CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 21.1

Chapter 21.1

Chapter 21: The last phone call before death (Part 1)

He was a paranoid person, thinking she had hidden his child, and that she kept the child away from him to gain some kind of advantage, what she did in his eyes was determined by what he thought .

Every word he spoke, constantly humiliated her .

"What did you say?" Gong Ouyang's face became suddenly dark .

"Mr . Gong, you should take medicine . " Xiaonian look at him and said in an indifferent tone,

"paranoia might rule your thinking but you should not give up . "

The next second she was severely thrown to the ground by Gong Ouyang .


Xiaonian fell down caught unawares, the fall jolting her internal organs painfully .

Gong Ouyang stepped on her leg, his eyes glaring at her angrily, his face thoroughly ugly, "Do you know that you are looking for death?" He knew that irritability was a symptom of paranoia but no one dared to talk that right to his face and laugh at him!

This unknown woman . . . provoked his bottom line!

When Xiaonian did not say anything, Gong Ouyang fiercely kicked her leg, and finally putting an end to the murderous anger, strode out of the room .

Xiaonian laid on the floor motionlessly like a puppet, the sun rays sprinkling on her through the window .

Not an expression passed across her face .

After a long time, Xiaonian sat up and brushed her skirt . Lifting it up, she saw a large bruise on the leg . Gong Ouyang really used force there .

She deliberately angered him, she knew it would stimulate his paranoid personality but she still did it anyway .

But if she did not did so, she absolutely could not have stopped him today .

She could see that the more she pleased him, the more interest Gong Ouyang was developing in her, and that it is completely contrary to her desire to regain her freedom .

She does not . .

She does not want to pay the price of her freedom with her body and dignity .


In the spacious hall, Xiaonian sat quietly in a chair, her face pale and numb .

"Miss Shi, in my opinion you are a smart and sensible girl, how could you . . " Feng De did not complete his sentence pacing in front of her, looking at her with concern .

He never thought that Shi Xiaonian would actually anger Master Ouyang or step on his biggest taboo .

This was completely contrary to his expectations .

"How does he want to punish me?" Shi Xiaonian asked in a calm voice .

She knew . Gong Ouyang would not easily let her go .

"Young master instructed us to throw you in the forest," Feng De said, his brow furrowing . "Do you know that the forest is guarded and you cannot run out, plus there will be no food or water for seven days . . "

"I will die" Xiaonian uttered his concerns out loud .

She guessed that Gong Ouyang would not give up, but did not expect something like this, it looks like she really did step on his bane .

"You now only have one way out, that is, surrender the child and serve the young master, then may be . . "

"Can I make a call before I die?"

"Miss . . . "

"I know raising an alarm is useless, I just want to make a call . "

Xiaonian looked up, her eyes begging Feng De .

Probably to call her adoptive parents .

He looked at her compassionately and finally sighed reluctantly, waving people to move her a small seat before her to fulfill her wishes .

Sitting on the chair, she now looked at a antique telephone sitting in front of her . She hesitated before picking it up . There was every chance that her phone call would be monitored by other people .

For a long time Feng De thought that she would not pick up the phone but then Xiaonian finally picked up the phone . Her index finger pressed a string of numbers .

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