Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3434: Encircling Daowei Fatian

Chapter 3434: Encircling Daowei Fatian

With Samsaric and Ancient and Profound’s departure, the startling battle that unfolded in the chaotic sea finally came to a close.

Anatta, the Ice Goddess, Overarching Heaven, and Bloodtear gathered together very quickly. The laws surrounded them, forming a powerful defence that blocked the threats from the chaotic sea.

But at this moment, the Ice Goddess, Overarching Heaven, and Bloodtear all looked at Anatta. They could not even be fazed if the world around them was destroyed, but at this moment, they were surprised.

“Anatta, a-a-are you injured?” the Bloodtear Grand Exalt asked in surprise. His face was filled with disbelief.

The Anatta Grand Exalt was a sovereign who had comprehended four ways to completion. Even someone as powerful as her had been injured, and from how feeble she seemed, her injuries were clearly quite heavy.

Not only did Bloodtear find that difficult to believe, but Overarching Heaven and the Ice Goddess were also in disbelief.

Was Daowei Fatian really that powerful? Did he even injure the Anatta Grand Exalt who had comprehended four ways to completion with the Book of the Populace?

The Anatta Grand Exalt did not answer him. She said coldly, without any emotions, “Daowei Fatian is currently trapped in the Saints’ World. We need to return immediately and unite everyone’s strength to kill this wretch.”

“Hahaha, alright. Fellow Feng truly is impressive. He can even trap Daowei Fatian. Once we kill Daowei Fatian, the Book of the Populace will obviously end up with the Saints’ World. Once we have the Book of the Populace, the Immortals’ World won’t be a problem anymore.” The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt laughed aloud. After saying that, he rushed out of the chaotic space and returned to the Saints’ World.

Very soon, the four sovereigns that had returned from the chaotic sea gathered outside the world membrane. Meanwhile, the world membrane was still under the vicious attacks from Daowei Fatian, making it constantly distort.

“Can the world membrane really trap the book?” The Ice Goddess frowned heavily outside the world membrane, studying the world membrane constantly.

“Ice Goddess, is there some kind of problem?” The Bloodtear Grand Exalt noticed the Ice Goddess’s peculiar behaviour and turned towards her to ask.

The Ice Goddess said nothing and ignored the Bloodtear Grand Exalt. Instead, she took a step and entered the world membrane through a gate that the Wind Venerable had opened up.

The Bloodtear Grand Exalt was completely unsurprised by the Ice Goddess’s coldness and arrogance, so he did not take it to heart. He also took a step and entered the world membrane.

Very soon, apart from Ancient Paths and Nether, all of the sovereigns of the Saints’ World entered the World Membrane, surrounding Daowei Fatian.

Daowei Fatian stopped his attacks inside the world membrane. His face was extremely ugly. At this moment, he faced an unprecedented emotional setback.

“Daowei Fatian, you won’t be leaving here today,” the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt roared out furiously and struck decisively. The sovereign god artifact in his hand, the Divine Sword of Spirit Severance, erupted with blinding light and directly slashed towards Daowei Fatian.

The Bloodtear Grand Exalt took action as well, turning into a sea of blood. In the next moment, the blood condensed into a colossal death sickle, like the harvester of life, slashing down over Daowei Fatian’s head as a blood-red shadow.

The Ice Goddess and the Anatta Grand Exalt also took action at the same time.

However, the Anatta Grand Exalt did not continue using four ways. Instead, she only used the Laws of Creation, Destruction, and Fire. Her situation right now was not particularly good. She was severely injured by the backlash. If she continued to use her full strength, it would only make her wounds rapidly worsen.

Immediately, Daowei Fatian was faced with a fierce encirclement. Even when he ignited his essence blood to power the Book of the Populace, allowing it to erupt with unprecedented power, he was unable to stop the combined attacks of the four sovereigns.

Boom! An alarming rumble rang out in the world membrane, like a great explosion in the universe.

In just a single attack, Daowei Fatian ended up spraying blood from his mouth. He was knocked back miserably, sustaining heavy injuries.

The collision of power from five sovereigns also led to a startling wave of energy in the world membrane, making it shake violently, actually showing signs of splitting open.

As the five sovereigns began their battle in the world membrane, the Wind Venerable had to withstand all of the impacts.

“My membrane body can’t withstand the power from the five of you. You can’t use your full strength, or if you unleash a few more attacks like that, my membrane body is going to rupture.” The Wind Venerable’s furious roar rang out inside the world membrane. He spoke particularly sternly.

Outside the world membrane, the space there immediately shattered, turning into eternal darkness. The world membrane had endured the attacks of the five sovereigns, but some of the presence still managed to seep into the surrounding space.

When they heard that, the expressions of the Ice Goddess, Anatta, Bloodtear, and Overarching Heaven all changed slightly. They did not continue fighting. They could tell that even if they used their full strength, they could not kill Daowei Fatian who wielded the Book of the Populace any time soon.

Meanwhile, the Wind Venerable’s world membrane would definitely collapse before Daowei Fatian perished.

Without the world membrane to keep him trapped, they did not have any confidence to stop him from fleeing if Daowei Fatian did everything that he could to escape.

After a moment of silence, Anatta said slowly, “Cast a formation and refine him.”

“If we refine him using a formation, the time needed obviously won’t be short. During this time, the experts of the Immortals’ World will definitely try and rescue him. After all, it’s impossible for them to just watch as the Book of the Populace falls into our hands,” said the Wind Venerable.

“Then we’ll go to the chaotic sea and deal with Daowei Fatiant there. Even if the experts of the Immortals’ and Demons’ World come to rescue him, we can block them in the chaos and prevent them from entering the Saints’ World.”

Shortly afterwards, the Ice Goddess, Bloodtear, Overarching Heaven, Anatta, and the Wind Venerable all went to the chaotic sea.

The Nether Sovereign had been arranged to stay behind, responsible for ensuring the safety of the Profound Heaven Plane.

His strength had yet to recover and he was injured at Daowei Fatian’s hand, so he was not of much help for dealing with experts of the same level. Protecting the Profound Heaven Plane suited him more.

However, soon after they had left the Saints’ World, Fang Jing finally emerged from the Pingtian Empire. She erased all of her traces and presences with the Dominion’s Brush. She seemed to have left this world, such that no one could sense her.

At this moment, she burst through the world boundary from a different direction, leaving the Saints’ World silently and entering the chaotic sea.


In a region distant from where the sovereigns fought within the chaotic sea, a dim, green light flickered, bursting through the chaos Qi like a tadpole in water, swimming towards the other major world slowly.

I’ve finally managed to pacify the artifact spirit. Sigh, I’ve seen many artifact spirits of saint artifacts and god artifacts before, but this is the first time I’ve ever met one as troublesome as the Source of Life.” Jian Chen exhaled deeply inside the green barrier produced by the Source of Life.

However, as soon as he remembered that the artifact spirit of the Source of Life was the daughter of the sovereign of the Wood Spirits, he was unable to get angry.

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