CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 23.2

Chapter 23.2

23 . 2: She was rescued by him (part 2)

Xiaonian weakly leaned against the bed and looked at him in confusion .

Gong Ouyang moved towards her on the bed trapping her against the headboard, intensely starting at her he growled, “Shi Xiaonian, you leave paintings behind saying that no one believes you, what do you mean? Give me an explaination!”

Saying that Gong Ouyang slammed a sheaf of papers behind her . The small bundle crashed against the pillow and scattered across the bed .

Xiaonian stared at the papers lying around her . They were the pictures she drew while in forest . Her paintings were all scenes of her and mu Qian Chu from their childhood . Whatever she recalled while drawing was on these papers and the words that she wrote: No one believes me .

Gong Ouyang did not believe her .

Mu Qian Chu did not believe her even though she was struggling to find the evidence to prove him that she was the person closest to him once upon a time . . he did not believe that either .

She is an honest person, but they all keep making her into a liar .

Xiaonian’s lips trembled and she reached out to pick up the papers .

Gong Ouyang raised his hand and shoved them away from her, staring at her, his voice full of anger, “make it clear! What no one believes you? Do you feel that I treated you indignantly? Gave you injustice?”

When Xiaonian heard him say that she felt that this whole problem was ridiculous .

“Are you listening?” Gong Ouyang glared at her . “You made a design to climb into my bed and secretly give birth to my child and I don’t know where you are hiding him . ”

“I didn’t lie . ”

Xiaonian said the single sentence with a calm tone . She knew Gong Ouyang would not believe her .

He will only believe what he thinks .

“If you did not lie, you should collect evidence and show it to that person, that way people who don’t believe in you admit their mistake rather than die!”

Unexpectedly, a small headache took hold of her and it took a while for her to process what Gong Ouyang said .

He said to make people who did not believe in her admit their mistakes and not die .

The man who did not believe her the most actually spoke like this . . as if he was persuading her not to die .

Impossible .

Xiaonian denied the idea that he wanted to let her die . She fixedly stared at the man standing in front of her and was somewhat confused .

It seem…she can't understand Gong Ouyang .

“What are you looking at? Don’t be mistaken! I’m just teaching you!”

He looked so proud .

Xiaonian look at him silently and asked her question without much hope, “I . . can I find evidence?”


Xiaonian thought she was dreaming, but she was still surprised .


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He actually said yes?

How did this go so well after she failed to doe in the forest?

“Shi Xiaonian, you listen to me, I never act against people unwarrantedly,” Gong Ouyang said, his eyebrows rose majestically, “I’ll give you a week . If you can’t prove your honesty within that time period, then you should go back and bring my child!”

One week?

If Shi Xiaonian said that the time was too short, he could change his mind . The person that Gong Ouyang is, is very moody, but he is willing to let her go . She cannot bargain and ruin this opportunity .

She did not think of dying for the first time . She now had an opportunity to live .

She certainly wanted to live .

“Okay . I promise . ”

Xiaonian nodded her head and her heart had already flown out of the castle . She wanted to get out of the bed immediately, but she was too weak for any movement .

“The you can explain one thing to me now” Gong Ouyang said .

Gong Ouyang seemed to be in a relatively good mood so she cooperated carefully, “What is it?”

Gong Ouyang suddenly sat beside her, his long legs invading her space .

Shi Xiaonian did not have the strength to argue with him .

Gong Ouyang picked up a drawing paper that fell to the side and pointed at the boy in the drawing and asked her, “Who is this person? Is he your man?”

Mu Qian Chu .

It’s Mu Qian Chu .

Looking at the picture of the young man standing in the attic, SHi Xiaonian’s brain suddenly froze, the inevitable memories crashed one after another in her head . .

“Hey . . ”

Gong Ouyang waved a palm in front of her face, his face loosing it’s relaxed demeanor . His voice sank, “Is he your man? My people haven’t informed me about him . ”

How could it be possible…he was only her brother-in-law, anything else is just ridiculous .

“No” Xiaonian said weakly, “It’s just a comic book I created . ”

“You can still draw comics the you are grieving” Gong Ouyang gave her a mocking look . then he said, “There should be no man . Xiaonian, Iam warning you, you are my child’s mother, you are not allowed to have any male-female relationship mess!”

He was overbearing and selfishly outrageous .

Shi Xiaonian really wanted to ask, even if she really was his chil’d mother, a man like him can not marry her . Why should she not be allowed to have any other male-female relations .

Thinking about it, she gave up the thought of countering his statements, if she did he would be yelling at her again .

Forest it . it is best not to care about the thinking of a paranoid person .


Gong Ouyang sat next to her and suddenly tore the paper in his hands looking at it as if it was junk .

Shi Xiaonian noticed that he tore it into two .

he room was very bright and the dust from the paper flew in the air, and the youth on the paper disappeared in the hands of Gong Ouyang .

Together with her memories, he was shredded .

Like it was destined to be indefinable . . She and Mu Qian Chu, are destined to be shredded .

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