Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3433: The Immortals’ World Retreats in Defeat

Chapter 3433: The Immortals’ World Retreats in Defeat

The Anatta Grand Exalt did not leave. Instead, she remained where she was and stared at the world membrane that the Wind Venerable had turned into, paying close attention to its situation.

Even though she knew the world membrane’s defences were freakishly powerful, the might of the Book of the Populace was similarly significant. She was not certain at all if the Wind Venerable could stop it.

She was not concerned about the Wind Venerable’s safety. However, whether the Wind Venerable could stop Daowei Fatian affected the outcome of the artifact that Ancient Paths was forging, as well as the future of the Saints’ World.

The attack from the Book of the Populace lasted for a short while before finally dispersing gradually.

The Wind Venerable’s world membrane blocked the attack successfully, and its distorted shape returned to its original state.

“It’s not a problem. I can stop the Book of the Populace. Anatta, go and focus on dealing with the experts of the Immortals’ World and Demons’ World. Once you chase them all away, we’ll unite our strength and deal with Daowei Fatian,” the Wind Venerable’s voice rang out from the world membrane.

The Anatta Grand Exalt nodded slowly. She immediately vanished, having returned to the chaotic sea already, but a voice rang out in the Nether Sovereign’s ears.

Nether, stay behind and assist the Wind Venerable, just in case any accidents happen. Remember, you have to keep Daowei Fatian trapped. This has to do with the future of the Saints’ World.

The Nether Sovereign’s body that had been fragmented into over a dozen different pieces gathered back together before reassembling again.

Afterwards, he quietly hovered near the world membrane. He seemed like a black cloud, giving off the presence of two different ways, the Way of Void and the Way of Devouring.

This was his void body. It had combined with the void, such that it was intangible.

Daowei Fatian clearly heard what the Wind Venerable had said from the world membrane as well. His heart immediately sank before he flew into a frenzy. His energy erupted without any attempts at conservation, powering the Book of the Populace with his full strength.

Immediately, the Book of the Populace erupted with dazzling light on par with suns. Under Daowei Fatian’s full support, it shot towards the world membrane with surging might.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Heavy rumbles rang out from the world membrane without any signs of stopping. The world membrane shook violently, constantly changing in shape.

The world membrane had never faced such intense attacks before.

However, it managed to withstand all of the Book of the Populace’s devastating attacks without any damage.

“Oh no, the defences of the world membrane are greater than I imagined them to be. I’m in a lot of trouble now.” Daowei Fatian’s face became extremely ugly inside the world membrane. The Anatta Grand Exalt had now returned to the battlefield in the chaotic sea. Without the Book of the Populace keeping her busy, no one from the Immortals’ and Demons’ World was her opponent.

Once the four sovereigns of the two worlds were defeated and the other sovereigns of the Saints’ World returned, he would be doomed.

He was confident about putting up a fight against the Anatta Grand Exalt who had comprehended four ways to completion with the Book of the Populace, but if he were trapped in the world membrane and forced to face all of the sovereigns of the Saints’ World, only death awaited him even with the book in his possession.

The world membrane sealed off all of his space for retreat.

Thinking up to there, Daowei Fatian immediately lost his cool. He became restless and uneasy.

“I definitely can’t die here. I have to break out of the world membrane and escape before the Grand Exalts of the Saints’ World return.” Daowei Fatian’s heart immediately sank. In the next moment, he gritted his teeth and began burning his essence blood.

This was a Grand Exalt’s essence blood. It contained terrifying power. The incineration of every droplet brought Daowei Fatian an evident increase.

After burning his essence blood, Daowei Fatian’s presence erupted. He used all of his power to support the Book of the Populace. He began attacking the world membrane furiously.

He had already sensed true danger, enough to threaten his life.

At the same time, the power of laws manifested in the Wind Venerable’s world membrane, forming new laws and orders.

Under the laws constructed by the world membrane, every single attack from Daowei Fatian was weakened to the greatest extent.

The Book of the Populace’s divine might erupted again and again. Each time, it would scatter under the laws constructed by the world membrane.

This was inside the world membrane after all. The laws created by the force of the world reformed again and again as it was destroyed, gradually becoming stuck to the Book of the Populace.

Daowei Fatian’s energy gradually showed signs of exhaustion under the prolonged periods of eruption.

At the same time, in the Sword God Mountains of the Desolate Plane, an elderly but particularly stalwart figure seemed to sit with his back towards the heavens, on the edge of a cliff.

The man was the undisputed greatest expert of the Desolate Plane, the Celestial Sword Saint.

At this moment, the Celestial Sword Saint stared into outer space. His gaze seemed to be able to pierce space and see the situation billions of kilometres away, locking onto the Wind Venerable’s battlefield precisely.

Within his view, he could clearly see the world membrane distorting crazily. Gradually, the Celestial Sword Saint’s unchanged face showed a hint of sternness.


In the chaotic sea, a black spear pierced through the chaos, shooting towards the Hell Demon Exalt with four different laws.

The Hell Demon Exalt surged with demon Qi. He let out a great howl and swung the black ghost banner in his hand. An insurmountable number of fiends and spirits immediately emerged, forming a hellish world in an attempt to trap the black spear.

However, the spear with the power of four ways was far too startling. It pierced through the Hell Demon Exalt’s world instantly before continuing onwards and piercing his chest instantly.

Spurt! Black blood sprayed out from the Hell Demon Exalt’s mouth. Immediately, his presence declined. His gaze towards Anatta was filled with fear.

“Daowei Fatian isn’t here. I can’t stop Anatta. Everyone, I’ll be retreating first,” the Hell Demon Exalt bellowed out. Before Anatta could launch a second attack, he turned around and fled.

“Hell…” The Myriad Ghosts Demon Exalt wanted to stop the Hell Demon Exalt, but the Hell Demon Exalt had already vanished into the depths of the chaotic sea. Seeing the Anatta Grand Exalt rush towards him, now that she had no opponent, the Myriad Ghosts Demon Exalt knew that they had already lost the momentum. He could only contact Samsaric and Ancient Paths before also abandoning his opponent and taking flight.

With the departure of the two sovereigns from the Demons’ World, only Samsaric and Ancient and Profound remained in the chaotic sea.

Meanwhile, the Saints’ World had Overarching Heaven, Bloodtear, the Ice Goddess, and Anatta who was even more terrifying.

“It’s no longer appropriate for a direct confrontation with the Saints’ World. Ancient and Profound, let’s retreat for now. Once we reunite with Hell and Myriad Ghosts, let’s discuss this matter and decide then,” the Samsaric Immortal Exalt’s voice rang out slowly, filled with a sense of helplessness.

“Daowei Fatian still hasn’t emerged. He’s probably in trouble.” Ancient and Profound frowned.

The Samsaric Immortal Exalt sighed glumly. “Even if he’s in trouble, what can the two of us change? Let’s go. Let’s reunite with Myriad Ghosts and Hell before we discuss how we save him.”

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