

Ji Qing’s tension caught Jin Cheng’s eye, he understood it differently, during the separation these two years, this woman cheated on him, oh please!

This was the thought in his head, Cheng Jie felt as though his blood vessels were about to burst through, he could care less about anything else, if this woman dared … … He would first kill the adulterer then kill her, don’t even think they can enjoy their lives … .. (wl : for someone who has not care to look for his missing wife, jin cheng’s jealousy is a bit out of place)(es: I totally agree with you on that)

Cheng Jie held out his hand, with a hard voice he commands: “give me the keys,” his tone was cold as if it crept out from the 18 layers of hell, Ji Qing was a trembling, the key fell to the floor with a crash.

Jin Cheng arms touched the door behind her, feeling the pressure in her head, Ji Qing can’t help but close her eyes, feeling Jin Cheng’s breath across her cheek and landed in her ears: “in two years, I’ve been wondering, what surprise will you give you husband huh? ”

Bending down to pick up the keychain, precisely finding the keyhole then made a twisting movement, there was a clicking sound before the door fell open, Ji Qing who was blocking Cheng Jie, was almost pushed inside.

To find the light is turned on, Cheng Jie was dumbstruck, it was totally a girly style, simple and warm. From the first impression, there is no trace of any man, it is also very clean, even though there were parts that was a little messy, piled on the floor was a crawling carpet, stacked with plush toys.

The living room is not big, it could even be considered as small, there is a small window, where the winter sun can come in to light up the little room.

Leaning against a wall was small dining table and four side chairs, the tabletop is wrapped in soft fluffy cloth, Jin Cheng looked around, the side corner shelf is stacked with layers upon layers of children’s toys, and cartoons are pasted on the blue walls, vivid cute cartoon wall stickers. This is a kid living space, and that the child will not be too big, or probably just learning to walk.

Jin Cheng has glanced, bowed his head but still looking at the trembling woman before him, Cheng Jie thought that his wife must have something not so simple going on here.

Jincheng looked at two-room doors, slightly distinguish direction, pushing one of them and went in, the larger room had a bed crib on the left side, Feng Jin Cheng raised his eyebrow: “wife, maybe you should explain it all to your husband……”

Husband? Explain? Two words reflect in the head of Ji Qing, it made her completely awake, she was pushed to the extreme, Ji Qing suddenly blessed Zi Qin’s soul with all her heart, she said: “Uh … … That, Zi Qin’s daughter, while she was on a business trip for more than half a month before, the kid and her nanny came over to live with me, downstairs there is a small garden, it’s more convenient, suitable for children, these things just pile in here … … ”

“Zi Qin? “Jin Cheng wanted to think:” is she married? “” Uh … … “Ji Qing shook her head. “Without being married and she has a child? How old is it? ”Ji Qing suddenly felt that this is a good situation, but still obediently answered: “The child is 15 months, very cute, her name is Xue, she is learning to walk… …” Ji Qing said thinking of her daughter.

“Cute … …”, Jin Cheng soften, eyes on his wife slowly flowing, not knowing whether it’s just an illusion, he always felt that his wife had a maternal glow, it is a great thing, and very attractive … … Maybe they should have a child, it would be a thousand times more cute than Xue, then he doesn’t need to feel envious of others. (es: dhuh just talk already, both of you!) (wl : well….they need time to sort out the awkwardness n the misunderstanding before they were able to speak heart to heart)

Thinking of this, Cheng Jie’s long arm stretched pulling his wife into his arms, his fingers propped her chin, slightly bowed, landed a kiss on her lips shutting her mouth, then another kiss on her eyes: “wife, I miss you and I want to, I want to … …” Familiar with his hot breath hitting her face, Ji Qing felt an all-over began uncontrolled heat, more and more taking over her brain … …

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