CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Shi Xiaonian pulled at her hair as she walked inside .

She saw several female coworkers standing in front of the TV screen like love-struck fools . Her male coworkers sourly stood to the side with words of mockery .

She stood behind everyone and took a quick glance at the screen . The news was just being broadcast .

On the screen, Gong Ou was just walking out of a large building . Bodyguards surrounded him like a forest and blocked all the reporters . Gong Ou expressionlessly walked into a limited edition conveyance .

Before he got into the car, Gong Ou suddenly glimpsed at the camera lens . His pitch-black pupils were clear as could be . His gaze was dark and deep, showing a bit of aloofness . He was unable to conceal his extreme arrogance as if he was going to swallow everything up……

That gaze was similar to the one in her dreams when he pushed her down .

It was fierce—as if he wanted to tear her apart and consume her on the spot .

When he had pressed his fervently hot skin up against her, his sexy curved chin swayed before her eyes . Fiery kisses had been laid on her face . A voice that could set one on fire said near her ears, “This is the distance between a couple having sex . Woman, do you understand?”

When he said this, the temperature in that luxurious room shot up . His rugged chest pressed tightly down on her—almost dissolving her on the spot .

Thinking back on the events in her dream, Shi Xiaonian’s face immediately caught on fire . Her heart rate sped up that it was as if her heart was going to jump out her throat .

Without daring to look again, Shi Xiaonian hurriedly went to her desk . Her heated face just wouldn’t cool down . She picked up a pen and started drawing on a paper at will . Her mind was in shambles . Her pulse beat at a disordered pace . She didn’t even know what she was drawing .

No .

She couldn’t go on this way .

How lonely did a woman have to be in order to have such a realistic dream about a man she’d only see on the news… . . This was not a good sign .

She should date .

But she was used to being a homebody . How could she find a man to date on such short notice?

Right! Blind dates!

She could go on blind dates . This way, she could free herself from that absurd dreamscape brought on by loneliness .

Afterwards, Shi Xiaonian went on a full week of blind dates . Every day, she went on at least two highly efficient blind dates . She was on the road so much that she didn’t have a moment to regret .

She dated until she almost threw up .

After she participated in some 8 minute blind-date events, Shi Xiaonian was as tired as could be . She went to a sauna in order to relax .

In the sauna bathroom, Shi Xiaonian rinsed off and had just changed into a short-sleeved sauna outfit when she heard shrieking—

“Hey! Are you kidding me? This is the women’s bathroom!”

Shi Xiaonian astonishedly stuck out her head . She was shocked beyond belief at what she saw .

About a dozen suit-clad, trim men wearing sunglasses braved the steam and rushed through the women’s bathroom doorway . They frightened the female guests who were showering in the bathroom into shrieking as, one by one, they ran to find clothing to cover themselves up .

Shi Xiaonian was less exposed than the others, so she subsequently walked out . She frowned and shouted in disgust at those men, “Who are you? Please get out . ”

How could the sauna staff have allowed them into the women’s bathroom?

The men immediately shifted their gazes to her . Their faces looked fiendish underneath the sunglasses .

“Miss Shi, Mr . Gong wants to see you . ”

Against her expectations, the men didn’t hurl insults but rather bowed deferentially at a 90 degree angle to her .


Shi Xiaonian froze .

What did this mean? These people were here for her?

Accompanied by the agitated shrieks of the female guests, the men in black then stood in two straight lines to make a path . The bathroom door was pushed open, and a tall, young man strode in .

He was close to 190 cm tall (6’3”) . The trim, dark-patterned, gray windbreaker was tailored to his outstanding physique . His steps were slightly heavy and gave off an air of noble, unhurried calm .

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