Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3082 - Gongsun Zhi’s End (One)

Chapter 3082: Gongsun Zhi’s End (One)

“Vice hall master, w-what exactly happened? We had already finalised all the preparations to attack the Martial Soul Mountain. We were about to set off, so why is it cancelled all of a sudden?”

“Yeah, vice hall master, why aren’t we attacking the Martial Soul Mountain anymore after you paid a visit to the Tower of Radiance?

“Vice hall master, what happened in the Tower of Radiance, and w-what happened to the hall master?”

As soon as Xuan Zhan announced that, the hall fell into a ruckus. Earlier, as the two outsiders were still around, the elders had their qualms and did not dare to speak up. Now that they were gone, the elders could not help themselves anymore, speaking their minds.

Xuan Zhan did not give a reply to these questions. Even Donglin Yanxue, Han Xin, and Bai Yu who wanted to explain were secretly stopped by Xuan Zhan.

Apart from the six protectors, no one else knew what had happened in the Tower of Radiance.

Very soon, all of the elders and vice hall masters dispersed under Xuan Zhan’s orders despite their confusion and reluctance. All of the forces they had prepared were dispersed as well. Only Xuan Zhan, the other protectors, and Gongsun Zhi remained.

This operation that had gathered the entire Radiant Saint Hall’s forces to attack the Martial Soul Mountain was dissolved unceremoniously like this.

The entire Radiant Saint Hall was shaken up, discussing this matter everywhere. However, without any exception, none of the vice hall masters or regular disciples knew anything about the details involved.

The only people who knew the details, the five protectors and Gongsun Zhi, all remained where they were before without leaving.

However, Gongsun Zhi, who had just experienced such a great upheaval, did not seem to be in the mood to contemplate anything else. He continued to kneel before the Tower of Radiance, his face pale and his eyes hollow. He was filled with despair.

“Vice hall master, why didn’t you announce the secrets that the artifact spirit told us to everyone?” Bai Yu turned towards Xuan Zhan and asked unhappily.

Xuan Zhan let out a great sigh and replied helplessly, “Basically every single high-ranking member of the Radiant Saint Hall hates the Martial Soul lineage to the bone. All of their hatred is beyond reconciliation. If we announce that the Martial Soul lineage is the imperial clan under these circumstances, no one will be able to accept that. They won’t admit the Martial Soul lineage that have served as their mortal enemies for all these years as the imperial clan. In the end, it’ll only lead to the fragmentation of the Radiant Saint Hall.”

Xuan Zhan glanced past Han Xin, Bai Yu, Donglin Yanxue, and Xuan Ming sternly. He said with extreme caution, “For the sake of stability, we have to maintain the secrets regarding the Martial Soul lineage.”

“The vice hall master is correct. The secrets regarding the Martial Soul lineage really cannot be divulged right now,” Han Xin said as well. He had not condensed a soultree and joined the ranks of elders yet, but he had also been around in the Radiant Saint Hall for a very long time as the lord of a peak. He possessed a relatively deeper understanding of the Martial Soul lineage’s grievances with the Radiant Saint Hall.

“B- but second senior brother is clearly a member of the imperial clan. If we don’t tell them about the Martial Soul lineage’s true identity, are we supposed to just let so many people from the Radiant Saint Hall view second senior brother with hostility?” Bai Yu stamped her foot furiously. She refused to accept this, but she clearly understood that handling the relationship between the Radiant Saint Hall and the Martial Soul lineage might not be as simple as she imagined it to be. As a result, all she could do was vent her anger at Gongsun Zhi. “Gongsun Zhi, you no longer have Godslayer’s sword now. Do you think a Radiant Godking like you can still remain as hall master?’

She seemed to hit Gongsun Zhi exactly where it hurt. Gongsun Zhi immediately flew into a rage. “Piss off, piss off! All of you piss off! All of you piss off out of here!”

Outside the Radiant Saint Hall, Gongsun Zhi, who was still dressed in the hall master’s robes, walked among the remote plains in dejection. His eyes were hollow and completely devoid of any light. He seemed like a zombie.

He had no followers beside him. Although he was still technically the hall master of the Radiant Saint Hall, very few people still paid any attention to him.

Even the bloodline of a Grand Exalt he possessed still could not change anything.

That was all because he no longer possessed Godslayer’s sword!

Without any doubt, in the eyes of the entire upper echelon of the Radiant Saint Hall, a protector sword was far more precious than the so-called bloodline of a Grand Exalt.

At this moment, an old man silently appeared before Gongsun Zhi. He said indifferently, “Hall master, our ancestor wishes to see you!”

“Who’s your ancestor?” Gongsun Zhi raised his head numbly.

The old man smiled mysteriously. “You’ll know who it is once you come with me!”

Afterwards, regardless of Gongsun Zhi’s opinion, the old man raised his hand and took Gongsun Zhi away with him by force.

Soon after the old man had left, there was a flash and Xuan Zhan suddenly appeared there. Xuan Ming happened to be by his side too.

“Father, shouldn’t we stop him? Gongsun Zhi is still a member of the Radiant Saint Hall after all.” Xuan Ming looked at Xuan Zhan.

Xuan Zhan’s gaze was deep. He said indifferently, “This is what Gongsun Zhi sowed himself, so he should be responsible for everything it’s resulted in. C’mon, let’s go back.”

Within the Midheaven clan, as someone who possessed supreme status, Huangfu Guiyi currently sat in a majestic hall with a sunken expression. Aside from him, the Grand Prime ancestor of the Xu family, Xu Zhiping, was present too. His face was also terrifyingly sunken.

In the spacious hall, there was no one else aside from the two of them.

At this moment, an old man walked in from outside. Before the old man could even bow, Huangfu Guiyi’s cold voice rang out, “Have you brought him?”

“Ancestor, I’ve already followed your orders and brought Gongsun Zhi here safely.” The old man showed great respect. With a wave of his hand, he released Gongsun Zhi from the divine hall he carried with him.

“We don’t need you here anymore. You can go!” Huangfu Guiyi waved his hand and dismissed the old man.

The old man bowed politely towards Huangfu Guiyi and Xu Zhiping. Without another sound, he obediently backed down.

“Gongsun Zhi, what exactly happened in the Tower of Radiance? Did the artifact spirit really take away your Godslayer’s sword?” Xu Zhiping stared coldly at the dejected Gongsun Zhi. His tone was extremely frigid.

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