CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

To make her wish she were dead .

He was NE Conglomerate’s CEO . She was just a commoner . He could definitely make her life hell… . .

And she wouldn’t even be able to fight back .

Shi Xiaonian closed her eyes in pain . Her hands gripped the windbreaker tightly wishing she could claw it to pieces . However, she wasn’t able to at all .

Imperial castle . This grand building costing hundreds of millions to construct deep in the forest wasn’t some tourist attraction but rather a personal residence .

Gong Ou’s personal residence .

This place didn’t allow outsiders .

Shi Xiaonian was taken to the castle . Normally, she would have been inspired and would thoroughly appreciate this very mysterious castle, but, at this point, she was only left with numbness .

Along the way, she tried seeking help from the bodyguards, escaping, and stealing a cellphone to call the police but the bodyguards foiled her at every turn .

She was just a weak woman . How would she be able to overcome strong bodyguards in a fight?

In the end, a bodyguard told her, “Miss, who asked you to incur Mr . Gong’s wrath? You should know what kind of person Mr . Gong is . He can hold the power of life and death over you . Why do you keep up with this pointless resistance?”

With his words, all her illusions were destroyed .

What else could she feel but numbness when she ran into a man who violated her without being able to retaliate or even escape?

Shi Xiaonian was brought into the castle then taken up the elevator and into a luxurious room set up like a 14th century room in an European castle .

An old man in his 60s stood in the room . He looked spirited yet kindly; he kept both hands behind his back and was dressed like a butler .

“Miss Shi . How are you? I am Mr . Gong’s butler, Feng De . ” The old man smiled as he briefly introduced himself . Then, he held out a hand, “Please sit . ”

Only then did Shi Xiaonian notice that the old man was standing by a high tech recliner as well as a flat-screen monitor .

She was vaguely aware of what this was .

“This is a polygraph chair . Please sit . ”

Feng De spoke in a gentle manner and was very kind-looking, unlike Gong Ou’s arrogant and egotistical, unreasonable quarrelsomeness .

“What do you want?”

Shi Xiaonian asked, pale-faced .

What did they want with bringing out a polygraph chair?

How in the world did she incur Gong Ou’s wrath, and why did he treat her this way?

“Young master wanted to know why Miss Shi wouldn’t admit to having a child three years ago so he wanted me to run a lie detector test,” Feng De patiently explained .

Again with the three years ago . Again with the child… . .

She had never met Gong Ou in real life before other than seeing him on the news and in newspapers . Where could some child have come from?

“You are mistaken . ”

Shi Xiaonian, completely disheartened, spoke in a low voice .

The bodyguards mercilessly threw Shi Xiaonian onto the polygraph chair and locked the multitude of connections to her fingers, arms, and body . She was bound so tightly she couldn’t even move… . .

Shi Xiaonian had used up all of her energy for struggling when fighting Gong Ou in the sauna .

She didn’t have any fight left in her .

She half-reclined on the polygraph chair like a fish gasping on a cutting board .

“Then, Miss Shi, I’ll start to question you . ”

Feng De gave her a kindly smile then took out file from behind him and opened it up .

“When you’re done questioning me, may I leave?” Right now she only wanted to leave this place .

Feng De smiled but didn’t reply . He only looked at the documents in his hand and started to gently question, “Name . ”

“Shi Xiaonian . ”

Feng De looked at the flat-screen monitor by his side, nodded, then continued to ask, “Miss Shi, what were you doing three years ago?”

“Three years ago I drew the manhua, His Desire to Monopolize . ” This manhua had made her popular for a short while so she distinctly remembered it .

“Did anything else important happen?” Feng De asked .

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