Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Rape, Virgin Blood on a White Cloth

Mu Zi Ling looked into the cold eyes of the man. His disdainful actions made her choke on her words.

She wasn’t a plague. He had only carried her. Even if he was handsome, was it really necessary to feel so disgusted?

Thinking like that, she was about to explode again however she was suppressed by his powerful aura, and slowly shrunk back instead. She shook her head, then she nodded her head. Her instincts were telling her that the man in front of her should not be touched nor angered.

Long Xiao Yu coldly looked on at her every move. She looked very silly!

Just a few moments ago, in her anger, she had resembled a wild lion. Now, she looked like a little sheep who didn't know what it did wrong. Most of his anger had already disappeared.

His eyes flashed with a sense of interest, and he slowly walked towards her. His perfect, handsome face didn’t show any expression as he leaned in closer. He looked down and observed her.

Mu Zi Ling realized that the man was slowly getting closer to her. She was suddenly hit with a fragrant smell of plum. She couldn’t help but breathe in. It felt as if her heart, liver and lungs were all filled with his scent.

Her heart started beating faster. This was the first time she had ever been so close to a man. Her pale white face had turned bright red. She wanted to back away, however she wasn't able to move as she was wrapped too tightly in the sheets..

Mu Zi Ling hurriedly said, “What do you want to do? Don’t come any closer.. If you come any closer, I will call for people to come in.”

The man completely ignored her words. Only after getting closer to her did he ambiguously say, “Call for people? I, this King was in the bridal chamber with my princess. Who would dare to come in?”

As he said that, his warm breath lingered on Mu Zi Ling’s beautiful face. It made her feel weird, as if she was getting shocked by electricity. Her ears turned completely red.

However, that was not what Mu Zi Ling was thinking about. What had he just said then? This King? Bridal chamber?

Bam! A flash of light went off inside her head.

Although both her hands and her feet were wrapped tightly in the sheets, Mu Zi Ling was still able to roll herself to the edge of the bed.

Was he… No, he can't be.. How could she have such bad luck? She carefully asked, “Are you.. Are you Long Xiao Yu?

“How dare you say this King’s name.” Long Xiao Yu said coldly, he suddenly stood up.

This woman sure had a lot of guts. In this world, the number of people who would dare say his name can be counted on ten fingers. However here she was, shouting it out so brazenly.

After he yelled at Mu Zi Ling, she was speechless. He really was Long Xiao Yu.

No wonder he acted like he she had a plague when he touched her. It turned out that the rumors about him being a clean freak was true. Did he now want to….

Seeing that he looked disgusted by her and was very distant from other people, he probably wouldn't do anything . He was probably just trying to scare her.

Just by hearing his cold voice, Mu Zi Ling’s heart skipped a beat. Normally she was fearless and calm. Now, she felt listless.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. All she did was say his name, was there really a need for such a reaction?

Mu Zi Ling looked up and gathered all her courage before saying, “Your Highness, names are given to be called. This princess doesn't think that there is anything wrong with it. If this princess offended your highness, then please forgive me.”

One moment this woman is scared, another moment she’s drifting off, and the next moment she's full of courage. This woman changes her face faster than someone can flip a book.

Long Xiao Yu didn’t say anything. His eyes were so deep, that you couldn't tell what he was thinking about.

After a while, he returned to his senses and walked towards the door, intending to leave. His cold voice floated into her ears as he left, “In the future, without this King’s permission, you are not allowed to go into the inner room.”

He... He left just like that?

Phew. Mu Zi Ling let out a breath. She had been frightened to death!

This guy was very powerful!

Inner room? Was he talking about the luxurious bedroom inside? She didn't care whether or not she could go in there. She wouldn't be able to go back to her world anyways. The Ice Jade bed would just have to stay there for now. She would look for a chance in the future to inspect it further.

However, for now she would just have to live with this man. Although he looked good, everything he did made her feel as if she was on a roller coaster, moving up and down. It was a good thing that her mental strength was strong, otherwise she would definitely develop heart problems.

She could sacrifice anything but her pride. If she accepted defeat so easily, then she wouldn't be Mu Zi Ling. Whatever happened, she would just have to live with it. Since she married Long Xiao Yu, she shouldn't expect a calm future..

Having a husband was similar to having a tiger. Although they scared her to death, she wouldn't allow that to be the reason for her to lose self esteem and pride!

From now on, Qi King’s Manor would be her home, and Long Xiao Yu could very well be the only person she would be able to rely on. No matter how cold or how distant he was, she had to get used to it.

After such a long day, she didn't think more into it. Instead she disentangled herself from the bed sheets, pulled up the blankets, and went to sleep.


Mu Zi Ling was hurriedly woken up the next morning by Xie, “Young Miss, hurry and wake up. A servant from the Royal Palace has come, and said she was sent here by the Empress Dowager to retrieve the handkerchief of chastity.”

“What?” Mu Zi Ling knew that anyone who came from the Royal Palace wouldn't hold any good intentions, but she didn’t think that they would want the handkerchief of chastity.

Mu Zi Ling suddenly remembered that in the ancient times, they would always check on the second day of a marriage to see if there was any blood. This was so that they could check a woman’s virginity.

Everyone in the world knew that Qi King would never touch a woman. Now that Empress Dowager was sending people here, wasn’t she just trying to humiliate her?

If she was stumped and lost on the first round, then she wouldn't be Mu Zi Ling.

She quick-wittedly grabbed the white handkerchief she had thrown near the bedside. Then she took out a needle from the Stellar System and asked Xie, “Xie are you afraid of pain?”

Xie shook her head, “No, I am not afraid of pain!”

“Then stretch out your hand” said Mu Zi Ling.

Xie stretched out her hand. Then Mu Zi Ling took out a silver needle and pricked a part of Xie’s hand.

“Xie, I’m sorry. I’m scared of needles.” Mu Zi Ling looked at her again. Then she hurriedly picked up the white handkerchief and wiped the blood onto it.

Apart from getting pricked by needles Mu Zi Ling wasn't afraid of anything. In her past life, she would rather drink medicine for a few more days than get a shot when sick.

After seeing the blood on the handkerchief in Mu Zi Ling’s hands, Xie finally understood what Mu Zi Ling wanted to do.

Her Young Miss wanted to use this as the handkerchief of chastity. Thank goodness her Young Miss was smart, otherwise there wouldn’t have been any way out of being humiliated.

Xie sillily laughed and shook her head, “Don't worry Young Miss . It didn't hurt at all. It felt like getting stung by a mosquito.”

Suddenly an old woman walked into the room, “This old servant greets Princess.”

“You may rise. What are you here for?” Mu Zi Ling asked calmly.

“Thank you princess. I was sent here by Empress Dowager to retrieve the handkerchief of chastity.” Li Ma Ma said with a congratulatory face.

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