Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The Problem Was, They Weren’t Close

The usually quiet and remote alley was filled with screams.

Five minutes later, a few young men were lying on the ground, groaning in pain as they held their arms or stomachs.

A young girl in a white school uniform stood among them as she stepped on the yellow-haired youth’s chest.

The young man’s face was swollen like a pig’s head, the result of Chi Jiao slapping him several times.

“Madame, I admit defeat. Please spare me and don’t hit me anymore.” The youth with yellow hair almost kowtowed to Chi Jiao.

He really didn’t expect the young girl with such thin arms and legs in front of him to really not show any mercy when beating people up. The speed of her attacks was fast and ruthless, and she seemed to know the structure of the human body very well. The moment she attacked, she would hit the part that hurt the most.

They were men, and yet none of them was her match.

No, it should be said that in her hands, they were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered, unable to retaliate at all.

The thing that made the blonde man break down the most was that this great madame seemed to hate him very much. She didn’t hit others in the face, but instead, she grabbed him and slapped him to death.

Was it because he was too handsome that she was jealous of him?

“You didn’t see me at all today, do you understand?” Chi Jiao looked down at the youth with yellow hair, her dark and bright eyes shining with a cold glint.

The youth hurriedly nodded. “Whatever you say, Madame.”

“If I find out that you guys went around and spouted nonsense, you all will be in a worse state than today.” Chi Jiao curled her lips into a smirk.

At that moment, the blonde no longer believed that this girl’s smile was innocent and harmless.

How was she an angel? She was clearly a devil in an angel’s skin!

“Also, go back and tell your boss that if he’s not convinced, he can come to find me. You’re not allowed to find trouble with Quan Jue anymore.”

The youth nodded in agreement repeatedly.

Only then did Chi Jiao let go of the young man. She reached out to adjust her school uniform before turning around and walking towards her small bicycle.

The youth with yellow hair stared as Chi Jiao got on the bicycle and left, before heaving out a sigh of relief.

Damn it, where did this girl come from?

What a ruthless person!

“Second-Second Brother, what should we do next?” A lad with dyed green hair asked the blonde man.

Clutching his stomach, the blonde-haired youth got up from the ground and spat a mouthful of blood onto the ground. His eyes were filled with unresigned viciousness. “What else can we do?! Retreat first!”

The lads supported one another and walked towards the alley.

Just as they passed by the alley, they ran into a teenager in his school uniform.

Quan Jue had his hands in his pockets and earphones in his ears. He merely glanced at the men indifferently before brushing past them.

There was still half an hour before class started, and students were already entering the school.

Chi Jiao, standing at the entrance of the school gate, attracted a lot of attention.

The young girl was wearing a white down jacket, and she looked as adorable and lively as an untainted snow fairy. Her innocent and clear doe eyes were especially lovable.

Chi Jiao was already used to the gazes of others. She held the breakfast she bought from the convenience store in one hand and waited in boredom.


A familiar figure entered Chi Jiao’s line of sight. She immediately ran towards that silhouette.

Quan Jue was about to step into the school when a petite figure appeared in front of him and blocked his way.

“Good morning, Brother Quan.” Chi Jiao gave Quan Jue a brilliant smile.

Quan Jue looked at the young lady in front of him, and his eyebrows twitched.

She seemed to always smile so brightly every time she saw him.

The problem was, they weren’t close.

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