Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3080 - Stripped Of The Protector Sword

Chapter 3080: Stripped of the Protector Sword

The artifact spirit’s expression did not change at all. Its gaze remained fixed on Gongsun Zhi as it said indifferently, “Gongsun Zhi, you’re no longer suited to possess Godslayer’s sword.”

With that, the artifact spirit gently pointed at Gongsun Zhi’s forehead. In the next moment, a powerful beam of light rushed into the air. Godslayer’s sword turned into light and left Gongsun Zhi’s control, vanishing into the ceiling of the Tower of Radiance.

Gongsun Zhi was taken aback. His face was filled with confusion. He really had no idea why the artifact spirit was taking away his Godslayer’s sword for nothing.

However, he did not panic, nor did he believe the artifact spirit was trying to make things difficult for him. This was all because a Grand Exalt’s blood flowed through his body. His ancestor was once the master of the Tower of Radiance, the creator of the Tower of Radiance.

Now, he already knew he was the only descendant to possess the Grand Exalt’s bloodline. Under these circumstances, he was obviously the closest to the artifact spirit.

As a result, even with Godslayer’s sword taken away from him, Gongsun Zhi did not believe the artifact spirit would harm him.

“Sir artifact spirit, w-w-what are you doing? Why have you taken away my Godslayer’s sword?” Gongsun Zhi asked in confusion.

However, before the artifact spirit could say anything, Gongsun Zhi seemed to realise something. Suddenly, his face became flooded with joy. Even his voice became filled with excitement as he said, “Don’t tell me… don’t tell me… don’t tell me… sir artifact spirit, don’t tell me you’ve finally thought it through and want to recognise me as your master?”

“Hahahaha, hahaha, hahahahaha, sir artifact spirit, I knew you would think it through in the end. I knew you would choose me sooner or later, as I am the only descendant who possesses my ancestor’s bloodline. Throughout the entire world, there is no one more suited to inherit the Tower of Radiance than me.”

“Only I am the most appropriate choice for the Tower of Radiance…”

Gongsun Zhi laughed madly. His confusion from losing Godslayer’s sword immediately vanished.

Godslayer’s sword was under the Tower of Radiance’s control. The Tower of Radiance could take back the other protector swords at any time, so it obviously could bestow the protector swords to others at any time.

If he had to make a decision between Godslayer’s sword and the Tower of Radiance, Gongsun Zhi would go with the Tower of Radiance without any hesitation at all.

On one side, the expressions of Bai Yu, Han Xin, Donglin Yanxue, and Xuan Ming all changed. They became uneasy.

They were also aware of the Tower of Radiance’s abilities. Once Gongsun Zhi truly inherited the Tower of Radiance, they really might end up losing the protector swords in their possession.

Among them, only Xuan Zhan remained as composed as before. His gaze alternated between the artifact spirit and Gongsun Zhi as a mysterious smile stretched across his face.

His gaze towards Gongsun Zhi bore a faint sense of mockery and derision.

“The Martial Soul lineage is the imperial clan. During the age of the Tower of Radiance’s master, every single member of the imperial clan possessed a supreme status. Even the master of the Tower of Radiance himself was a successor of the Martial Soul lineage, yet Gongsun Zhi has just boasted shamelessly that he will destroy the imperial clan right in front of the artifact spirit. Sigh, Gongsun Zhi has probably made a huge mistake,” Xuan Zhan thought to himself.

“No. Gongsun Zhi, you have no right to inherit the Tower of Radiance!” the artifact spirit said indifferently.

With that, the smile on Gongsun Zhi’s face stiffened. His eyes widened, filled with disbelief.

“What did you say? Sir artifact spirit, you won’t let me inherit the Tower of Radiance- since you won’t let me inherit the Tower of Radiance, then w-w-why did you take away my Godslayer’s sword?” Gongsun Zhi was slightly dumbfounded. For some reason, he was abruptly overcome with an ominous feeling.

“That’s because you’re no longer suited to possess Godslayer’s sword either,” said the artifact spirit.

Gongsun Zhi’s heart skipped a beat. He immediately became extremely nervous. The Tower of Radiance refused to let him inherit the sovereign god artifact, and it had taken away Godslayer’s sword too. Without these objects to rely on, his confidence immediately vanished.

“Then giving me another protector sword will work too,” Gongsun Zhi said frantically.

“No, you’re not suited to possess any protector sword.”

With that, Gongsun Zhi immediately paled. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

He struggled to imagine just what would happen to his status in the Radiant Saint Hall if he lost the Tower of Radiance and the protector sword.

Without Godslayer’s sword, how was he supposed to command all these experts? How was he supposed to dominate the Desolate Plane?

“No, sir artifact spirit, you can’t do this to me. You can’t take Godslayer’s sword away from me. I need to possess Godslayer’s sword.”

“Even if I can’t have Godslayer’s sword, just give me another protector sword. I need to wield a protector sword.”

“Artifact spirit, I’m the descendant of a Grand Exalt. My ancestor is your master, as well as your creator. How can you treat the descendants of your master like this…”

“Give me a protector sword. Give me a protector sword! I need a protector sword! I need a protector sword!”


Gongsun Zhi was unable to remain calm anymore. He entered a frenzy, where his face was extremely twisted and his expression was very vicious. His eyes were filled with great fear as he roared out, refusing to accept this.

The others stood there, dumbfounded, also experiencing the same disbelief. Gongsun Zhi was still a Grand Exalt’s descendant after all. A sliver of the master of the Tower of Radiance’s bloodline flowed through his body. His identity was extremely special.

In reality, when the artifact spirit stripped Gongsun Zhi of Godslayer’s sword, they all believed he would become the master of the Tower of Radiance, as obtaining the Tower of Radiance was equivalent to controlling the protector swords. By then, whether he possessed a protector sword or not would no longer be important.

However, never did they expect that not only would Gongsun Zhi go without inheriting the Tower of Radiance, but he would even lose his protector sword.

Without a protector sword, Gongsun Zhi was like a toothless, clawless tiger. Having lost his powers, would he still be the hall master of the Radiant Saint Hall? Could he still hold this position?

For a moment, Bai Yu, Han Xin, Donglin Yanxue, and Xuan Ming only looked at one another, filled with mixed emotions.

After all, Gongsun Zhi had just gathered all the experts and was planning on launching an attack against the Martial Soul Mountain, yet the artifact spirit had suddenly taken away Godslayer’s sword at such an important time.

Without Godslayer’s sword and without the Tower of Radiance’s support, did Gongsun Zhi still have any influence remaining?

The artifact spirit ignored Gongsun Zhi’s roars. No matter how Gongsun Zhi pleaded with him, he turned a deaf ear to it all. He turned towards the five other people and said, “Looks like you still don’t understand some of the secrets regarding the Martial Soul lineage. Since that’s the case, let me repeat it again.”


In the Radiant Saint Hall, there was a gathering of experts right now. All the Primordial realm experts of the Radiant Saint Hall had gathered there. Even Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi waited there patiently for the six protectors that entered the Tower of Radiance.

No one said anything. There were no discussions. As a matter of fact, there was no sound at all. It was deathly silent.

It was even possible to see the undisguised excitement and emotion in the eyes of a few elders. Going to war against the Martial Soul lineage or even devastating them again was something they had waited far too long for.

But at this moment, there was a flash from the Tower of Radiance and the six protectors who had entered there recently finally reappeared before everyone under all of their anticipation.

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