CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Let me go! Let…” As Shi Xiaonian struggled, she stomped on his shoe .

Gong Ou stood stock-still . She was barefoot so he barely felt it, but it still riled him up .

Her defiance and struggling fed the flames of his anger .

“Is that the only thing you want to talk about?”

Gong Ou’s smile suddenly vanished . He glared sullenly at her with a dark gaze and held her arm in a death grip . He growled, “Alright, Shi Xiaonian! I’ll talk about that with you!”


Shi Xiaonian was stunned .

She had never met someone as terrifying when angered . She felt as if the flames of fury shooting from his eyes could really burn her . Her arm was about to break from the pressure of his hold .

“What happened last week wasn’t rape! That was something between a husband and wife!” Gong Ou pulled her towards him then lowered his head so that his lips pressed against her ear . His vicious tone was mercilessly cruel, “That night, you enjoyed it immensely . ”

“You—Shameless!… . . ”

Shi Xiaonian could never have imagined that he would say something so vile . She intensified her struggles .

She was only wearing the short-sleeved spa outfit . The contrast between the pure white fabric and her light pink skin was especially moving . In addition, she wasn’t wearing a bra . Due to her violent struggling, her collar opened wide and exposed everything .

Gong Ou was a normal man . His body gradually tensed .

He was never the type of man to hold himself back . As a result, he dragged Shi Xiaonian up some steps into the luxuriously decorated showering area in the bathroom .

He kicked over any object blocking his way .

In the bathroom showering area, large plumes of water gushed forth from innumerable showerheads

The floor was covered in puddles .

A white mist lingered in the air .

“What are you doing, you jerk!”

He forcibly dragged Shi Xiaonian into the showering area, walking quickly at a fast pace with his long legs . She couldn’t keep up at all and stumbled along . She cut an extremely sorry figure .

“Bam . ”

Gong Ou shoved her hard into the wall . Without a word, he aggressively approached her .

Her feminine softness made his throat tighten . A raging inferno spread throughout his body . The woman before him seemed to be the only antidote .

He firmly gripped her shoulders and growled sullenly, “I gave you a week’s time to hand over the child, but you were constantly going on blind dates instead . Since you crave a man so much, I’ll fulfill your wish . I’ll let you experience what rape is really like!”

Then, a large hand reached into her clothes .

Shi Xiaonian frantically struggled . She was lucid, unlike her muddled self from last week in that extremely hot room .

She was fully aware as she saw herself unable to fight off the big, tall man in front of her .

Even so, the ending was the same .

“Don’t! Let… Let go… . . ” Shi Xiaonian tried so hard to shove him away that even her voice changed pitch .

Gong Ou stood underneath a showerhead . Large sprays of water pounded at his head . He was completely soaked; his short hair stuck to his forehead . Droplets of water ran down his chiseled features, depicting an unbounded eroticism as well as the epitome of danger .

He ripped awau the hindrance of his windbreaker in one motion . Shi Xiaonian hurriedly seized the opportunity to run away, but right as she took her first step, Gong Ou grabbed her and trapped her forcefully against the wall again .

“Shi Xiaonian! How can you pretend to be pure and guard your chastity now? Did you forget how unrestrained you were three years ago when you risked everything to climb into my bed?” Gong Ou firmly held both her shoulders down ask he resentfully glared into her eyes . .

“What garbage are you saying? I didn’t even know you then . Let me go… . . ”

Shi Xiaonian kicked him, but it just made him plaster his chest even tighter onto her body .

She didn’t know whether this strange warmth in her body came from fury or… . from the scorching heat emanated from the chest that was well within reach .

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