Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Meeting

“The heck! Bees?! Ahhhh! Third Brother save me!” Long Xiao Yu was frightened by the sudden appearance of the bees. He let out a miserable scream and ran.

At this moment, he was really regretting not listening to his Third Brother to practice his martial arts. With his jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none martial arts right now, he couldn’t even dodge the bees and could only run.

The bees behind him kept increasing in number. They were chasing him and seemed as though they wouldn’t stop unless they were killed.

Long Xiao Yu finally understood that Mu Zi Ling must have rubbed something on him to attract the bees.

However, when did Mu Zi Ling do this? How come he didn’t notice anything?

This was what she meant by attracting butterflies and bees. There are no butterflies, but there was a large group of bees. Long Xiao Ze was about to collapse, and he wanted to cry but had no tears.

Rumors said that she was dumb and stupid. How were those rumors true?! She was so eloquent and sinister!?!

In the end, Long Xiao Ze finally brought the crowd of bees to Long Xiao Yu’s side.

When Long Xiao Yu saw the black cloud chasing after Long Xiao Ze, his cold eyes wrinkled. He pulled out his sword. A sword slid through the air and the bees were all annihilated and fell to the ground.

At this moment Long Xiao Ze was panting. He was stung so many times by those bees that he was covered with bumps. Even when he was talking, he spoke with a lisp from all those stings. It was hilarious.

“Third… Third… Third brother, Third Si.. Sister in… She… she.. Poi.. poisoned.. m… me…” Gui Ying and Gui Mei who were hiding in the shadows couldn’t help but laugh, and almost revealed themselves.

Long Xiao Yu coldly glanced at him. Without caring much about him, Long Xiao Yu made a hand gesture. Gui Ying then came out from the shadows. “Take him to Yu Palace for three days.”

“Yes.” said Gui Ying as he walked toward Long Xiao Ze.

Long Xiao Ze suddenly bounced up, “Wha.. what?? I.. I… don… don't.. want t… to go.”

In the past whenever he did something wrong, his third brother would take him to Yu Palace. That ruthless place was not physical torture but mental torture.

It wasn’t physically painful, but rather pain for the heart! In the past he could at the most stay there for one day, before he couldn’t stand it any longer. But this time he have to stay for three days!

Why was it always him that was getting hurt?! What did he do wrong? Didn’t he only bring over a group of bees?!

However, Long Xiao Yu didn’t even care about him. He was looking out in the distance. Long Xiao Ze also looked at the direction that Long Xiao Yu was looking at. That direction was towards Qi King’s Manor, specifically Yu Han Palace.

He instantly understood, and his heart felt more sorrowful. Third Brother really knew what happened today. What can he do now? He really didn’t mean to do it on purpose… Who knew that Mu Zi Ling would be so ferocious.

His tone was weak as he tried to explain, “Third… Third brother, Lis… Listen to.. m… my explanation. Its no.. not.. what you ar...are.. thinking.”

Long Xiao Yu didn’t even get to finish speaking before he was dragged off ruthlessly by Gui Ying. He had never been played so badly by a woman before. He had decided to hug her thigh after this

(TL note: The phrase "hugging a thigh" means to rely on or stick to someone.)

If he couldn’t beat her, then he would just stick to her like a dog! Third Sister in law was better at playing people than he was.

And that pig… It better had become a roasted pig already. If not, he would let it see how he would handle it when he comes back.

What Long Xiao Ze did not know was that in the near future, because of what happened today and that already roasted pig, how long he will have to stay in Yu Palace, and how much heart wrecking torture he would go through.

Long Xiao Yu looked off into the distance. His eyes were as deep as the ocean. No one could guess what he was thinking about.


At night, Long Xiao Yu went back to his bedroom. His eyes were full of disgust when he saw the clothes littered on the floor upon opening the door. He did not see Mu Zi Ling anywhere.

He saw that the doors to the inner room were opened. His eyes turned cold and revealed a very frightening aura. He walked towards the inner room with a gloomy face.

First it was clothes all over the floor, now it was bed sheets all over the floor.

Long Xiao Yu’s cold eyes were flashing with an uncontrollable flame of anger. Then he saw Mu Zi ling sleeping on the Ice Jade bed with only under garments on.

He furrowed his brows and waved his hands. A gust of wind picked the blankets up from off the ground. Then he tightly wrapped Mu Zi Ling with the bed sheets

This woman even dared to sleep on the Ice Jade bed. However, she did not know martial arts, and she couldn’t feel the internal force. Normal people couldn’t even bear to stand close to the bed, but she could sleep on it.

Since she first entered the Manor, she had already changed the ways people thought of her and proven the rumors wrong. Who exactly was she?

Long Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed with a killing intent. He pulled out the soft sword by his hips and walked towards her.

Right when he was about to strike Mu Zi Ling, he saw her eyes flowing with tears murmuring..

“Why can’t I go back? Why am I a person from that world? Ice Jade bed, it was you that brought me to this place. Quickly bring me back.. Old Ma’am…”

Although she was speaking very quietly, Long Xiao Yu still heard it.

What was this woman talking about? What world? Want to go back? Mu Zi Ling, who are you? His eyes flashed strangely and the killing intent in his eyes unconsciously disappeared. He looked at Mu Zi Ling carefully.

Moments later, Long Xiao Yu put away his soft sword. Then he picked up Mu Zi Ling with the sheets and walked out the door without any expression.

Such large movements woke up the sleeping Mu Zi Ling. Why was she floating in mid air? Right when she wanted to move and struggle, she noticed that her hands and feet were bounded and can’t move.

Was she being kidnapped? Who has the guts to kidnap someone in Qi King’s Manor?! She was filled with anger and was about to look at the face of that person. She has not gotten a chance to look, and was heartlessly thrown on a bed by her “kidnapper”.

“Ah!” Mu Zi Ling scream and burst out of anger. She angrily looked towards the culprit that threw her on the bed, “Do you understand that….”

Before she can finish, she was stunned.

She sucked in a cold breath. My god… What kind of face was this...

It was as beautiful as carved ice jade. His eyes were as deep as ice. This person had a kingly aura of a person who could take over the world. He was extremely breathtaking and soul sucking.

It was not even exaggerating to say that he could make any woman in this world fall in love with him. Just looking at him made a person feel cold.

“Are you done staring?” Long Xiao Yu’s cold voice carried a blatant tone of disgust.

Then he took out a black handkerchief, and carefully wiped every finger as if he touched something really disgusting.

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