Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3081 - The Dispirited Hall Master

Chapter 3081 : The Dispirited Hall Master

However, right when the experts gathered there tried to distinguish who was who, they heard a heart-wrenching cry, filled with madness and a refusal to accept what had happened, as well as a hatred that everyone present could sense clearly. It echoed through the entire hall.

“No! Return Godslayer’s sword to me! Return Godslayer’s sword to me!”

“Artifact spirit, my ancestor created you. You can’t treat me like this! You can’t treat me like this!”

“If it weren’t for my ancestor, how could you still exist right now? If it weren’t for my ancestor, how could you become the artifact spirit of a sovereign god artifact? You ingrate, is this how you repay his kindness?”

“Return the protector sword to me. I can’t go without a protector sword!”


At this moment, in the solemn discussion hall, everyone’s gazes gathered on Gongsun Zhi. Gazing at his mad demeanour, the expressions of all of the elders gathered there changed.

They had no idea what had happened in the Tower of Radiance, but they could all guess the reason for this from Gongsun Zhi’s hysterical roars.

“The artifact spirit has taken back Godslayer’s sword that belonged to the hall master?”

“How’s that possible? Gongsun Zhi is the descendant of the Grand Exalt. Even if he’s made some kind of mistake, the consequences can’t be so severe such that Godslayer’s sword has to be taken away from him. After all, the only reason why he managed to become hall master was all because of Godslayer’s sword.”

“Dammit. We’ve already made all the preparations to attack Martial Soul Mountain. We were even about to set off, yet Gongsun Zhi has lost Godslayer’s sword at this exact moment. Are we still attacking the Martial Soul Mountain or not?”

“What exactly happened in the Tower of Radiance?”


The elders looked at one another in the discussion hall. Their expressions changed rapidly as they whispered among themselves, all emotionally disturbed.

The two peak experts who stood at the apex of the plane, Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi, also noticed something from Gongsun Zhi’s words. Their faces immediately sank.

On the other side, Gongsun Zhi was dishevelled. Even though he was dressed in the respected robes of the hall master, he did not possess the bearing of a hall master at all anymore. His body shook violently as he threw himself at the Tower of Radiance between his roars, wanting to enter the Tower of Radiance again.

However, the artifact spirit had already awakened now. If he wanted to enter the Tower of Radiance, he needed to be able to open the Grand Exalt’s formation around the Tower of Radiance as well as the artifact spirit’s permission.

As a result, as soon as he approached the Tower of Radiance’s entrance, a power from the sovereign god artifact blocked him, preventing his entry.

“No! I want to enter the Tower of Radiance! I want to enter the Tower of Radiance! Artifact spirit, I want to see you! I want to see you!”

“Sir artifact spirit, I’m begging you, please give me another opportunity. Please give me another opportunity! I don’t want Godslayer’s sword. Any other protector sword will do. I can’t go without a protector sword!” Gongsun Zhi cried out hysterically. Towards the end, he gradually began to speak with a pleading tone.

When he wielded Godslayer’s sword, he was in high spirits and was completely unstoppable. He even looked down on Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi, as he completely possessed the strength to contend against them under the protection of the protector sword.

Godslayer’s sword had lifted him from being a measly Radiant Godking to a peak expert that stood at the apex of a plane instantly. Having tasted the supreme status and paramount authority great strength brought on, Gongsun Zhi had become intoxicated by it a long time ago. He had become addicted to the supreme power where he controlled everything and could order everyone around.

Now that he had lost Godslayer’s sword, he immediately fell down from paradise to the depths of hell. He struggled to accept this tremendous twist.

“Sir artifact spirit, I’m kneeling for you. I just hope you can give me another opportunity. Please give me a protector sword for the sake of my ancestor.” Gongsun Zhi bawled loudly before actually bending both knees in the view of the public, before all the elders and vice hall masters of the Radiant Saint Hall. He knelt down in front of the Tower of Radiance.

Behind that kneel, not only was there his pride, but there was also the pride behind the hall master of the Radiant Saint Hall.

After all, he was still dressed in the robes that signified the hall master of the Radiant Saint Hall right now!

Immediately, the entire hall fell silent. Only Gongsun Zhi’s pleads and sobs continued to echo.

Everyone gazed at Gongsun Zhi silently as he knelt before the Tower of Radiance and begged for a protector sword. They experienced a multitude of emotions.

None of them had thought that the domineering hall master would actually end up like this. He had still been in high spirits a moment earlier, swearing that he would destroy the Martial Soul lineage and lead the Radiant Saint Hall to a new age of glory.

The tremendous difference made all of the elders present surge inside, unable to remain calm.

“Gongsun Zhi, the Tower of Radiance stripped you of your protector sword?” At this moment, a frustrated voice amidst grinding teeth rang out from behind. The tone was bone-chillingly cold.

It was Xu Zhiping. Currently, he was absolutely furious. He almost began seeing red as he gazed straight at Gongsun Zhi.

Huangfu Guiyi right beside him was not any better off. His face was completely sunken too, and his gaze had become extremely terrifying.

However, Gongsun Zhi did not seem to hear them at all. He continued to kneel there, calling out loudly while constantly begging the artifact spirit to give him another chance.

In the end, it was Xuan Zhan who stood forward. In an unfazed manner, he made a gesture of invitation towards Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi. “Seniors, please return for now. Our Radiant Saint Hall’s attack on the Martial Soul Mountain has already been cancelled.”

When Huangfu Guiyi and Xu Zhiping heard that, it was as clear as day to them that Gongsun Zhi was done for this time. They clenched their hands firmly such that their bones crackled. They were utterly livid. They seemed like they were tempted to crush their own fingers with how angered they were.

“Xuan Zhan, what exactly happened in the Tower of Radiance?” Huangfu Guiyi asked with a darkened expression.

Xuan Zhan clasped his fist and said indifferently, “Many apologies, but this is the greatest secret of our Radiant Saint Hall, so I cannot divulge it to you. Seniors, please!” Xuan Zhan made the same gesture again, directly asking them to leave.

Huangfu Guiyi and Xu Zhiping’s faces were so sunken that it was terrifying. Their gazes were both sinister and filled with hatred as they paused on Gongsun Zhi. In the end, they let out cold snorts and stormed off furiously.

“Elders, let’s all disperse. The operation to attack the Martial Soul Mountain has been cancelled!”

After Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi had left, Xuan Zhan informed all the elders present.

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