Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: He heard it?

Mu Zi Ling rejoiced quietly in her heart. It was a good thing that she reacted quickly in emergencies. She had just prepared the handkerchief.

She gave the handkerchief to Xie, and Xie handed it over to Li Ma Ma.

Li Ma Ma took the handkerchief. When she looked at it, a look of astonishment appeared on her face. Then she respectfully said, “Princess, you will have to go and pay your respects to the Empress Dowager later.”

What? Pay respect?

There were so many tigers and wolves in the Royal Palace. If she went in by herself, wouldn’t she be crushed into mush?

(TL note: Mu Zi Ling was comparing the people in the palace to beasts)

Although the situation wasn't that bad, but it was about the same. Being surrounded by so many annoying people would be really disgusting. It would be better if she could delay visiting the Royal Palace for a few more days, so that she could understand a bit more about the Royal Palace before she headed over. That way she could plan and get ready for battle.

“This Princess doesn't feel very well today. My legs feel weak, and I can't get out of bed. You can report to the Empress Dowager that I will go and pay my respects at another date.” Mu Zi Ling’s movements were slow, and embarrassment showed on her face.

She didn’t know if Empress Dowager would believe her or not. However, she didn't care about it anymore. She had already given her the handkerchief of chastity. What else could the Empress Dowager do to her?

When Xie, who stood off to the side, heard what Mu Zi Ling said, her face turned completely red. How could the Young Miss be so straightforward? She wasn’t being reserved at all.

Li Ma Ma saw Mu Zi Ling’s appearance and her own face also turned red. She then looked down at the handkerchief in her hand.

Could it be that his highness the Qi King really was pampering the princess?

Suddenly, there were sounds of doors opening from the inner room and Long Xiao Yu walked in without any expression.

“This servant pays his respects to his highness the Qi King.” said Li Ma Ma as she bowed simultaneously.

Mu Zi Ling suddenly became dumbfounded, and almost fell off the bed. Why was this guy here?!

Didn't he leave last night? When did he come in here? How come she didn't notice anything?

If he came out from the inner room, then doesn't that mean that he heard everything that she had said earlier?

Mu Zi Ling secretly looked at Long Xiao Yu. Who knew that Long Xiao Yu was also looking at her. She started to breath faster. She held her hands together tightly and lowered her head.

She didn't dare to look at Long Xiao Yu right now. Did he know? Was he about to expose her? It was ok if she lost face, but lying to the Empress Dowager would result in her losing her head.

Long Xiao Yu watched Mu Zi Ling’s actions and expressions. He seemed to know what Mu Zi Ling was thinking about. He didn't say anything and instead, he looked coldly at Mu Zi Ling

As for Mu Zi Ling, even though her head was bowed and her facial expression couldn’t be seen, but her heart was as turmoiled as a roaring sea.

What should she do now? Long Xiao Yu was about to expose her. It was only the second day of the marriage and she had already committed an imperial crime. She would have to say goodbye to this world soon. Would she be able to go back if she died?

A few moments later, Long Xiao Yu slowly opened his mouth and said, “Rest well, today, the Empress Dowager won't blame you.”

After she heard what he said, she quickly raised her head. Her face was full of surprise, and her ears had turned red.

This guy really had heard everything she said. Then did this also mean that he had heard what she said about the handkerchief of chastity?

Mu Zi Ling confusedly raised her head and looked up at Long Xiao Yu. She was somewhat shocked and confused.

Long Xiao Yu didn't exposed her, instead he had even told her to “Rest well.” That must have been because she said she didn't feel very well.

When he said “Empress Dowager wouldn't blame you,” her heart which was worried and full of anxiety calmed down.

Why was he helping her?

Long Xiao Yu’s words sounded like words of reassurance. This made her feel very relieved. Now, Empress Dowager couldn't cut her into pieces.

Suddenly, she felt a sense of warmth in her heart. She lowered her head and smiled sillily. Although this man was very cold, he wasn't that bad.

When Li Ma Ma heard him she had also been very surprised. She assumed that his highness the Qi Wang just admitted that he and the princess did it last night.

Old granny Li’s heart throbbed. She only listened and didn't dare ask any further. She then quietly left.

Long Xiao Yu glanced at the woman who was stupidity giggling. His expression could not be seen. He then left without saying anything else.

“Young Miss, his highness the Qi King left.” Xie looked at Mu Zi Ling confusingly. Why was the Young Miss giggling? She didn't even notice that his highness the Qi King had left.

Mu Zi Ling recovered from her giggling and said, “Xie, go and prepare breakfast. Once we are done eating, we will go and explore the manor.”

Since she would be living here from now on, she would have to understand her surroundings first. She had decided that from now on she would cling onto Long Xiao Yu, like a reliable tree. As long as the tree didn't fall, she also wouldn't fall.

“Yes, Young Miss.” replied Xie and left.

Royal Palace

After Li Ma Ma went back to the Royal palace, she reported everything that happened at Qi Wang’s manor to Empress Dowager.

Slap! “What! Did Qi Wang say all that himself?!” On the Phoenix chair, wearing a golden Phoenix robe sat the elegant and gentle-looking Empress Dowager. One of her hands slapped her arm rest. Her fingers gripped the handkerchief of chastity tightly in her hand.

Empress Dowager could never have thought that Long Xiao Yu would actually any of this. Didn't this clearly mean that he admitted to doing it with the princess?

All these years, she had deliberately tried to get rid of Long Xiao Yu, but she had never succeeded.

Originally she had thought that Long Xiao Yu would deny and refuse this marriage, so that she could pin a crime on his head. However, she didn't expect that Long Xiao Yu would actually agree so quickly.

However, it didn't matter whether he agreed or disagreed. He married a waste who wouldn't be of much use him. She could also use this to her advantage, and make him into a joke for the world to laugh at.

However, this had only been the second day of the marriage, yet they had already given her such a big surprise. How could she swallow her anger?

“Yes, this old servant heard it with my own ears. His highness the Qi King personally said that the Princess should rest well.” Li Ma Ma lowered her head after she was done talking. She was afraid that she might say something wrong and offend the Empress Dowager.

There was a strange, dark glint in the Empress Dowager’s eyes as she said, “In a few days there will be a royal feast. When the time comes, invite the Qi Princess into the Royal Palace.”

That waste of a person Mu Zi Ling, even daring to work with Long Xiao Yu to use that handkerchief of chastity to dodge her attacks.

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