Battle Frenzy

Chapter 27 – Toilet Escape Technique

Chapter 27 – Toilet Escape Technique

This would be different from the previous amateur fights. Even special recruits needed experience to hone themselves, and different academies had different teaching methods. While Wang Zhong could be considered an example of a failure, Anlor had a year’s worth of experience under his belt. Furthermore, if one looked at the Freedom Federations upper ranked academies, one could find several academies conducting studies and analyses on his combat style.

It was extremely hard to get paired with such an expert as an opponent, so Wang Zhong was not going to let this opportunity slip by.

Within Copperfield Academy.

When Anlor heard a chime sound, he clenched his fists hard. Seeing his action, the nearby Arnold Teuton gave an exasperated expression as he complained, “How is this possible? Why is it him!?”

Laura laughed. “It’s quite simple. All you have to do is spend a thousand credits to highlight your letter. If you think only two people would want to challenge him, then just take a look at your own mailboxes.”

Hearing that, Arnold Teuton shouted in a loud voice, “Anlor, you bastard!”

“It looks like you’ve grown smarter,” Laura added in her share, dealing a blow to the suffering ego of Arnold Teuton.

“Captain, even if Anlor managed to seize the first opportunity, he might not be able to win. Brother King, I’ll support you! Make sure you finish off this ape!” Arnold Teuton shouted uncouthly.

Anlor laughed heartily, completely ignoring Arnold Teuton as he entered the OP system and signalled for a challenge with 10 minutes of prep time.

When his opponent, All-Mouthy King, appeared, it instantly caused an eruption within the cannon fodder division. In the beginning, there were only 300 people in the gallery, but the instant the people in the forum realized that the opponent was Anlor, the gallery swelled to 500.

“Anlor? Which Anlor?”

“Obviously, it’s Anlor of the Wild Beasts!”

“Damn, it can’t be. You mean the Anlor that destroyed an entire street in his rage?”

“Isn’t that guy in the hero division? Why is he here?”

“You pig, don’t tell me you don’t know of such a thing as a challenge!”

After they had confirmed Anlor’s identity, the audience became fired up. This was the perfect test to see how accomplished All-Mouthy King was with his high-level techniques. If All-Mouthy King could defeat Anlor, then it would completely justify the respect shown to him.

Of course, the likelihood of being cut to pieces by a raging Anlor was much higher. The chances of scraping past with a win was impossibly close to zero.

In Flame City, Sharmie frowned quite deeply while Mario stood nearby, extremely worried that his captain’s chest would explode from her pent-up fury.

“That shameless bitch Laura. She actually played such an underhanded move!” Sharmie was extremely furious; she clearly knew that this arrangement of Anlor’s was done for the sole purpose of provoking her.

Within the forums, there were already people splitting themselves up into either Laura’s camp or Sharmie’s camp. The latter believed that All-Mouthy King was a smurf while the former believed otherwise.

In Sharmie’s eyes, this was definitely a plot of Laura’s to embarrass her. To actually send out Anlor for such a thing, the shamelessness…

Mario stood there silently in fear. The current big sister wasn’t to be trifled with. Even though he had checked numerous times, he hadn’t been able to find any hint of Laura’s presence in this incident. The two of them were just too famous, and anything that happened between them was likely to be subject to comparison. This time, however, his big sis was on the losing end.

“Mario. Do you think… he has any chance of victory?” Sharmie suddenly asked this question.

Hearing that, Mario became stunned for a moment. In the end, he shook his head and laughed bitterly, ready to tell the truth. When he took a look at Sharmie’s expression, however, he used his brain immediately and replied, “Captain, I feel that there is a possibility. There is an aura of mystery surrounding All-Mouthy King!”

The nearby squad members immediately clutched their heads. Their vice-captain was so shameless. He even mentioned such a thing as an aura around Brother King.

Sharmie calmed down after hearing Mario’s viewpoint. After thinking about it for a while, she became happy and said, “If Anlor were to lose, wouldn’t it be the perfect opportunity to mock Laura?”

Everyone was in total disbelief, yet all they could do was nod their heads.

Anlor held no hesitation on his part. An opponent that was capable of using Oscillating Fist was worthy of a serious battle, even if he had low soul power.

He chose the rune weapon that had made him famous among freshmen within the academies last year—dual combat axes. It was with these weapons that he had managed to go berserk and cut a path to victory for the Wild Beast Squadron.

The memory of his exemplary performance was still freshly ingrained within many people. Those people were still discussing his heroism in the forums of various academies. Cutting up an entire squad by himself, just glancing at him was enough to send shivers up a person’s spine.

At this time, everyone was staring at All-Mouthy King. Facing such an opponent, the strongest so far, could be said to be the cannon fodder division’s moment of glory. Although the chance of defeat was high, everyone believed that All-Mouthy King would bring out his greatest strength and best weapon.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for the selection.

“What do you guys think is Brother King’s most accomplished weapon?”

“I feel that he’s strong in close combat. To defeat Anlor with his dual combat axes, a sword and shield is the most ideal. Acting reckless would be the worst idea.”

“I personally feel that dual swords are the best choice. Against a berserker like Anlor, defence of any sort is useless. The only way to go is to go all out.”

“‘All-out’ your head. With Brother King’s small stature, do you think he’ll compete in an all-out brawl?”

When the selection was finalized, everyone in the gallery quieted down. This bastard… he obviously wanted to embarrass Anlor. He wasn’t giving him an inch of face!

Random Weapon!

In the next second, the gallery and forum discussion exploded.

“My Brother King is unparallelled, the world is beneath him!”

“Outstanding, he isn’t giving any face to the berserker, haha!”

“Damn, are you even going to give the Wild Beast Squadron any face?”

Not mentioning the audience, even Laura stared with her eyes wide open in disbelief. Was this guy just innately arrogant? Or was he just a masochist?

Arnold Teuton’s heart almost gave out. How did I get to know this bastard? Did the guy not know who Anlor was? But when he thought about Anlor and Laura going on a date, he really felt like jumping off a roof.

Sharmie felt extremely delighted, saying, “You see! I told you he was a smurf. If not, he wouldn’t have chosen a random weapon. There is definitely a problem with this guy.”

No one dared to speak a single word. Big sis, other than being a smurf, he could also just be retarded since there is no shortage of retards in the world. Yet, no one dared to spoil Sharmie’s enjoyment at this time.

“Hehe… I’m going to the toilet!” Mario suddenly spoke, causing the faces of everyone else to turn black. This vice-captain was such a scaredy cat. He’s actually trying to slip away.

“Ah, my stomach doesn’t feel right. It must have been the food earlier.”

“I’ll accompany you.”

Suddenly, the temperature within the room started to rise. Sharmie turned her head around, her eyes exuding killing intent as she said, “You guys better behave and stay put.”

“Captain, I really can’t hold it much longer!”

“Then just go and do it here!”

Everyone present within the room immediately shut their mouths. They had underestimated the patience of their captain. Mario glared angrily at this bunch of spineless cowards. He could have gotten away easily if not for these guys spoiling his chance. As for everyone, they couldn’t care less. If one had to die, then they might as well all die together.

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