CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 24.1

Chapter 24.1

Chapter 24: Leaving the palace (part 1)

- March 20, 2018


Shi Xiaonian had a beautiful dream, she dreamed that she found a bunch of evidence to prove her honesty and piled it up on Gong Ouyang’s head . And Gong Ouyang walked with countless bodyguards to the city’s most iconic place, the central building, and slammed his head to the ground yelling and shouting, “Miss Shi, everything was my mistake, please forgive me!”

How can she just look at this picture?

She stood in front of Gong Ouyang and stepped on his shoulder, smiling very proudly .

“Woman, what are you laughing about in the middle of the night?” A sexy male voice suddenly appeared in her ear .

Xiaonian was shocked awake and looked at him wide eyed .

In the dim room, with only a single bed light left, sh saw that Gong Ouyang was lying beside her, holding an electronic device in one hand . It seemed that he had just had a shower and was wearing a gray bathrobe, his short silky hair was still wet and his dark eyes stared at her .


Xiaonian was scared silly and immediately sat up in the bed in less than a second but weekly fell back on the bed gasping .

“You!… . what are you doing here?”

“Sleeping . ”

“But . . but this is my bed…”

“This is my home . Where can’t I sleep?” Gong Ouyang raised an eyebrow in question .

“Okay . I’ll leave then . ”

Xiaonian struggled to sit up and got ready to get out of the bed, but she couldn’t move her legs even an inch . Looking down she saw his legs pressing down on hers . Calm Xiaonian looked at him and asked, “You, what are you doing?”

“Sleeping on my woman . Is there a problem?” Gong Ouyang directly categorized as his private property . In the dim light when he stared at her, his gaze looked like a cheetah that was eyeing its prey .

“…Move your legs , I’m want to go . ”


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“You want to leave?” Gong Ouyang was unexpectedly generous and moved away .

Xiaonian was about to get out of the bed when she heard Gong Ouyang speak in a lazy voice, “If you don't spend this night in my bed, that one week’s opportunity you have to find evidence, consider it forgotten . ”

Xiaonian felt anger rise in her .

“Despicable” she murmured .

“The right to make a decision is in your hands, it has nothing to do with me . ” Gong Ouyang leaned against the bed his gaze nonchalantly roaming over her body .

No matter how moody or paranoid he was, he can’t cover up his business nature .

How can she choose?

On one side she is no longer an innocent virgin…on the other side is…freedom . Shi Xiaonian lowered her eyes contemplating . After a moment, she slowly walked back to the bed .

As soon as she lied back, Gong Ouyang took her into his arms, the smell of his shower gel permeated her her and blended with his breath .

Unfamiliar bed .

A strange embrace .

Shi Xiaonian did not struggle with her condition and could only be held tight by him in an uncomfortable posture . Gong Ouyang’s face came closer to her and he breathed in body’s delicate smell over her face and moved to neck and slowly his breathing changed .

His thin lips began to wander on her slender neck, kissing her little by little, his breathing got deeper and harsher .


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