CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The wall was wet .

His shirt was even wetter .

She was tormented with being squeezed between him and the wall with no avenue of retreat .

“You don’t know me? I’ll make sure we are familiar with each other again!”

Gong Ou roared fiercely . He then lowered his head and covered her lips with his so hard that he force-fed her the warm drops of water on his lips . A burning heat assailed her mouth, making her melt . One of his hands held her down by the shoulder while the other reached into her clothing to fan the flames of lust……

Her slender toes curled as if an electric shock went through her body and stimulated every nerve .

She didn’t like this feeling . She really didn’t like it .

It was too shameful .

“Nn… . . Let… . . ”

Shi Xiaonian struggled with all her might .

“Right! You need to struggle like this when being raped! Woman, you’re really good at acting! You’re very competent!”

Gong Ou sneered as he mocked her .

Clearly, she was a loose woman, yet she still pretended to be innocent and pure . How pretentious!

A raging ball of fire gathered in Gong Ou’s eyes in response to her continual lying . In his eyes, her struggling wasn’t worth mentioning . He easily suppressed her and did as he wished… . .

The sounds of water were loud in the showering area but they couldn’t cover up Gong Ou’s increasingly rough breaths .

She fought with all her might but couldn’t break free .

When he penetrated her, it hurt so much that she couldn’t even scream . She felt as if she were being ripped apart……

Again .

She sadly realized that she had been violated once more; this time, she couldn’t even trick herself into thinking that it was just a dream .

She lost track of the passage of time until everything became calm again .

Shi Xiaonian lay helplessly crumpled on the wet floor . She hugged herself tightly as she bit her lips hard . Feelings of humiliation, indignation, awkwardness, and the such rushed through her as if they would swallow her whole .

She didn’t know what to do . Whether it was to take this to a court of law or……

Take this to a court of law .

He was Gong Ou . Could she win? She didn’t have to think it over; she understood the concept of ‘little chance of success’ . Most of the time, might made right .


As if he was tossing some trash, Gong Ou threw his soaking wet windbreaker onto her body, completely covering her up .

Shi Xiaonian involuntarily shuddered .

Gong Ou’s scent on the windbreaker made her choke .

“Mr . Gong . ”

Two bodyguards with lowered heads walked in from outside carrying fresh, clean men’s clothing with both hands .

Gong Ou opened up a shirt and put it on . His every movement was graceful and at ease, completely unlike the normal reaction of a man inside a woman’s bathroom .

As he cast a sidelong glance at Shi Xiaonian in the corner, he coldly issued a command, “Take this woman back with us . ”

“Yes, Mr . Gong . ”

The bodyguards complied .

Shi Xiaonian curled in on herself as she sat in the corner . When she heard his command, she shuddered again . She looked at the man in the middle of the showering area in disbelief . “What more do you want, you lunatic?”

He still wasn’t planning on letting her off?

What did he really want?

“Want more?” Gong Ou repeated back her words with emphasis, purposefully twisting their meaning . “I’m sorry . I don’t want to touch a pretentious and loose kind of woman like you again . So dirty . ”

Shi Xiaonian was speechless as she paled .

This man humiliated her to the extreme .

Why did she have to have to encounter something so outrageous……

Gong Ou buttoned his cuff links . As he turned to leave, he stopped suddenly then coldly swept his gaze over the woman in the corner, “Shi Xiaonian, if you don’t want to suffer, then hand over my child . Otherwise, from now on, you will wish you were dead . ”

Next, Gong Ou didn’t look back as he left without the slightest hint of reluctance .

The room felt bone-chillingly cold as he left, suffocating Shi Xiaonian .

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