Battle Frenzy

Chapter 26 – Challenge from the Wild Beasts

Chapter 26 – Challenge from the Wild Beasts

“Not allowed,” Wang Zhong firmly replied. He proceeded to princess carry Carolyn to the resting room. It was a small room found at the side of all gravity rooms. Upon entering the room, they both instantly felt their bodies relax as the pressure disappeared. Normally, this level of gravity wasn’t much for the two of them, but their minds weren’t thinking about this matter at all.

“How did you manage to do that?” Carolyn was very curious. She couldn’t imagine how anyone could have done it.

“What do you mean by ‘how did I do that’?” Wang Zhong pulled at Carolyn’s hand. When he looked at her beauty up close, the effect was much stronger.

“That method you used to block my sword net and my soul sword.” The soul sword was a strike used by a heroic soul soldier. It was capable of defeating anyone who hadn’t cast their heroic soul, yet Wang Zhong was able to completely negate it. He was even able to launch a powerful counter.

Wang Zhong laughed and replied, “The technique I used to block your sword net is called Immovable Whirlwind. I named it myself. As for your soul sword, you can take it as a special ability of mine, so never try to launch an attack at my soul sea again.”

Carolyn was speechless. This kind of ability existed? Techniques that were able to directly attack the soul sea were considered top rank even amongst heroic soul techniques. How could there be a soul sea that was unattackable?

“Do you really want to be my boyfriend?”

Wang Zhong nodded his head, saying, “That was my first kiss; you need to take responsibility.”

Brother Ma Dong, I have finally found a use for the flirting techniques you taught me.

Carolyn’s face immediately turned red as she shyly said, “Me too… ahem. Wang Zhong, I can’t stay in Tianjing City for too long…”

“No matter where you go, you’ll always be my woman!” Wang Zhong firmly said.

Hearing that, Carolyn felt so embarrassed that even her neck turned red. This guy was truly too overbearing. She replied, “I was going to say… I don’t even know what to say anymore.”

“Then don’t say anything anymore!” Ignoring her protests, Wang Zhong moved to place her on his lap, trying his best to enjoy this moment of gentleness.

Ah, the passion of youths…

Carolyn was from one of the top five Federation cities, Peerless Officials City. She had come to Tianjing City to find a person. Only, she hadn’t managed to find that person, and had instead met Wang Zhong. This was certainly some sort of injustice.

Wang Zhong was a person who loved to learn new things. He’d even memorized Ma Dong Dong’s motto, ‘spare no effort when chasing the desired girl’ and ‘never ever give up or take it easy’. Although he wasn’t of Ma Dong’s caliber, Carolyn hadn’t rejected his invitation as she was also interested.

“This is my dormitory. Ah, let me clean things up a bit.” Wang Zhong hurriedly cleaned up the entire room, cursing that he hadn’t done so beforehand.

This was the first time Carolyn had ever entered a male dormitory, not that she had ever stayed in a dormitory at all before. Thus, she was brimming with curiosity.

“Sit for a while first, I’ll go prepare something to eat,” Wang Zhong said.

“You can cook?”

“Just a few simple dishes, they should be acceptable,” replied Wang Zhong with a laugh. He had learned about fifty to sixty percent of Uncle Wang’s culinary skills.

Carolyn took in her surroundings before finally relaxing. Glancing over at the busy Wang Zhong, her face revealed a relaxed smile that had yet to be seen before. She said, “I also want to help, I’ve never cooked before.”

Luckily, there was still some food left inside the refrigerator. Due to Wang Zhan Feng’s influence, Wang Zhong would occasionally cook up a feast. He’d never thought an opportunity would present itself for him to show off.

Looking at Wang Zhong’s knife work, Carolyn glanced at the potato she’d just sliced and decided… that it looked ugly beyond belief.

“Please don’t worship me, you sure struck gold when you found a boyfriend like me.” Wang Zhong laughed.

Carolyn couldn’t help but smile as she replied, “Really? but why do I feel like I’m a small little white rabbit that fell into a trap.”

“Yep. You are definitely a cute little white rabbit,” said Wang Zhong as he ran his hand through Carolyn’s luxurious hair. Beauty was in the eye of the beholder… but it sure helped that Carolyn was really stunningly beautiful.

As the two of them fooled around, a fragrant aroma began to fill the air. The experience of cooking was novel for Carolyn, and all of the flavors were extremely delicious to her. Carolyn was extremely curious about Wang Zhong, so the two of them unwittingly chatted till the sky turned dark.

When Carolyn left, she didn’t want Wang Zhong to send her off and he didn’t argue about it. He also wasn’t Ma Dong and hadn’t learned everything Ma Dong taught him, such as asking for Carolyn’s skylink number. He felt that there would come an opportunity for the topic to naturally arise.

Only after Carolyn’s shadow disappeared from the academy grounds did Wang Zhong look away. Although he didn’t possess adequate soul power, Wang Zhong was fairly confident in his own capabilities. If he could break the fetters tying up his soul power, then he would definitely become the most outstanding person in the academy.

Yet, it was only after sparring a round with Carolyn that he realized the vast difference between them. If Carolyn hadn’t mistakenly attacked his soul sea, then he would have been utterly destroyed by her. During the entire fight, Carolyn still hadn’t used over twenty percent of her full potential.

The more he thought about the disparity, the greater Wang Zhong’s fighting spirit rose. He vowed that he would definitely increase his soul power. Even if were by just 1 grasso, he would never stop this pursuit!

Somewhere within the school yard, Carolyn gently traced her lips as she thoughtfully looked at the lights in the distance. Should I go or… stay?

Wang Zhong flipped open his skylink and casually opened his mailbox…

What the hell is this?

What are these two challenge letters about? When did I become so famous? Was it just because of two matches?

When he saw the heated discussion within the OP forums, Wang Zhong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. What was going on? Although he was confident in his own combat capability, he still had a long way to go before he could be classified as a combatant.

After thinking about it for a while, though, he felt that this could be a good thing. At the very least, he would receive an ample supply of strong opponents.

A highlighted letter appeared at the top of the mailbox. The sender was Anlor of Copperfield City. This guy had been so impatient that he had actually spent a thousand credits to highlight his letter. It was as if money were a trivial matter for him.

Although this felt like lowering his status by a level, Anlor didn’t care for it as much. He’d pay, as long as he could have a fight with All-Mouthy King. That Oscillating Fist had stimulated and fired him up.

Being of the same class, he believed that facing such an opponent with his techniques would bring about great benefits. This was one of the ways to allow one’s soul power to break through to higher levels.

Anlor, the vanguard of Wild Beasts?

This was a name that even a person like Wang Zhong had heard of. As one of the hottest freshman of the Federation last year, he’d displayed a perfect unison of attack and defense that had been combined into a top-class technique. Unlike normal vanguards who were usually big and burly, Anlor wasn’t large in size, but possessed astonishing strength. Coupled with his agility and explosive character, it had allowed him to triumph over his fellow peers by a large margin.

The Wild Beasts of Copperfield had skyrocketed into fame from their battles, as every single member, from the captain to the bottom players, were extremely fearsome. Anlor’s weapons were two combat axes. With his utilization of Wild Wave Flow, there weren’t many who could block his attacks.

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