CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Under his short layered hair was a face so handsome that it neared perfection . Not one flaw could be found . His slightly upturned eyes contemptuously swept across Shi Xiaonian carrying a certain hint of loathing . His every gesture was filled with a sense of superiority .

Gong Ou .

He was Gong Ou .

As soon as he appeared, the female guests’ shrieks stopped momentarily . It became so quiet that only everyone could hear the sound of the water spraying from the showerheads as well as a few muffled sounds of astonishment… . .

The man in front of her was so strikingly handsome that he could make anyone else feel ashamed of themselves yet Shi Xiaonian was not in the mood to admire him .

She blanched . Stupefied, she looked towards Gong Ou as if she had been struck by lightning .

If she didn’t get it by now, she would really be an idiot .

It wasn’t a dream .

It was all real .

A week ago . That dizzyingly hot luxurious room . That man’s body plastered onto hers… . . All of that… . Everything was actually real .

From that morning she discovered that something was wrong with her body, she felt something was a little fishy . But, she’d rather lie to herself that this was a dream…… .


Shi Xiaonian sat, paralyzed, onto the ground . Her face was deathly pale .

She had been raped .

When she realized this, Shi Xiaonian was shocked speechless . How could this be… . . ?

However, how could her rapist, who clearly should have been remorseful, stay so calm and collected?

Gong Ou stood there and looked down at the changes in her expression with cool detachment .

He curled his lip in disgust and ridicule . Then, he slowly held up his right hand, made a simple movement, and ordered, “I want to be alone with this woman . ”

He issued orders like an emperor .

“Yes, Mr . Gong!”

The bodyguards lowered their heads, then dragged those female guests who hadn’t finished dressing in time out the door . Their movements were utterly swift . The female guests started shrieking again . This time, they were really frightened .

Within less than a minute, the enormous women’s bathroom was silent anew .

Everyone retreated outside .

Only Shi Xiaonian, who sat paralyzed on the ground, and Gong Ou, who was standing languidly, remained .

Gong Ou was not in a hurry . He stood there showing contempt for Shi Xiaonian as if he was looking at a wounded puppy . His charming countenance carried a hint of cruel enjoyment .

A few minutes later, Shi Xiaonian came back to her senses . She stood up from the ground with a dull, deadened expression and started to walk out .

She wanted to leave .

She wanted to leave this place . Gong Ou’s powerful aura and her unbearable memories sucked the breath out of her lungs . She needed to clear her head… . .

As she brushed past Gong Ou, his gaze turned cold . He tightly grabbed her by the crook of her arm and said with his voice colored by anger, “Shi Xiaonian! Did you think that if you didn’t say anything you could leave?”

What a joke .

What did this woman take him as? Air?

His fingers squeezed her tightly . Shi Xiaonian trembled violently . The scenes flashed before her eyes of when she fell into the devil’s hands a week ago .

It was so clear……

At the same time, it was so very shameful .

She forced herself to reply with composure, “Mr . Gong . I believe that it’s not suitable for us to chat here, and I think we should discuss this court .

After all, he had raped her .

“Court?” Gong Ou tilted his head and looked at her as he said, “A custody battle? Number one . I, Gong Ou, won’t go to court with your kind . Number two . If you really are inclined to do this, then you won’t live to enter the court . ”

What did he mean by ‘your kind’……

Custody battle?

Shi Xiaonian recalled that he had kept on asking her, without rhyme or reason, to hand over some child she’d given birth to three years ago .

“Mr . Gong . I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Shi Xiaonian responded . “But I think that the topic in court will be last week’s rape case . ”

“Ah . ”

At this juncture, Gong Ou, was angered to the point that he could only laugh, “A woman who obstinately refuses to admit things is really a headache!”

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